- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 28 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40+ hours [largely skill dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 + many replays of levels
- Missable achievements: None!
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, must complete Normal difficulty to unlock Expert
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None
  • DLC: The Delicious Last Course
    • Difficulty: 9/10 [on par with the base game]
    • Time to 500gs.png: 5-7+ hours [highly skill dependent]
    • Unobtainable: None, but Hearty (25G) is a bit glitchy
Welcome to Cuphead! This game sees one to two players take control of Cuphead and/or Mugman after they refuse to give their souls to the devil. The devil says they can leave on one exception: they have to obtain the soul contracts of everyone else who has done the same, which are all of the bosses that you’ll have to defeat. The game is designed to look like a 1930s cartoon, so even during your rage, it is nice to look at.

General Tips
  • Practice your parrying. This is so critical to completing certain bosses.
  • Do NOT rage at this game. It is very easy to as the game is designed that way, but once you get super mad, you will start to play like utter garbage, so if that happens, take a break for a half hour to cool down.
  • Buy the various shots as soon as you can. Certain bosses are a lot easier with certain shots.
  • Goes hand in hand with not raging, but also do NOT panic. There will be times where there is an overwhelming amount of objects on the screen you’ll have to dodge and panicking will only make you make a mistake.
Step One: Play through the game normally
This step is relatively self explanatory. The achievements themselves in this game aren’t so bad but it’s the difficulty of the game itself that is what makes the completion so difficult. On this step, you’ll want to play through the game regularly, completing all bosses without worrying about rank, and completing every 'run and gun' level while collecting every coin. Use the coins to buy upgrades from Porkrind’s shop which will make certain bosses a lot easier. In this step you will earn the following achievements:
 Step Two: Obtain A-rank on all bosses
These achievements are worded poorly in your favor: you can obtain an A- up to A+/S and it will work for this achievement. More detail will be provided in the guide, so refer to those achievement solutions for those achievements. In this step you will earn:
 Step Three: Beat the game on expert mode
Expert difficulty is unlocked after beating the game on Normal. I wouldn’t stress out about ranks too much here unless you really hate yourself. This step can be mixed with step two, as you can pick and choose which bosses to play on Expert or Regular as you go along. This step is extremely challenging and will test your reaction times, patience, finger speed, and skill. In this step you will earn Beat The Devil At His Own Game (100G).

Step Four: Mop Up
There are only a few achievements relating to smaller tasks that in all honesty seem harder than they actually are. At this point, you are likely a god at this game so most of them will come pretty quickly. In this step you’ll earn the following:
The Delicious Last Course DLC
At long last, after a 5 year wait, this DLC has arrived. To access it, from any of the three Inkwell Isles head to the east coast to find the blue-cloaked character near a boat. Speak to him to sail to Inkwell Isle IV, which houses all of the new content. There is a new playable character with different mechanics, five new bosses to fight, some coins to find, a new final boss, a secret boss, a mini gauntlet of bosses, new charms and weapons to purchase, and a new story to unfold, all for the low price of $8 USD. If you've played the base game, the achievements and difficulty here are roughly on par with it, so if you completed the base game you'll definitely be able to complete this DLC (and if you didn't complete the base game, you're going to struggle just as much with this DLC). Note that, while Ms. Chalice is available to play as right from the start of this DLC, you can choose to play as whoever you want throughout this entire DLC for the entire story and all content (other than the achievements that obviously require you to play as her).
I highly recommend grabbing four coins right when you start and purchasing Crackshot from Porkrind's shop. This weapon is very good - homing and higher damage than Chaser. I used it through the entire DLC. I have listed the locations of all new coins in The Latest Sensation (10G). With that purchased, go ahead and tackle the five bosses in any order you want. Just like with the base game, I highly recommend not moving on to the next boss until you get an A rank on the current one. Leaving and coming back just means you need to relearn the boss patterns, so it's more efficient to stick with a boss until you get an A rank. More details on that in Ranger (50G). With all five bosses beaten (note that you'll unlock A Vacation in the Wilds (50G) but NOT Ranger (50G) yet), head back to the bakery to take on the final boss. Once again, practice until you get an A rank, at which point you'll finally unlock Ranger (50G).
With the core of the DLC done, there are a few things left to do. You may have noticed the rope ladder that you can climb up. Head up to fight five minibosses individually. These play quite differently, as you can't shoot and you have to parry them to beat them. Checkmate (25G) has more information on these minibosses. Once you beat them all, you can then take on all five in a row to unlock A King's Admiration (50G). Don't worry, you get full health back between each fight. Refer to that achievement for more information. The last secret boss comes from that graveyard you may have noticed and wondered what it's for. Refer to A Horrible Night To Have a Curse (25G) for details on accessing that secret boss and beating it. Once you beat that boss, you now have a Cursed Relic charm and need to level it up to unlock Paladin (50G). Refer to that achievement for doing so. That wraps up all the unique content for this DLC.
To mop up, you'll likely still have a handful of achievements left, like getting an S rank and a few others. Refer to their achievement solutions for the best places and tips to get each.

