- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 37 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 1 - Master of Chance (30G) [read the warning in that achievement solution to ensure you don't miss it]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No [all achievements can be unlocked on Easy]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: All achievements are currently obtainable as of 20Sep2022. Additionally, Gospel (30G) has a completely incorrect description of how to unlock it, and Full Deck (30G) has one card that is currently very buggy and might not be granted to you
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Welcome to Cult of the Lamb, a cutesy-looking game filled with fluffy animals, where your goal is to form a demonic cult, recruiting followers, killing enemies and demons, all with the goal of freeing your god, The One Who Waits. Don't let the graphics fool you - this game's themes and actions are anything but cartoony. The game is equal parts hack 'n' slash (when you go on "Crusades" to kill enemies, get money, and beat bosses) and management sim (when you're back in your cult camp, taking care of your followers). The game is often also described as a roguelite, but if you're not a fan of the genre or put off by its usual implications, fear not - there is virtually nothing roguelite about this game. Dying has almost no consequence, and you don't really lose anything upon death. While you're free to tilt the two genres one way or another to suit your preferences, you will need to do a decent job at both (although not simultaneously, necessarily) if you want this completion. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
First off, the most important thing to be aware of is the one missable achievement. Make sure you play and beat Rattau at Knucklebones as soon as you unlock the ability to do so, just do you don't have to worry about missing it. Other than that, nothing else is missable. All boss fights can be replayed whenever you want. Also, along those lines, none of the stuff related to your Rituals, Doctrines, etc., is missable either, so feel free to cater your cult exactly how you want, knowing you won't be locked out of any achievements.

With that out of the way, I'd like to quickly touch on the management sim aspect of your cult. To make things as simple as possible (unless, of course, you want to dive deep into managing your cult), there are actually only a few things you need to maintain your cult, keeping them faithful, happy, fed, and healthy. These are the only buildings you actually should have to keep things running smoothly:
  • Sleeping bags - put in one for each Follower and keep a couple extras, just in case
  • Farming station - this is important to build as early as possible to keep your Followers fed. I would also recommend adding a Seed Silo and a Scarecrow. I personally sustained my early cult with only around 5-6 plots for seeds, and then eventually had around 20-25, and I only ever planted and harvested berries
  • Outhouse - this isn't needed, but it makes cleaning up far more efficient rather than running around trying to find where all the poop is around your camp
  • Body Pits - build these as necessary to bury dead Followers
And that's it. Those are the only things you really need to maintain your cult. Do a Sermon every day to keep their faith up. I also highly recommend unlocking the Feast Ritual. This gives you a ton of faith and refills your hunger meter entirely. With the upgrade to reduce Ritual cooldown time, you can actually maintain your cult's hunger by just using this Ritual every few days, never needing to farm or feed them again.

For everything else, just play and progress, and you'll get the majority of achievements and things you need naturally. Drain your Devotion from the Shrine and perform a Sermon every day, every time you come back form Crusading, and you'll keep getting upgrades. Once you've beaten all the bosses and completed the story, you can then circle back and mop up whatever achievements you're missing. Refer to each for where to get them, and you'll be able to take care of mop-up within a few hours.

Cult of the Lamb is a really fun game. It's a mix of two genres that you likely haven't seen together before, but it works well. The art style really compliments the demonic nature of the game. The gameplay, like any hack 'n' slash or management sim individually, is very addictive and hard to find a good spot to stop for the day. The completion takes about as long as a game like this should, without really needing to go out of your way or jump through any hoops for achievements. So enjoy forming a cult, treat your followers however you prefer, and welcome death. Hopefully you enjoyed the game and the completion!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Cult of the Lamb Achievement Guide

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • The first devotee to the Cult of the Lamb.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock during the tutorial, after selecting your difficulty and speaking to your first follower back at your camp.
  • A deal that cannot be undone.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This achievement will unlock during the introductory cutscenes and dialogue, after your first dialogue choice (regardless of which choice you make).
  • Let the Word be known.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock after preaching your first sermon to your followers, during the tutorial.
  • Salvation awaits the fallen soul.

    As the achievement name implies, this achievement will unlock upon dying for the first time.

    Fear not - unlock most roguelites, there is virtually no penalty from dying in this game. You just get sent back to your camp and need to start a new Crusade, so you only use whatever resources you'd collected on that Crusade where you died.
  • Defeat first mini-boss.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock after beating Leshy's first follower, Amdusias, during your first foray into the lands of the Old Faith.
  • Gain 5 Followers.

