Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement in Cuphead

  • Bravo Zulu P-26



    Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets

    How to unlock Bravo Zulu P-26

    This achievement sounds worse than it actually is. I recommend using the horserace mini boss in the Casino (it’s #6). What you have to do is be holding down and the entire fight. Start the fight with the twin hearts charm so you have 5+ HP by the time you get there. Be aggressive and stay in his face as the mini bullets have horrible range. The fight takes twice as long this way but it is the easiest boss to get this on.

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  • I did this solo on the Threatenin' Zeppelin level on the Simple difficulty with the Twin Heart charm in 5:28. If you follow in my footsteps, then my advice is to just be patient and don't get greedy or else you'll get her laughing right into your face. Work out how long she takes from one attack to another so you know when to attack and when to move out the way. Her laugh and Taurus attacks don't seem to reach the top or bottom of the screen, so use that to your advantage as a safe zone when needed. Her Gemini attack never seems to start shooting on the right side of the ball, so try to be over there when possible. Annoyingly you can't just hold the shrink and the shoot button down at the same time BEFORE the round starts, if you do you'll automatically start shooting as soon as
  • the round starts but you won't shrink automatically, voiding the achievement and requiring a restart. Did that a few times. -_-
  • I did it on the robot. Took about 2:45. You only need to get as far as destroying the heart. Just be careful when you parry that you don't accidentally shoot when you're big.
  • The easiest way I found was on Dice Head. The mini-bosses leading up to him all count for the achievement. The last space before the last safe space leads to a monkey boss inside a claw game; his attacks are a big wind up, move slowly and have a lot of time between attacks. He also has way less health than standard bosses so it's less of an endurance round. Also, I got mine through a glitch; sometimes the monkey will move off the side of the screen and die, and since I only used mini bullets up till that point it counted.
  • The horse fight in the casino is the easiest way for me. The boss has only 2 attacks and less hp. Honestly don't do this achievement in Threatenin' Zeppelin mission.

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