Overall Conclusion:
Congratulations if you have made it to the end. This game is notorious for tearing down even the best of us, but keep your calm and persevere through all hardships and you will get this. Be proud of your achievement; you’ve earned it.
[XBA would like to thank Slaughter. for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the 'Delicious Last Course' DLC Roadmap]

Cuphead Achievement Guide

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There are 42 achievements with a total of 1500 points

  • Defeat a boss

    Story related and can’t be missed.
  • Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I

    Story related and can’t be missed.
  • Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II

    Story related and can’t be missed.
  • Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III

    Story related and can’t be missed.
  • Complete the Casino

    Story related and can’t be missed.
  • Get an S-Rank

    S-ranks can only be obtained on Expert difficulty, which is only obtained by completing the game on Normal. Luckily, you only need to obtain one S-rank for this achievement. To obtain an S-rank, you must beat a boss on Expert with the following conditions:
    • Beat in under 2:00-2:10 (seems to vary for certain bosses but aim for under 2:00).
    • Do not get hit a single time.
    • Perform all three parries.
    • Use the super meter six times (using a super art when it’s full counts as 5/6, so either use it again or press when at least one card is charged and MAKE SURE IT CONNECTS!)
    The easiest boss to do this on is 'Botanic Panic' in Isle I. Pick Spread and Charge as your shots, Burst as your super, and Smoke Bomb as your charm.

    The first phase is the potato who spits various things at you and the pink snake at the end. This is where you want to get your parries. Be careful as on expert the projectiles come out very fast but do not panic.

    The second phase is pretty self explanatory. Switch to Spread shot and just keep holding down and avoid the onion’s tears. Don’t bother parrying the pink tears as it’s too easy to make a mistake. Just keep holding the attack and look up at all times. I would also recommend NOT dashing here.

    The third phase is also pretty simple. Continue using Spread as you can take out the homing carrots easily with it. Stay towards the center when you can to maximize damage. Remember to use your super during this part. Hit again with spread to ensure you hit something with it so it counts as the 6/6.

    At the end of the fight, assuming you met all the requirements above, you’ll earn your S-rank.
  • Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I

    There are four bosses located in Inkwell Isle I. They are generally easier than the other bosses but can still be a struggle.

    Goopy Le Grande

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Charge
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    This fight is pretty simple. Dashing like a maniac is the key for the first phase. Hold down Spread and when you see him wind up for the punch, duck and continue to hold down attack. When you see him power up, parry the three question marks that come out of him as those are the only parries available in this fight.

    Repeat this strategy for the second phase but keep in mind since he is bigger it can be a little more tricky. Use your super here.