    Refer to Flock of All (50G) for more information.
  • Gain 10 Followers.

    Refer to Flock of All (50G) for more information.
  • Gain 20 Followers.

    Note that all of these achievements are NOT cumulative; you must have 20 Followers simultaneously to unlock this achievement.

    While you are on somewhat of a time limit for getting Followers (because they eventually get old and die), you actually have plenty of time before they die. There are a handle of ways to gain Followers:
    • Unmissable ones for defeating each mini boss. All four areas of the Old Faith require you to play through them four times before you can access the boss, and each of the four times ends with a mini boss fight, rewarding you with a new Follower upon completion. That's 16 unmissable Followers there alone.
    • Save-able ones during Crusades. During each Crusade run, on the map of stages, you'll almost assuredly have one path that leads to a picture of a person, indicating a Follower that can be saved and gained.
    • Purchase-able ones during Crusades. Again on your stage map during Crusade runs, you have a chance of having a stage with a shop sign, and look for a person under it indicating a Follower for sale by Helob the spider. They typically cost 50 coins, but sometimes are on great sales and are way cheaper.
    • Helob shop in the main area. Off to the right side before starting a Crusade run will always be Helob's shop, and it functions the same as the above one. Once per day you can buy a Follower from Helob here, with similar pricing as above.
    While there are a couple other ways you'll get Followers, those are the four main ways. The fastest way to amass Followers is to focus on the Follower stages during Crusade runs, saving them while also converting mini bosses, and buying one from the shop each day if you can afford it.

    As a side note, you can actually avoid the time limit of aging Followers by queuing up Followers and not indoctrinating them. In other words, save/convert/buy Followers as mentioned above, but don't actually indoctrinate them, because they can't age or get sick or hungry or anything until you indoctrinate them. Once you've built up a large queue, you could then indoctrinate one after another. easily building up 20 or more. This, however, shouldn't be necessary, as it's relatively easy to keep your Followers alive long enough to surpass 20 Followers.
  • Take confession.

    To unlock this achievement, you first need to unlock the Confession Booth building. You can find it in the second tier of unlocked buildings, off to the left side. Once you unlock the building, build it, then enter it and choose any of your Followers. You'll hear their confession and unlock this achievement.
  • Find all 5 locations.

    While this technically isn't story related, it's almost impossible to miss as you progress. In random rooms on your Crusades, you'll come across and NPC that you'll automatically talk to, who will reveal a new location on your map. Each of the four areas of the game contains one NPC that'll reveal a new location, and these NPCs are virtually impossible to miss. Considering you need to do four runs of each area, you'll will undoubtedly come across each NPC needed, especially if you're being sure to explore each room on your map (which you should be).
  • Reignite the lighthouse.

    After unlocking Pilgrim's Passage (will happen automatically when you encounter the Fisherman in the first area of the game), head to the lighthouse in the lower left corner. You'll be given a quest to reignite the lighthouse. Simply give them 5 Lumber and it'll light the furnace, unlocking this achievement.
  • Unlock all Follower Skins.

    This achievement requires you to collect all of the Follower Forms in the game. If you look through the list of Follower Forms, you'll see if it separated into sections: General, and then a section for each of the four areas in the game (Darkwood, Anura, etc.).

    For the four locations, the Follower Forms are unlocked the same way:
    • 1 Form is unlocked upon defeating the Witness of that area. Refer to the Plimbo section of Transmute (30G) for how to fight the Witness of each area.
    • 3 Forms are unmissable and are unlocked upon defeating three of the mini bosses of each section, as you progress toward the Bishop
    • The remaining Forms (whether it be 3 or 5 left) are unlocked from random drops from chests. You will likely come across these naturally at the end of each combat stage, from the final chest. There really isn't any way to speed this up other than playing through each area and hoping for the Form from the chest at the end. However, while working on beating each boss without getting hit, you'll almost assuredly unlock all of the Forms for each section naturally.
    Darkwood has one additional Form that is for some reason grouped in that section instead of the General section, and it is unlocked by heading to the Lonely Shack location. Where Rattau's home is, there is a log pile in the upper left corner. You'll be able to see the scroll floating in that log pile to collect.

