Aerial Support Achievement

  • Aerial Support



    Kill 10 enemies using the mounted weapon on the VTOL (Public Match only)

    The VTOL is the ship that you will often see flying and circling maps during multiplayer, in gametypes like Team Deathmatch and Crash Site. For this achievement, you will need to get on board of the VTOL and use the mounted turrets to kill a total of 10 people. To board the VTOL, you will need to jump onto it when it is close enough to the ground for you to grab the bottom. You will also have to be inside the ship for a few seconds before you can mount the turret.

    The VTOL can be found on the following maps:

    • Airport
    • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Central Cavern
    • East River
    • Hydro Dam

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  • This one is stupid it's hard as hell to keep your sights on someone and actually kill them again maybe I'm just not that good yet.
  • same here. It jumps all over the place
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  • VTOL maps: Airport Brooklyn Bridge Central Cavern East River (Awful, circles the outside of the map, mostly walls in the way) Hydro Dam Skyline Just immediately 'leave session' until you find a map with these on it. Also do a quick sweep of the map because sometimes they don't make an appearance!
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  • is this & pinger achievement cumulative or all in one game?
  • Cumulative
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