    The last phase is also pretty simple. He turns into a tombstone and has one attack: smash. When you see him stop, pick a direction to dash in and stick with it. Continue holding the spread or charge attacking and remember to use your super or special one more time. Repeat until KO.

    The Root Pack

    See Put On a Show (50G) for info on this boss.

    Cagney Carnation

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Roundabout + Charge
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    This fight in all honesty isn’t too hard to A-rank with this loadout. Keep holding down Roundabout while you dodge everything. Parry the pink plants that home in on you. The main difficulty with this boss is dodging the headbutt move as it can be hard to tell if he is going to attack the top row or the bottom row. When you see the acorns, rush over to the left platform and dodge them and then dash. Be sure to use your super. The last phase is very easy, just keep attacking with Roundabout or charge and beat him quickly as that can hugely improve your grade.

    Hilda Berg

    The first airplane boss in the game. It is likely the boss that many beginner players struggle with to the point of quitting the game. The strategy with these airplane missions is to not be afraid to go small by holding . This makes you much more mobile. The fight itself is pretty simple and self explanatory, but it can be difficult to dodge everything. Parry the pink bullets the purple zeppelins shoot at you throughout the fight to get the 3/3 parries.

    The second phase can be tricky. Go to the edge of the screen and when the fire ball starts shooting the rotating line of fire at you, pick a direction and don’t be afraid to hold to go small and move much faster.

    The third phase where he turns into Apollo can be quite hard. What I recommend is going to the left while holding down attack. Go small to go through the blue stars that home in on you and then use your super on him here. This trivializes this part and blows up the stars if they were close to you.

    The fourth phase is largely just a repeat of the first phase but it can be more hectic. Just keep your cool and get ready for the last part.

    The last phase can be intimidating at first but it isn’t too bad once you get the hang of it. Dodge the stars and the UFOs by getting past them as soon as you can. Going small here is a great strategy. Use your super again to speed it up as it is easy to make a mistake here. Continue attacking and dodging until dead.

    Ribby and Croaks

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Peashooter + Spread/Seeker
    • Charm: Twin Heart Charm
    • Super: Burst/Invincibility
    This fight can be tricky and is in my opinion the hardest boss in Isle I, especially on Expert. The fight has three phases.

    The first phase, the bottom one will shoot out punches at you, some of which can be parried. Parry these for the 3/3 as parrying the machine doesn’t count. Hold down Peashooter and when the other one sends the fireflies, run across and use Spread. On expert these both attack at once and can get very frantic.

    The second phase is relatively easy; the key is to never dash. Continue using Peashooter or Spread (doesn’t really matter too much on this phase) and just make sure to dodge the projectiles the other one throws down at you while the wind is going.

    The last phase is definitely the hardest, especially on expert. First off, take note that you can only attack it while it sends the apparitions after you. You can’t just not activate it and continue attacking. DO NOT WASTE YOUR SUPER THIS WAY EITHER OR IT WILL NOT COUNT. The slot machine can be one of three attacks: tiger (sends in circular platforms that shoot orange balls up into the air. The key here is to hop over one, run back slightly, then jump over another one. Do NOT dash), snake (smaller green chips that you have to jump on), or bison (the most difficult of the three due to the timing, they shoot out a laser either on top or on bottom and you have to jump over or under them to avoid getting hit). During all of these attacks, use your super and continue holding down Peashooter and you will make quick work of them.

    Once you have achieved between an A- to S on all of the bosses in Isle I, the achievement will unlock.
  • Boss



    Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II

    There is a total of five bosses in Inkwell Isle II and generally they are harder than the bosses in Isle I.

    Beppi the Clown

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Charge + Spread
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    This fight is in my opinion the easiest of the fights in Isle II but as with all the bosses in the game there are still parts that can be tricky. The first phase is relatively simple: stay back and attack with charge shot, making sure to parry the pink ducks above. Jump and dash toward the car when you see it rush towards you and you will finish this phase quickly.