    For the General section, those are unlocked in more specific ways:
    • 5 are random drops, just like the ones above, so you can get these in any area while Crusading, likely from the boss chest or final chest of a combat stage
    • 3 must be purchased from Forneas. During Crusades, look for a shop stage with a little cat face under it. This is Forneas's shop. Head there and you can purchase each Form
    • Shark Form - randomly received instead of a fish while fishing at Pilgrim;s Passage
    • Axototl Form - after completing Bringer of Light (15G) to light the lighthouse, you'll then be tasked with bringing them 25 crystals to further light it. Crystals are a random drop in Anchor's Deep, much like mushrooms in Anura and Spider's Silk in Silk Cradle. You'll just need to play through combat stages in Anchor's Deep and keep an eye out for crystals you can smash to get crystal shards. Return to the lighthouse in Pilgrim's Passage and give them the crystals to receive this Form
    • Crab Form - catch the crab running around the dock in Smuggler's Sanctuary
    • Star Form - in Midas's Cave, head to the upper right corner to find this scroll in a pile of gold. It isn't really visible, so just walk into the gold in the upper right until you get the prompt to collect it
    • Wolf Form - received from Death after completing all four of his tasks required for Transmute (30G). Refer to that solution for more information
    • Poop Form - received randomly after making enough "Bowl of Poop" recipes at your cooking fire in your camp. Note that you will likely make your entire flock sick in the process
    • Monster Form - first, you need to obtain the blueprint for the Massive Monster statue. To do this, during Crusade runs, keep an eye out for a shop stage with food below it (small pictures of berries and nuts). Head to it to find Rakshasa's shop. Hit his giant snail behind him over and over to provoke him to fight. Beat him, and he'll reward you with the Massive Monster status blueprint. Now build that statue (found in the Decorations tab) in your camp, build it, and wait for night. At night, you'll have a prompt at the statue to pray to it. Do so, and you'll be given this Form
    • Snail Form - you first need to collect snail shells by destroying snails in Darkwood or Anura (I had much better luck in Anura). You need five shells total. Then, you need to place a snail shell on a shrine in each of the five locations in the game. These shrines are at the edge of each location and are easy to overlook. Refer to the following five screenshots to see where each shrine is.
    Lonely Shack

    Smuggler's Sanctuary

    Midas's Cave

    Spore Grotto (in the back area)

    Pilgrim's Passage
  • Unlock all tarot cards.

    There are a total of 36 tarot cards in the game. You start the game with 15 of the cards already unlocked. The remaining 21 are listed below, along with how to unlock them. They are listed in the order they appear in the deck. The only way to view the deck, to my knowledge, is to find the tarot card reader on a Crusade run, and "view" the book on the right side.
    1. The Hearts II - win against Rattau in Knucklebones
    2. The Hearts III - purchased from Ratoo from 100 coins. During Crusade runs, look for a stage with a heart on it. Head to it, and Ratoo will be there selling this single card
    3. Weeping Moon - available for purchase in Spore Grotto for 60 coins
    4. Nature's Boon - available for purchase in Pilgrim's Passage for 25 coins
    5. The Lovers II - received after performing either a Wedding Ritual or a Fighting Pit Ritual in your Temple. Both Rituals are unlocked from the Law and Order branch of the Commandment stone fragments. With the second or third point in that branch, you'll be able to unlock either the Wedding or Fighting Pit Ritual. Doesn't matter which you pick, as both will unlock this tarot card
    6. All Seeing Sun - available for purchase in Pilgrim's Passage for 25 coins
    7. Hands of Rage - available for purchase in Pilgrim's Passage for 25 coins
    8. The Burning Dead - available for purchase in Midas's Cave for 10 gold bars*
    9. The Path - available for purchase in Spore Grotto for 100 coins
    10. Soul Snatcher - available for purchase in Smuggler's Sanctuary for 150 coins
    11. The Bomb - available for purchase in Smuggler's Sanctuary for 100 coins
    12. Ichor Earned - available for purchase in Midas's Cave for 10 gold bars*
    13. Ichor Lingered - available for purchase in Smuggler's Sanctuary for 125 coins
    14. Mithridatism - win against Flinky in Knucklebones
    15. Blazing Trail - available for purchase in Spore Grotto for 100 coins
    16. Strength From Within - win against Shrumy in Knucklebones
    17. Strength From Without - win against Klunko and Bop in Knucklebones
    18. Neptune's Curse - given to you by the Fisherman in Pilgrim's Passage after catching your first fish next to him
    19. The Deal - available for purchase in Midas's Cave for 20 gold bars*
    20. Ambrosia - purchased from Forneas for 30 coins. During Crusade runs, look for a stage with a shop in it (little building) but with a cat face under it. Forneas is selling this card and two Follower Forms
    21. Fervor's Host - given to you randomly by Helob, the spider vendor who sells you Followers**
    *Gold bars are only obtainable by building a Refinery in your camp, then placing gold coins in it and assigning a Follower to it to consecrate the resources.

