The Latest Sensation Achievement in Cuphead

  • The Latest Sensation



    Defeat a boss with one of Porkrind's new weapons

    How to unlock The Latest Sensation

    First things first, you'll need to get more coins to be able to buy the new items from Porkrind's shop. Here's where to find them all:
    • 1 coin can be found in the Ms Chalice tutorial right next to the bakery. To reach it, parry the pink things until it moves to the upper right corner. Now jump, dash into it, then double jump up to the coin
    • 3 coins are given to you by the character right next to the tutorial (the little boy with the newspaper)
    • 1 coin is found hidden in a secret path, which you can access either behind Porkrind's shop or from behind the waterfall in the south area of the map. Take the hidden path to the northwest as far as you can go, and you'll find the coin at the end
    • 11 coins are obtained by defeating each of the King's Champions, 2 coins per miniboss and 3 for beating it. Refer to Checkmate (25G) for information on defeating them
    Now that you have some coins, there are three new weapons to purchase: Crackshot, Converge, and Twist-Up. You'll end up purchasing ball three, but I found Twist-Up to be largely useless, and Converge not that great either. Crackshot is definitely one of the best weapons in the game now, in my opinion. As far as this achievement goes, you only need to land the killing blow with a new weapon, but you'll likely end up using Crackshot for most of your playtime anyway, so this achievement will come naturally. 
    If you prefer a video guide for the coin locations, refer to the following one, courtesy of 360GameTV.

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