    The second phase is the trickiest of the fight. Switch to Spread and dodge the balloons he shoots out at both sides, parrying the pink ones when you can. Parry the nose on the roller coaster as well and remember to jump over its passengers. Hold down Spread to destroy the balloons.

    The third phase is where he gets onto a donkey. Get underneath it immediately and hold Spread under him. The only hard part here is dealing with the coaster but it is possible to take him out while only dealing with the coaster once.

    The last fight is also pretty easy but it can be hectic. The platforms come down from the top and move from left to right. Only focus on these platforms; do not focus on the coaster as it is much faster and will throw you off. When the minions spawn to throw baseballs at you, drop down and kill them with Spread. Then jump back up. Use your super on this phase as well and keep using Spread.

    Djimmi the Great

    This is a fight that many people struggle with due to the nature of it being long. It is honestly not too horrible of a fight even on Expert. The first phase is tough. He will open a chest and one of three things will come out: random treasure that you have to dodge, cats (I personally suggest restarting if he does this first), or swords, which I found the easiest to deal with. Some objects here you can parry. Keep shooting and don’t be afraid to go small to avoid the treasure or the swords.

    The second phase makes you destroy parts of pillars while evading buzzsaws. The best tip I can offer is to go small while inside the pillar so you know where the buzzsaws are. This part can be cheap sometimes but it is very manageable with that tip.

    The third phase I personally found to be the easiest. Switch to the bomb with and stay at the top of the map near him so you can drop bombs and not get hit by any attack!

    The fourth phase, he spawns a puppet of you while the hat homes in on you and shoots its own little projectiles. This phase is in my opinion the hardest phase of the fight. Don’t be afraid to shrink to avoid getting hit and parry the pink shots he fires. I recommend saving your super for this phase.

    The final phase sees three pyramids revolving around the screen with a random one shooting rays on all four sides, while evading one attack from Djimmi himself. This phase is quite easy in my opinion, just remember the tips from the previous phases and you should get this easily.

    Baroness von Bon Bon

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Charge + Spread
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    The first phase is broken into three random mini bosses (similar to King Dice but easier for the most part). They can be one of the following:
    • Candy Corn - Easiest of the three. Don’t jump, simply dash into him. Smoke dash trivializes many aspects of the fight here.
    • Muffin - In my opinion the worst. He jumps up and slams down and the icing spreads out to hit you. I recommend trying to get him first as he is difficult to deal with when the jelly beans come out.
    • Gumball machine - Another easy one. Simply spam Spread and don’t jump. Look up top and run out of the way of each gumball.
    • Jawbreaker - This one isn’t too bad on normal but he can be a pain on expert as he will have two smaller minions following him as opposed to the one on normal. The key here is smoke dash through him and then jump and dash again. Use charge on him too.
    The first mini-boss you fight will be just the mini boss alone. The second one will be the boss combined with the jelly beans running out. The parries in the fight are difficult as the only parries that count here are the pink jelly beans and the peppermint at the end. The third boss will be the jellybeans and she will shoot out a swirling projectile that you can destroy.

    The last phase is tricky though. She sends her head out to home in on your position. The key is to not jump around like a maniac and use your super on this phase. Remember to use it again for the 6/6. It only homes into where you currently are, so wait until it starts moving before you jump away. Also beware of the peppermint. Keep shooting with Charge and the supers and you can make quick work of this phase and get the KO.

    Wally Warbles

    Wally can be intimidating at first but isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it. The best trick here is to hang at the edge of the screen, that way all you have to worry about is the initial impact rather than the spread. This doesn’t work on expert so there I suggest staying close to him and shrinking whenever he shoots the balls.

    The second phase can easily be overwhelming. Continue shooting when you can and parry the pink birds that come across when you can. I recommend turning small and only focus on where you are so as to not get hit by the feathers. On normal you get a lot of breathing room in between the attacks, whereas on expert you get almost none. I recommend using your super here but you can save it for the next phase.