    **This card is notoriously buggy at the moment. Some people have gotten it from the vendor in 10 or less Followers purchased. I personally spent literally hours buying 50 or more Followers and have yet to receive it.

    If you would like to see a video for any of the tarot cards, refer to the one below. Full credit to the creator of the video.

  • Catch 1 of every fish.

    There is only one place to catch fish, and that is in Pilgrim's Passage (you'll meet the Fisherman in Darkwood unavoidably, and he'll open up this location for you). Below I have listed all of the available sea creatures in the game that you can catch in this location, but read the note below the list.
    1. Minnow
    2. Salmon
    3. Blowfish
    4. Tuna
    5. Crab
    6. Octopus
    7. Lobster
    8. Squid
    9. Swordfish
    The first four regular fish are common, and those are the ones you'll catch 95% of the time by just fishing normally in Pilgrim's Passage. To find the other five, much rarer creatures, your best bet is to use the Ocean's Bounty Ritual in your Temple first. This will make rare creatures much more common for two days. Now you should have no problem catching all of the rare creatures within a day or two.

    Note that there are multiple reports of not needing all of the rare creatures to unlock this achievement. Specifically, many people report not needing the swordfish. I personally unlocked this achievement before catching an octopus (that was my last one from the list). Either way, you'll likely catch everything on this list while using Ocean's Bounty anyway, and will need to catch all the rare ones (except the swordfish) to unlock all the Fleeces for Transmute (30G) anyway.
  • A new world awaits.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon performing your first Ritual inside your Temple.
  • Sacrifice a Follower.

    Refer to Weigher of Souls (50G) for more information.
  • Sacrifice 20 Followers.

    This achievement is cumulative, but note that the Sacrifice Ritual is NOT the only thing that counts for this achievement. The following also contribute to the 20 Followers needed:
    • Sacrificing four Followers for Midas to get his Talisman shards (explained in Transmute (30G))
    • Sacrificing three Followers for Death to get his Talisman shards (also explained in Transmute (30G))
    • Using the Ascend Ritual on a Follower
    • Sacrificing a Follower once you have the ability (from using a Bishop heart in the Crown menu in your Temple) to sacrifice a Follower upon dying to continue your Crusade run
    So assuming you're going for the completion, you're guaranteed seven while going for the Fleeces. You should definitely be using the Sacrifice Ritual often early on, because it gives you a ton of points for more Sermon Upgrades.

    Once you're done with most other things in the game though and you want to grind out this achievement, the fastest way to grind this out would be to continually start Crusade runs, let enemies kill you, sacrifice a Follower, then return to your cult and repeat until this unlocks.
  • Have 666 gold coins.

    This achievement is NOT cumulative. You must have at least 666 gold coins in your possession to unlock it.

    This is going to seem like a huge amount, especially early on when you're spending most of the money you're earning, trying to keep your Followers happy, fed, and healthy. However, once you get your camp set up with the necessities, such as beds, food, and such, you'll find you don't really need to spend money at your camp anymore, or at least not very often, and can therefore amass money quite easily. Specifically, as you run through each section attempting to beat each boss without taking damage, you'll assuredly require multiple attempts on each boss. Each "failed" attempt will still result if you killing the boss and bringing back 50-100 coins per run, with each run taking under five minutes. Before you know if you'll far surpass 666 coins while working on those four achievements.

    So that is the fastest way to amass money in this game: replay an area where you've already beaten the boss, finish the starting stage and then immediately choose a combat stage, break the idol statue, take the teleporter to the boss, and quickly beat it. Collect the money, teleport back, and repeat. On top of that, assuming you've gotten the chest in your camp that allows you to sell items, you could potentially build up many items that you just never use (such as certain seeds or food or whatever) and sell off dozens or even hundreds that you've amassed in your runs to quickly generate some money just to hit this goal for the achievement.
  • Unlock all weapons.

    Refer to Curses of Plenty (30G) for more information.
  • Unlock all curses.

    Both this achievement and Weapons of Plenty (30G) are unlocked via the Sermon unlocks that you get from building up enough points from giving Sermons in your Temple. Along the left side of this upgrade menu are the unlocks for the various types of weapons (Fervor, Godly, etc.), and along the right side are unlocks that add three more Curses to your game for each unlock. So to unlock Weapons of Plenty (30G) you just need to unlock all types of weapons up the left side of the screen, and for this achievement you need to unlock all of the Curses along the right side of the screen.

