Hit me baby one more time Achievement

  • Hit me baby one more time



    Melee someone with a ripped off shield in Spears (Public Match only)

    Play the Crash Site / Spears gametype. Now, during a Spears game, you'll need to grab a shield. Each Spear (A,B,C) have 4 shields that can be ripped off using , while standing next to it. Next, you will have to get a melee kill with it, NOT a throw kill. By default, melee will be click. As a tactic, it is recommended that you use cloak while walking, and hide somewhere safe to rebuild energy when low. Try to sneak up on someone who is camping, or try and defend a Spear and wait for an enemy to try and capture it. Either way, you'll be moving very slow, but when you get the chance, make sure to melee them, which will kill them, getting you the achievement.

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  • This achievement's name + description + tile = Maximum win. Looking forward to this game. A full completion seems doable.
  • all i have played is spears and crash site and i only noticed this achievement now well i know what i will be working torwards next
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  • Heres how i got it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU7t8csuNC8
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