    The third phase can also be irritating. The son will come out to attack and he will be surrounded by eggs that swarm around and get larger in radius which can be very confusing. He will also shoot one projectile at you every so often. Be sure to parry all of these to charge up your super. When the eggs are far out, go small and get right up to his face and then get out before they get too close while staying small.

    The last phase is easy. Switch to the bomb and continue firing away. Parry what you can and go in for the super and you will get through this very easily.

    Grim Matchstick

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Charge + Peashooter
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst/Invincibility
    I personally found this to be the hardest boss in the entire game, along with the devil. The first phase isn’t too bad but remember to parry the pink rings. I recommend not attacking at all until you get the three parries you need and using the super on this phase. He will send out fireballs that are relatively easily avoided with dashing. Just don’t be too close when you see him breathing in. You also have to deal with the tail that comes up from the bottom of the screen. Stick to Charge shot on this phase and you will make quick work of it.

    The second phase is the worst phase in the game in my opinion due to the sheer ruthlessness of the fire minions. They run across the bottom and jump out to where you are GOING TO BE, not necessarily where you are at that exact moment. Wait until you see one stop and get ready before you dash away. Keep charge shot for this phase and you can get through it with relative ease but it can still be very very annoying.

    The last phase also isn’t too hard but it can be stressful due to the difficulty of the last two phases. The dragon will turn into a hydra and shoot orange projectiles at you. The catch is that if you shoot it by accident it splits off into four faster projectiles. I recommend sticking with Charge on this phase. After a short while it will charge up its fire breath. When you see it do this, go to the top as soon as you can as it can be very tricky to dodge when you are beneath it. Keep Charge so you can have more control over not accidentally shooting its shots and you should get through this part easily. Remember to use your super again here as it will surely be charged again.

    Once you have achieved between an A- to S on all of the bosses in Isle II, the achievement will unlock.
  • Mayor



    Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III

    This is the hardest location in the game to get A ranks on but it isn’t too difficult if you follow these tips for each boss. There is a total of seven bosses in this world. Let’s get started.

    Rumor Honeybottoms

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Charge + Seeker
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst/Invincibility
    The first phase of this fight is pretty simple with Charge. Avoid the enforcer bee and just try to take him out as fast as possible. I wouldn’t worry too much about parrying the projectiles that come out of the bombs he spawns.

    The second phase is tricky. She can either come down in the center or on either side. If she comes in on the side, she can spawn either triangles that appear where you are and then shoot from each vertex. Continue shooting her with charge and then use your super here if you can. If she spawns the pink balls that follow you around, remember to parry them as they do count towards the 3/3. If she spawns in the center, continue charge-shotting her at the base at the top of the screen. The bullets are very annoying, plain and simple. Only stay at one side of the screen and drop down when it is about to change levels is really the best advice I can give for this phase.

    The last phase can be annoying but it can be trivialized with Seeker as it will automatically go to the bottom of the screen, letting you focus all your attention on dodging. She can send out fists that loosely follow you around or use her rotors across the screen. If you see her move over to the left, get over to the right as fast as possible. If you see her move over to the right, get over to the left as fast as possible. Continue holding down Seeker and you will get this down fast.

    Captain Brineybeard

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Charge + Spread
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    The first phase of this fight is easy. Avoid the log up top that slams down on you and avoid the gunshots. Take note that you can only damage the captain himself in this phase, so aim up or jump up with charge. Remember to parry his shots. When you see him take the gun out, go over to the other side of the screen as fast as possible.

    The second phase is mostly the same but he can summon one of three creatures of the sea to hurt you. A squid that shoots ink, a shark that leaps onto the screen from the left, and four piranhas that come onto the bottom where you are standing. The timing of all of these isn’t that bad in all honesty.

    The third phase is the same except the ship will start spitting cannonballs at you. It’s all a timing fight with the jumping and the parries. Just remember to not lose track of where the log is during this fight as it can become a nuisance in certain situations.