    Getting the points for Sermon upgrades come from two places:
    1. Sermons themselves, obviously. The more Followers you have, the more points you get per Sermon.
    2. Sacrificing Followers, less obviously. Specifically, using the Sacrifice Ritual. The higher the loyalty of a Follower, the more points you get per sacrifice.
    In case you were wondering why you'd sacrifice a Follower, it's to get massive points for Sermon upgrades. To put it in perspective, you'll likely be getting somewhere in the 15-25 point range for Sermons, but Sacrificing a Follower can easily net you 60-100 points. On top of that, there's an achievement (Weigher of Souls (50G)) that requires you to sacrifice 20 Followers anyway, so you should absolutely take advantage of that early in your playthrough to both make progress toward that achievement but also to get better and more weapons and Curses available to you early on.
  • Fully Upgrade Cult.

    This achievement relates to the Divine Interventions you unlock from getting enough Devotion from your Followers. Note that you do NOT need to unlock every single building and whatnot with Divine Interventions. All that is required for this achievement is to unlock enough buildings and upgrades such that you can access the final tier on top, and then purchase that final Cult upgrade at the top.

    You'll quickly find that, every single time you come back from a Crusade run, your Shrine is full of Devotion and needs to be emptied so your Followers can continue filling it. So while it will take many in-game days (likely 30-35 or so, just as a very rough estimate) to get enough Devotion from your Followers to unlock this achievement, there is plenty to do for progression and other achievements. To speed it up, simply minimize the amount of Followers that have other jobs. For example, there's no real reason (for achievements or otherwise) to build the majority of the structures available and set your Followers to work. I had one person tend a farm, one or two to chop wood/mine rocks, and one to consecrate resources (via the refinery unlocked later), and that was it. Everyone else was worshipping all the time.

    Since your Shrine will continually fill up, obviously upgrade your Cult and therefore the Shrine as soon as possible. The Tabernacle is another place for workers to deposit Devotion, but it's not really worth it since it holds such a small amount compared to your upgraded Shrine. Just make sure to pop up once per day and empty the Shrine.

    One other (very fast) way to get Devotion is via Fervor Weapons. These types of weapons, unlocked via the Sermon upgrades, collect all that red Fervor that enemies and chests drop all over the place and convert it into Devotion. Weapons are completely random, so you can't rely on this entirely, but you'll assuredly get a Fervor weapon a few times in your Crusades. To put it in perspective, a full Crusade run with a Fervor weapon was netting me a solid three Divine Interventions to redeem when I got back to camp, as opposed to waiting two in-game days to get one Divine Intervention. So take full advantage each time you get a Fervor weapon to explore every room of each stage, pick more combat stages, and ensure you get all the Fervor from chests and the boss, and you'll see your Devotion meter go up like crazy on those runs.

    On a related note, once you unlock this achievement, there are no other achievements that require you to unlock more or all of the buildings and upgrades. Devotion is therefore not really needed anymore, so don't feel any further need to continually empty it and make sure you're getting more.
  • Unlock a new fleece.

    Refer to Transmute (30G) for more information.
  • Unlock all fleeces.

    There are a total of five fleeces in the game, all of which are viewable from the Crown section inside your Temple. You unlock a fleece by first collecting four pieces of a Holy Talisman, and then redeeming that assembled Holy Talisman in the Crown menu for one of the fleeces you want.

