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    Accept and complete 25 unique challenges

    After every game, you'll see a list of the challenges that are available, under 4 different categories. You can have a total of 4 challenges active during any game, assuming that you are in a squad, only 3 active challenges if playing alone. They seem to be a little random, and range from extremely easy to extremely difficult. Just make sure to pick the easiest challenges for you, and try your best to complete them in every game. You'll have a few chances before the challenge expires and changes to something different.

    Also, it should be noted that you can do the same challenge multiple times, and it will count, as long as it comes up again on its own.

    Note: Sometimes you'll be given challenges that are impossible considering your level. They may ask you to use a certain weapon that unlocks at level 30, when you are only level 15. Don't worry about these, just ignore them for as long as you can, and they'll be replaced by something else.

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  • This doesn't have (public match only) so maybe you can do them in custom or private matches? I sure hope so because I hated the skill kill things or whatever in Crysis 2. This seems like the equivalent.
  • Please dont be ANYTHING like the dreadful Ghost Recon friend challenges!
  • Bioshock reference?
  • @4 You think?
  • D'oh!
  • @4/5 lolz!
  • @2 i agree those were awful
  • Hoppe the challenges are MP & Campaign like Halo: Reach was!
  • @2 AGREED! @3 Indeed
  • please no ghost recon challenge mode. it is gay as hell.
  • In the beta there's challenges that are related to people on your FL, so maybe those are the 'unique' challenges.
  • @11 damn i was afraid of that, when will companies learn that MP cheevos have a lame and limited shelf life.
  • Those challenges are different I just did one which was pretty simple "RITUAL DEATH" - Tag, Kill and T-Bag your enemy. Awesome, right? :D
  • anyway to check how many you have done as that would help greatly
  • HOW TO CHECK: Player Profile > Dog Tags > RB to page 4. There is a dog tag for each type of challenge, If you hover over one it will say "Times Awarded" near the top left. Just total up how many you have of each challenge type.
  • I read what i wrote in the above comment in the forum and didn't test it before hand. Just tried it and it doesn't seem to work. Sorry guy.
  • I'm going to give you guys a pro tip. lol 1. Start Multiplayer (see what challenges are easy) *If none are easy follow below* 2. Back out of Multiplayer then reload Multiplayer. You should have new challenges that are easier. *such as use armour for 90 secs or 4 kills with a weapon* 3. Rinse and Repeat till you get your 25 challenges done. This method only took 1 - 2hrs to get.
  • Go to http://crysis3s.com/#360 and type in your gamertag. It will show you how many challenges you have completed.
  • Looking for players to help boost all the MP Achievements. If we can get a full lobby of players and all help each other would be great. Just don't leave the game once you have got what you want. Send me a message or friend request please. GT: xIReclaimer117
  • Looking for a few people to help with the Crysis 3 MP achievements. Send message or friend request to RockyMoney if you're interested.
  • Looking for players in order to boost all Crysis 3 online achievements. Add me up, gamertag is: Kevin334 QC
  • Easiest way to check how many you have: http://crysis3s.com/stats_360/ Search your gamertag and it'll show you lots of stats including how many challenges you have completed.
  • need help with this and a few other's. if anyone's putting together a boosting lobby then add and message me. > ZombieSlayers09
  • Yeah it says I have 33 completed. I'm now level 33 and still don't have this unlocked somehow... although I did change my gamertag around level 10 so maybe that has something to do with it?
  • If n e one still plays this, i need most mp chievs, so msg me We kan help eachother out. GT: JB2tha6thPower (There's an "a" in "tha", not an "e")
  • Looking for help add me xZOMB1E KILL4x
  • Hi, I can't find one person online playing the game.So I need all online achievements.I am willing to help you any way I can,if you need help with this game or if you need help with another game(that I own.Message me with how or when you want to do this or when you will be online.Thanks GamerTag:KenDaneyko
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  • Im looking to boost these --- Omega Yiazmat
  • Keen to boost all online achievements gamertag REDLINE G6

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