    The last phase of this fight is easy. You can only attack its uvula. Stand right in front of it with Spread and the second you see it move, jump up to avoid the projectile it shoots. When you see it close its mouth, duck and continue shooting. As for the log, try and bait it into slamming by running underneath it when you have the chance. Repeat until dead.

    Werner Werman

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Charge + Spread
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    This fight is pretty simple and an awesome art design that is clearly inspired by Tom & Jerry. It is broken up into three phases.

    The first phase is simple. He will either shoot out bombs that split out to the side very quickly so jump to avoid those. Or, he will shoot out projectiles that can be somewhat difficult to dodge but you can parry at least one of them. Keep Charge in this phase and he will go down quickly.

    The second phase is tricky. He will move into the center of the stage and either be on the top or the bottom. The key is to always be on whichever platform he isn’t so you don’t get hit by the flames. If you see him on top, go down, and vice versa. Switch to Spread here and watch out for the buzzsaws. You will know which one is going to come out because it will start spinning. You can get unlucky here but remember you can get hit and still get an A rank. You can use your special here to make it even faster.

    The last phase is pretty simple. Avoid the paw that comes from either side while also avoiding the falling pieces of wood. Use your special here when he spawns the ghosts as they can be a pain. Keep spamming spread and this phase will end fast.

    Dr. Kahl’s Robot

    Dubbed by many to be the hardest boss in the game. But with this strategy, I beat it on Expert on my second try. The fight is broken up into three phases. Let’s begin.

    The first phase is two parts. The first part, you must destroy his three weak points: the laser on the head, the heart, and the compartment at the bottom where the lasers come out. The best way to get through this as fast as possible is to go for the top first, then the bottom, then the middle. Go right up to the laser and then be very aggressive and you can destroy it before it gets a single attack off. Then, parry the pink electric things that come out of the chest. Spam attack the bottom and then go up and parry the thing again while spamming the heart. This part can be a nightmare, but I found it is much easier to stay at the bottom because then you can destroy the homing nukes that come out very quickly. Remember to continue shooting the heart and don’t be afraid to shrink for maximum mobility around the map.

    The key is to save your super for this second phase. Once the head comes off and starts going across the screen, use your super and then hit it with a few more bullets while avoiding the nukes.

    This is where the fun begins. I found the most consistent way to get through this part quickly is to stay on the far left as much as you can, that way you can still attack and it is pretty manageable to avoid the shots. When the walls come in, shrink and pass underneath as quickly as possible. Parry the shots that you can and don’t be afraid to be a bit aggressive with it. Use your super again and continue shooting and you can get through this phase pretty fast.

    Sally Stageplay

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Roundabout
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst
    This is one of the easier fights in the game. The first phase is very simple. Avoid the fans she throws and her jumping torpedo attacks. Smoke bomb absolutely trivializes this entire fight even on expert. Remember to parry her kisses.

    The second phase is the hardest phase in the fight. Use Roundabout and then focus on avoiding the cars and the kids dropping the milk. Use your super here.

    The third phase is also very easy with smoke bomb. When the lightning comes down, don’t jump, just run along the floor. When the big wave comes, jump and then dash through it. Run underneath her and spam Spread when you can.

    For the last phase, remember to dash over the top and use Spread and you can get through it very quickly. I personally wouldn’t recommend trying to parry some of her shots as it is easy to forget that the top is moving towards you at all times.

    Cala Maria

    This is in my opinion the trickiest airplane mission in the game. It is broken up into three phases that are all horrible in their own way.

    The first phase is the worst in my opinion as you can get screwed with RNG. She can send out a variety of attacks: blowfish (PARRY THE PINK ONES HERE TO BUILD THE SUPER!), homing blue swordfish, a seahorse that shoots out water to push you to the top of the screen, a yellow fish that homes in on you, and a red fish that shoots a bunch of smaller fish after you (you can parry one of them usually). The key to this phase is to go small and be moving from left to right and parry everything you can to get the super to get into the second phase as quickly as possible.