    There are five NPCs in the game that give you four Talisman pieces each. These NPCs are found in each of the additional locations you'll discover as you progress (refer to Leader of the Crusade (30G) for that).
    1. The Fisherman, located in Pilgrim's Passage, will give you a quest to catch him four rare sea creatures: a lobster, a crab, an octopus, and a squid. Each one you catch and give to him will reward you with one of his four shards. These four creatures are incredibly rare, so the only real way you'll catch them is to use the Ocean's Bounty Ritual in your Temple first, then head to Pilgrim's Passage and fish there, greatly increasing your odds of finding these four rare creatures. There's no way to distinguish them in the water, so you have to just keep fishing until you find them all.
    2. Sozo, located in Spore Grotto, will first task you with bringing him mushrooms. These mushrooms are a random drop in the second area of the game, Anura. You'll see mushroom plants around randomly that you can attack, and they'll sometimes drop Menticide Mushrooms that you'll automatically collect. You'll need to first give Sozo 10 of them for a Talisman shard, and then 20 for a second one. After that, Sozo will teach you the Brainwashing Ritual. For his third shard, you just need to perform that Brainwashing Ritual at any time in your Temple, then return to him for the shard. After acquiring that shard, he'll give you the blueprint for the Mushroom Sculpture. His fourth and final shard requires you to build this new building, which is located in the Decorations tab. This building requires you to use gold bars to build, so you'll first need to access and build the Refinery so you can consecrate your resources. This allows you to put coins in and have them converted to gold bars. Once you've made enough gold bars, build the Mushroom Sculpture then return to Sozo for your fourth and final shard.
    3. Plimbo, located in Smuggler's Sanctuary, tasks you with returning to the boss of each area and killing the Witness there, then bringing him the eye of each one. It's important to note here that the only way to fight the Witness boss in each area is to actually progress to the boss room like you had to originally. In other words, you cannot use the teleporter under one of the idol statues, as that'll still take you to the Bishop boss fight. You will need to progress through all of the stages like normal and reach the boss room, where you'll fight a Witness instead of the Bishop. All four Witness bosses are exactly the same: they dash at you, and after dealing a set amount of damage to them, they leave until you defeat all regular enemies on screen, then return and repeat. These bosses are far easier than the Bishops, and so should pose no real threat. Return to Plimbo with the Eyes from each Witness to get four Talisman shards, one for each Eye.
    4. Midas, located in Midas's Cave, has a little area in the back center where you can sacrifice a Follower, turning them into gold to be on display. You can sacrifice a Follower four times, each time granting you a Talisman shard, for a total of four from Midas. Unlike the Ritual to sacrifice a Follower, there is no cooldown here, so you can sacrifice all four in a row for these shards.
    5. Death is located in each of the four above locations, in a specific spot (where you may have seen the prompt to "Peer into the darkness") but only comes out at night. Each time you meet Death, you will need to agree to give it something for its shard. The first time, you need to give it a big fish (a tuna will get you the shard piece), so make sure you've fished at Pilgrim's Passage and caught tuna (indicated by the giant shadows underwater) so you have one to give to Death. The second time you meet death, you'll need to give up one Follower. The third time, you'll need to give up two Followers. The fourth time, you'll need to give up a specific NPC. You'll get a shard piece for each one. Here are Death's locations:
      1. Pilgrim's Passage - at the end of the pier straight down the center of the screen
      2. Spore Grotto - top left corner, there is a little blue thing on the ground to stand on
      3. Smuggler's Sanctuary - at the end of the pier on the right side of the screen
      4. Midas's Cave - top right corner
    Once you've gotten all 20 Talisman shards and used them to unlock all five fleeces, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Gospel



    Unlock all sermon upgrades.

    NOTE: The description for this achievement is completely wrong. This achievement has nothing to do with the upgrades you unlock with the points you get for giving Sermons. Instead, this achievement unlocks when you unlock all 12 Rituals.

    All but one Ritual are unlocked the same way: collect three Commandment Stone fragments to assemble one, then redeem this in the Commandment section of your Temple for either a new trait for your Followers or a new Ritual. Note that, even though you get two choices per Commandment Stone and only get to make the choice once, nothing is missable. You may have 12 different Rituals than other players, but there will always be 12 available and unmissable Rituals to unlock. So for the Commandment Stones, you'll need to use them in each of the five categories (Afterlife, Labor, Obedience, etc.) four times each, to unlock all available Rituals in this section. The only uniquely-unlocked Ritual is the Brainwashing Ritual. This is unlocked from Sozo in Spore Grotto. Refer to Transmute (30G) for information on that.

    As for getting the Commandment Stone fragments for the other Rituals, there are three ways you can obtain them:
    • Level up a Follower's loyalty level
    • Defeat a Bishop (rewarded for each re-defeat as well)
    • Collected randomly during Crusade runs
    The third option is pretty rare, so you shouldn't count on it. The first two will be your main sources of these fragments. You'll get a fragment every time you defeat a Bishop, and since you need to defeat all four without taking damage for four other achievements, you'll assuredly take multiple attempts per boss, and therefore end up with many fragments during your runs of those achievements.

    As for the loyalty levels of your Followers, this will be your primary source of fragments. While there are multiple things you can do to increase Followers' loyalty, you'll mainly be increasing by giving Sermons every day and doing side quests for Followers. They will occasionally run over to you and want to talke, giving you a simple quest and around three or four in-game days to get it done. They're always very simple and quick to complete, and give significant loyalty to that Follower. You can also give them gifts and speak to them to increase their loyalty, but honestly that isn't necessary. You'll level up enough Followers just from Sermons and side quests that you don't really need to go out of your way to increase their loyalty. As long as you give a Sermon every day and complete all of the quests your Followers bring to you, you should easily unlock this achievement well before finishing the game, let alone all other achievements.
  • Win a game of Knucklebones.

