King Achievement in Cuphead

  • King



    Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell

    How to unlock King

    King Dice

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Charge
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst/Invincibility
    This boss’s design is very unique compared to the other bosses in this game. What you have to do is make it to the end of the number line with the dice, each number you land on is a relatively simple, one phase boss (though some are MUCH harder than others). You are going to have to fight a minimum of three bosses each session. Each number has a set boss, so it isn’t random and you can pick which ones you would rather fight. The bosses go like this:
    1. Tipsy Troop
    2. Chips Bettigan
    3. Mr. Wheezy
    4. Pip and Dot
    5. Hopus Pocus
    6. Phear Lap
    7. Pirouletta
    8. Mangosteen
    9. Mr. Chimes
    The ones that I personally recommend fighting are 2/3, 5 (only if you have smoke bomb)/6, and 7/8. Number 9 isn’t too tough per se but it takes a long time and can be stressful with the matching. The other ones are pretty self explanatory.

    The last fight in itself isn’t tough but it is very easy to get overly stressed and make a mistake when parrying the cards that come out of King Dice’s hands. If you haven’t practiced parrying and getting the timing of it down then this will be very difficult. Remember to hold down at the right moment to jump higher and do NOT be afraid to jump on the same card more than once. Hold down with Spread and you will knock out King Dice after a few hands. If you managed to do that whole thing in a good time while getting all parries etc., congrats on the A!

    The Devil

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Charge
    • Charm: Twin Heart Charm
    • Super: Invincibility
    The Devil is the last boss of the game and he is quite tough, especially on expert. His first phase is definitely the hardest. He has a variety of attacks that are difficult to deal with, though some easier than others:
    • Clap (when you see his arms go out to the side, don’t jump and dash right away, wait for them to appear on the screen as he will delay his attack if you jump too early)
    • Head reaching across the screen (hold down to take care of the minions that charge you and run to the other end of the screen)
    • Bouncing balls (these can be annoying but don’t parry the pink one unless you are absolutely sure that you can do it without getting hit by another ball)
    • Flames (this is the worst one. There is a pink one in the center with blue ones that rotate in a clockwise/counter clockwise direction that follow you around the map for ten seconds. I personally had a very hard time with this attack and would honestly just restart the fight if he used this one too early)
    • Bouncing head (self explanatory, just dash in a certain direction to avoid getting hit)
    • Homing flames (this one showed up for me the least but it is still very annoying. Parry the pink one to get one of the parries needed)
    The second phase is a bit easier. Keep shooting him with Charge and remember that the poker chips that fall onto the platforms will never hit the same one twice. Parry the bombs if one comes out on the same side of the screen as you but don’t rush across to parry unless you are sure that you can get that parry. As for the axe, don’t jump around like a maniac once you see it, it homes in on you and then circles you in an increasing radius. Don’t panic.

    The third phase is harder than the second as he drops two purple creatures on both sides of the screen that will spit skulls at you, some parry-able but most you have to dodge. He will also send little minions that will turn into buzzsaws that home in on you. These can be easily killed with Spread. The general strategy here is to kill one of the purple beasts as soon as they appear. DO NOT KILL BOTH as he will respawn them much faster. Stay on one side of the screen. Remember to parry the pink skulls to get the three parries needed. Keep shooting away with Charge and get ready for the last phase.

    The last phase isn’t too hard in itself but it can be very stressful as it is a longer fight. Keep using Spread and tank the hits as I found dodging the chip and parrying the tears to be very hard. You will want to begin this phase with at least 2 HP left. Get hit once and then activate invincibility as you will definitely have that stored up. Then just keep shooting until dead.

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  • Here is my playlist link with the boss battle videos. All Boss fights are on Regular Difficulty and with an A+ Rank.

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