    The second phase is also awful as she turns into medusa. She will let out a green stare that covers pretty much the entire screen that will turn you into stone. Meanwhile, monsters come out of the water next to her that will shoot out projectiles that you need to dodge. The key here is to use the bombs to destroy the monsters as quickly as possible. When you are turned to stone, rotate the left stick as quickly as possible. It is possible to get screwed and get turned to stone while there is a shot coming at you. This is mostly just bad luck and there isn’t much to do about it. Use your super and aim low so that you can hit her and all of the monsters to clear the screen.

    The third phase is very simple as you will likely have your super charged again. The key is to turn small to quickly get past the skull or the small spike walls in time so that when you are turned to stone you aren’t headed straight into it. Keep firing away and use your super and you can clear this phase pretty quickly. Just remember to not panic. Keep your cool and you will do fine.

    Phantom Express

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Seeker
    • Charm: Parry Sugar
    • Super: Burst
    This fight is made infinitely easier with this loadout, trust me. Stand near the right side of the platform and spam Spread to destroy the eyeballs it shoots at you. The auto parry makes this whole fight infinitely less stressful as all you need to do is jump into the purple bricks the pumpkins drop on you throughout the fight. This will also fill your super up very often so use it often.

    The second phase always starts in the center so move your platform over to the right. Keep Spread here and move over to wherever the skull head is. You can kill it very quickly this way.

    The third phase is probably the most tricky. Two lollipop looking creatures come out of each side of the train. They charge up an electric breath that goes from right to left or left to right. It is easy to see which one is going to do it as they will take in their breath. Move over to the opposite side and spam Charge on the one you are underneath. If you are about to get hit, jump up and use your super and you will definitely at least kill the one you were under. Beware of the ghosts that come out as when they are destroyed they drop pink skulls. Parry them again by jumping into them with the charm.

    The last fight is a lot easier with Seeker. Parry the back of the train to open the engine and shoot the heart. I recommend Seeker as it will go straight to the heart and all you have to do is focus on dodging the flames and the bones. It is a lot simpler than it seems so just keep holding Seeker down and remember to parry the bricks again so you can use your super on the heart.

    Once you have achieved between an A- to S on all of the bosses in Isle III, the achievement will unlock.
  • King



    Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell

    King Dice

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Charge
    • Charm: Smoke Bomb
    • Super: Burst/Invincibility
    This boss’s design is very unique compared to the other bosses in this game. What you have to do is make it to the end of the number line with the dice, each number you land on is a relatively simple, one phase boss (though some are MUCH harder than others). You are going to have to fight a minimum of three bosses each session. Each number has a set boss, so it isn’t random and you can pick which ones you would rather fight. The bosses go like this:
    1. Tipsy Troop
    2. Chips Bettigan
    3. Mr. Wheezy
    4. Pip and Dot
    5. Hopus Pocus
    6. Phear Lap
    7. Pirouletta
    8. Mangosteen
    9. Mr. Chimes
    The ones that I personally recommend fighting are 2/3, 5 (only if you have smoke bomb)/6, and 7/8. Number 9 isn’t too tough per se but it takes a long time and can be stressful with the matching. The other ones are pretty self explanatory.

    The last fight in itself isn’t tough but it is very easy to get overly stressed and make a mistake when parrying the cards that come out of King Dice’s hands. If you haven’t practiced parrying and getting the timing of it down then this will be very difficult. Remember to hold down at the right moment to jump higher and do NOT be afraid to jump on the same card more than once. Hold down with Spread and you will knock out King Dice after a few hands. If you managed to do that whole thing in a good time while getting all parries etc., congrats on the A!