    Refer to Master of Chance (30G) for more information.
  • Defeat all opponents in Knucklebones.


    Warning: This achievement is missable, despite no other sites giving any indication of it. While obtaining all of the Fleeces for Transmute (30G), the final thing Death asks you to do for a Talisman shard is to sacrifice Rattau. You need to do so for that achievement, but it will remove Rattau from the game, and you'll be unable to play him in Knucklebones, thus making this achievement impossible to unlock on that save file. So make sure you play (and beat) Rattau in Knucklebones immediately upon meeting him, so you don't have to worry about missing it later.

    Knucklebones first becomes available in the Lonely Shack area after meeting Rattau. There are a total of four opponents you need to defeat in Knucklebones. You'll meet Rattau in Darkwood, and then the other three opponents are unmissable (meeting them, that is) in each of the other three areas you'll be doing Crusades in to fight mini bosses and Bishops. Each NPC you talk to will then go to Lonely Shack where they then become available as an opponent. No money or anything is required to play and beat them for the first time.

    While Knucklebones is a dice game and therefore technically luck based, there are some pretty basic strategies you can use to make it pretty likely you'll win each game.
    • Always prioritize putting a matching number in the same column as your opponent. For example, if your opponent has a 6 in the first column and then you roll one, put it in the first column too, with one exception:
    • If you have the option to double up your sixes or eliminate one of your opponent's, take the double points for you rather than eliminating six for your opponent.
    • If you have the option to either eliminate your opponent's double or double your own, eliminate your opponent's double
    • Keep each of your columns open with one square at all times. This is probably most important. Never fill up one of your columns unless you're either a) getting a double, or b) eliminating an opponent die with that final one. In general, that's what you're saving one open spot in each column for: either to double up (or triple up) one of the numbers you already have there, or to be able to eliminate a double your opponent has in that column.
    That's really all the strategy I used, and I won every match first try. There is still obviously some luck involved, as you could end up getting lots of ones, twos, and threes, and just never be able to build up a higher score than your opponent. Thankfully there's no real penalty to losing, so you can simply try again until you win.
  • No longer a servant no less than a God.

    This achievement unlocks upon unlocking all other achievements in the game.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat Leshy.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Leshy is the Bishop at the end of the first area of the game, and he only does simple melee attacks, making this quite a simple fight. Stick to dodge rolling between attacking and this fight will be over quickly.
  • Defeat Heket.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Heket is the Bishop at the end of the second area of the game, and is a giant version of the frog-like enemies you've fought multiple times to this point. Same general tactic applies: dodge away during its jump so the floor pound doesn't hit you, go in for some hits, then move away to see what attack it does before going back in for more hits. When it's down to around 25% health left, it'll jump off screen and send in regular enemies. To bring the boss back, you only need to defeat the two larger frog enemies. Once he's back, finish him off quickly.
  • Defeat Kallamar.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Kallamr is the Bishop at the end of the third area of the game, and has way more attacks then the previous two fights. Like with the previous two boss fights, go in for a couple attacks as soon as she pops out of the ground, then roll away to see what attack she does, then roll back in for some more hits. Once she gets down to 25% health or so, she starts doing some bullet-hell-like projectiles. Keep your distance during the first waves, getting in the gaps of the projectiles, and then there are two circular waves you can simply roll through. Get in a quick couple hits here, because she'll immediately start the bullet hell again, forcing you to retreat to dodge. Be patient (or just tank the damage if you have enough hearts and you're playing on Easy) and you'll get enough hits in to finish her off.
  • Defeat Shamura.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Shamura is the Bishop at the end of the fourth area of the game, and is a giant spider that attacks pretty much nonstop. You'll either way to continually time your dodge roll properly, or stay back and try to use Curses more often, because you won't have much time between her attacks to get in, hit her, and get away. If you're confident in your dodge rolling, you can stay right next to her and keep dodging attacks (or just tank the damage if you're on Easy and have plenty of hearts).
  • Defeat the One Who Waits.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This boss fight is split up into two phases. The first phase is a simple fight against the boss that works like all your previous Bishop fights. Get in, get lots of hits, and get out to dodge attacks. Or, if on Easy, you can pretty easily tank all the damage and just wail away at the boss to cruise through this phase.

