I See Cloaked People Achievement

  • I See Cloaked People



    Kill 10 Hunters as a C.E.L.L. operative (Public Match only)

    This is a HUNTERS gametype specific achievement. As a part of the cell, you will need to kill 10 total hunters, which will be cloaked during the game, looking to kill cell players. I recommended finding a dead end hall way, and keeping your eyes on the entry point, and/or using a heat sensing scope so you can actually see the enemies.

    It is recommended that you spawn with the Sniper class, as it is the easiest class to get kills with, as it has a heat scope which helps to see the invisible hunters.

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  • Hope its not on one match.
  • @1 No it´s not :)
  • Grab a shield, hide in a corner wait for a hunter to come, throw shield at hunter. Do it 9 more times and you're done.
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  • I did this but it didn't unlock for me?!
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