Kicking off the training wheels Achievement

  • Kicking off the training wheels



    Complete a match using manual armor mode only (Public Match only)

    When first starting out in multiplayer, your armor will automatically turn on every time you are hit with enemy bullets. After levelling up a few levels, and unlocking the ability to create custom classes, make sure you take off auto-armor, and substitute it for another ability. You will get a warning, make sure to accept, and play an entire game without it.

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  • Pretty easy, but little confusing. /First step - go to equipment in MP menu and in your custom class replace Auto-armor perk with anything else. /Second step (aka the confusing step) - it is not said in cheevo description but you have to turn on the Armor manually in the match, atleast one (dunno why..), I also turned on invisibility but I donĀ“t know if it counts toward the cheevo, but you should do it, just to be safe...
  • u mst play high 10 level game in MP match with out Auto-armor perk (i have it in 11 prestige)
  • Looking for players to help boost all the MP Achievements. If we can get a full lobby of players and all help each other would be great. Just don't leave the game once you have got what you want. Send me a message or friend request please. GT: xIReclaimer117
  • Reclaimer117 I will help you send me a message when your on FATCHICKPOUNDER
  • Tried this 4 times but it does not unlock. WTF.
  • Looking 2 boost all MP achievements. Gamertag: togethawiistand

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