    The second phase has you fighting three eyeballs that periodically hide underground. While hiding, you'll have to roll through some walls of projectiles to avoid damage. Other than that though, you can just roll up to each eye and hit it over and over to destroy it, making this a pretty easy fight.
  • Order



    Beat Leshy without taking damage.

    Refer to Peace (30G) for more information.
  • Sate



    Beat Heket without taking damage.

    Refer to Peace (30G) for more information.
  • Cure



    Beat Kallamar without taking damage.

    Refer to Peace (30G) for more information.
  • Peace



    Beat Shamura without taking damage.

    Note: to fight any boss again after defeating it the first time, reenter the boss's area. Then, at the start of any combat stage (ones marked with a sword icon) there will be an idol statue with Devotion you can steal. Destroy the statue to reveal a teleport pad below it. Use it to be taken directly to the boss fight again.

    While each boss has their own attacks, the actual strategy for defeating each without taking damage is actually the same. Note that the achievements require you to not take damage, not to beat the boss without getting hit. If you happen to have the tarot card that gives a 10% chance to negate damage when getting hit, you could potentially get hit and have that card proc and still get this achievement. I wouldn't rely on that though.

    The basic strategy for every boss fight is the same: roll in, hit the boss multiple times, then roll away when the boss is about to attack so you can either avoid it or dodge through it. Leshy goes underground with spikes, and Heket jumps with a shockwave, so both of those you'll want to hit a few times then roll away to avoid damage, then roll back in and hit them some more. For all four bosses though, if you're confident enough in your roll dodge, you can actually just stay right next to them and roll dodge to avoid all of their attacks. If you practice enough, this is feasible, but it's safer to just roll away and come back.

    Speaking of safer, that's really the main thing to get these achievements: be patient and play it safe. Roll in, get a couple hits, then roll away. If you get greedy and aggressive, there's a much higher likelihood you'll accidentally get hit, or be in the middle of swinging and can't dodge cancel to roll out of the way. Because of this, I always found that faster weapons were better than the slow and strong hammers and axes. With fast hits, you have plenty more opportunities to roll away if need be, rather than being locked into a long and slow attack.

    One other thing to point out is that each boss has two great opportunities to just wail away on them. The first is when they just shoot out enemies or vertical projectiles that just fall to the ground in marked spots. You are virtually always safe from these attacks while right next to the boss, so just stand there swinging at it over and over while it's doing these attacks. The other time is when the boss switches into a final phase of some sort. For example, when Heket is down to around 30% health, it'll jump to the center of the screen and then jump off screen. While it's doing this, you can stand next to it and hit it a lot, sometimes even finishing the fight before it can do this final phase. The same goes for Shamura when it's slinging itself away and back. Take both of those opportunities to do a ton of damage to each boss.

    The final thing to address is the adds (enemies the boss spawns). I personally ignored them in every fight. Fighting them will take your attention off the boss and likely result in you getting hit. I found it easier to just rolle around and kite the enemies away from the boss, or just roll in, attack the boss, and roll out, and the enemies weren't fast enough to catch me. Fighting the enemies just opens you up for them to hit you too, while you're fighting them. So I recommend ignoring them.

    Lastly, don't forget that you can wait for these achievements unlock you've gotten all Sermon upgrades for your weapon level and the different types of weapons. The first bosses will die very quickly to max level weapons, so I recommend not even bothering with these achievements until you have leveled up your weapons most or all of the way.
  • Cook a Follower meat meal.

    This achievement requires you to cook the Minced Follower Meat meal. There are a couple other recipes that involve the use of Follower Meat, but the Minced Follower Meat is the only recipe that unlocks this achievement.

    To cook the Minced Follower Meal, you'll need Follower Meat and Bones. Bones you'll likely have hundreds of, or even thousands by the time you finish the game. For Follower Meat, you can obtain it in a few ways:
    • When one of your Followers dies, if you go to their body, one of the options is to harvest their body for meat. This will freak out your Followers, so I recommend doing it at night while they're sleeping if you're going this route.
    • When you sacrifice a Follower via the associated Ritual, you will automatically get Follower Meat from them. Since you need to sacrifice 20 followers for Weigher of Souls (50G) anyway, you'll get plenty of Follower Meat from that.
    • When you meet Helob in his shop during Crusade runs, where you can buy a Follower from him, if you smash the fire pits around the shop you'll Follower Meat (and bones).
    However you get the materials, simply cook the Minced Follower Meal recipe to unlock this achievement. Note that no one has to actually eat the meal for this achievement to unlock.

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