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    Air stomp someone from a height of 15 metres (Public Match only)

    You will have to kill someone by performing an airstomp, which is done by jumping from a ledge and then holding . This will make you "stomp" the ground, killing anyone under you. The attack has a blast radius that will kill anyone near you.

    The best idea for this is to go somewhere high, above a high traffic area and use cloak. Wait around until you can see running under you, jumping off and then using the stomp to kill them. Crash Site is an easy game mode for this, because enemy movement is very predictable, as most people will be trying to get points inside the crash site.

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  • This is actually pretty easy, but you have to know where to do it. I'd recommend playing Spears/Crash site and if you get a chance to vote for Brooklyn Bridge, do so and encourage your friends to do the same (if you're not playing solo). Go to A, capture the relay and then climb up the bridge construction to the spot where the HMG is located. When you see that the relay is being captured. Do a Power Jump (it won't unlock otherwise, because it's less than 15m, unless you jump) and do the Power Stomp. Almost 100% chance that you will kill anyone capturing the relay and pop the achievement. I got a triple kill while doing this for the achievement. Good Luck!
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  • i tried this a shit ton of times from at least 15 metres and the achievment will not unlock. add cpyfer31 if u want to boost this achievment and other mp
  • go on spears, airport....then powerjump off the tail fin of the plane onto capture point c below [obviously wait till someones there capturing it]
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  • From my experience it needs to be 15 meters after you hit the B button to engage the drop. I have made much further drops and hit B towards the end with no achievement. As soon as you start you drop mash B to get the animation going. Also, do not have your cloak on.
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