Going Commando Achievement

  • Going Commando



    Get a primary weapon, secondary weapon and explosive kill in one life (Public Match only)

    You’ll probably want to aim for this achievement in the Crash Site gametype, but TDM will also work well. You’ll want to start out with your least favourable weapon, and work your way to the better one. When you spawn, try using your grenades in a crowded area to score a kill, and remember to cook them to easily kill camping enemies. Now try to sneak up on someone using cloak with your secondary weapon preferably from behind, and then score a kill with your primary weapon. There’s not much else to say here, just go out and try your luck.

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  • Definitely would want to either boost this (obviously) or go for an explosive kill first, since those are probably the hardest to get, then secondary, and lastly primary.
  • As someone whose highest kill streak in any shooter is 2 Damn it!
  • @2 So lame, just sayin. By the way, 30G for doing this? Sooo easy for 30G.
  • this was my second achievement it was extremely easy Explosive, primary, secondary thats the order I done it in on spears
  • Anybody wanting to do some boosting for multiplayer cheevos hit me up. HokusPokus2
  • Honestly, if you at all get a grenade kill, be like a noob. I accidentally got a grenade kill then rifle kill for a double, I hid like a b**** and got the pistol kill. Hahahaha >)
  • if anyone wants to do some boosting i will gladly help and we will also boost the other ones as well add me gamertag: plasmatic tundra
  • I have don't thus achievement twice and it still hasn't popped up. But I did use the jaw. Do you think that could be the problem? It's still an explosive kill though? Annoying
  • Comment #8 by DESTROYY Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 12:42:33 PM I have done this achievement twice and it still hasn't popped up. But I did use the jaw. Do you think that could be the problem? It's still an explosive kill though? Annoying
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  • Update: has to be a grenade. Just got it
  • here how I did it. start /w grenade, cook it b4 u throw it, pistol, then primary weapon.
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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqrto27UmqA
  • Can also confirm that the GUNNER loadout *doesn't* work because of the JAW rocket launcher.
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  • hmmm well i just primery killed two people, pistol killed two people and killed one with a grenade and it didn't pop :/
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