    The Devil

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Shot: Spread + Charge
    • Charm: Twin Heart Charm
    • Super: Invincibility
    The Devil is the last boss of the game and he is quite tough, especially on expert. His first phase is definitely the hardest. He has a variety of attacks that are difficult to deal with, though some easier than others:
    • Clap (when you see his arms go out to the side, don’t jump and dash right away, wait for them to appear on the screen as he will delay his attack if you jump too early)
    • Head reaching across the screen (hold down to take care of the minions that charge you and run to the other end of the screen)
    • Bouncing balls (these can be annoying but don’t parry the pink one unless you are absolutely sure that you can do it without getting hit by another ball)
    • Flames (this is the worst one. There is a pink one in the center with blue ones that rotate in a clockwise/counter clockwise direction that follow you around the map for ten seconds. I personally had a very hard time with this attack and would honestly just restart the fight if he used this one too early)
    • Bouncing head (self explanatory, just dash in a certain direction to avoid getting hit)
    • Homing flames (this one showed up for me the least but it is still very annoying. Parry the pink one to get one of the parries needed)
    The second phase is a bit easier. Keep shooting him with Charge and remember that the poker chips that fall onto the platforms will never hit the same one twice. Parry the bombs if one comes out on the same side of the screen as you but don’t rush across to parry unless you are sure that you can get that parry. As for the axe, don’t jump around like a maniac once you see it, it homes in on you and then circles you in an increasing radius. Don’t panic.

    The third phase is harder than the second as he drops two purple creatures on both sides of the screen that will spit skulls at you, some parry-able but most you have to dodge. He will also send little minions that will turn into buzzsaws that home in on you. These can be easily killed with Spread. The general strategy here is to kill one of the purple beasts as soon as they appear. DO NOT KILL BOTH as he will respawn them much faster. Stay on one side of the screen. Remember to parry the pink skulls to get the three parries needed. Keep shooting away with Charge and get ready for the last phase.

    The last phase isn’t too hard in itself but it can be very stressful as it is a longer fight. Keep using Spread and tank the hits as I found dodging the chip and parrying the tears to be very hard. You will want to begin this phase with at least 2 HP left. Get hit once and then activate invincibility as you will definitely have that stored up. Then just keep shooting until dead.
  • Obtain all Super Arts

    Super arts are obtained by completing the Mausoleum levels. These levels are different than the other levels. You’re tasked with saving a damsel in distress from being touched by pink ghosts. These are great to practice parrying.

    Some of them may take a couple tries but the general strategy is to stay on the center platform as much as possible and try to parry the ghost as soon as you see them. There are three of these levels, one in each world that reward you with a different super ability. Complete all three for the achievement.
  • Buy everything in Porkrind's Shop

    To buy everything in Porkrind’s shop, you are going to need to collect every coin in the game. This will net you the Coffers Full (60G) and High Roller (0G) achievements.

    There is a total of 40 coins in the game:
    • 30 of them are found in the Run & Gun levels (there are six R&G levels with five in each)
    • 1 is found at the end of the tutorial
    • 3 by talking to the apple on the bridge in Isle I
    • 1 coin is earned by the juggler in Isle II for completing 4 parries without touching the ground (can easily be earned on the Funhouse Frazzle or King Dice level)
    • 1 coin is given to you by the donut face girl after walking through the shortcut behind the mountain at the top of the level
    • 4 hidden coins (1 hidden in each isle). In Isle I, it is hidden in the trees right next to the axe head. In Isle II, it is found behind a green trailer next to the R&G on the right side of the map. In Isle III, it is hidden behind a tan building near Cala Maria, above Porkrind’s Emporium. The last coin is found in the casino, right next to the stairs.
    For a video guide on the coins, check below. Credit to Maka for the video.
  • Get every coin in all of the levels

    See Butter-and-Egg Man (40G) for more information.
  • Complete 20 parries

    See Parry Performance (25G) for more information.
  • Complete 100 parries

    Once again, parrying is done by jumping and then pressing again while in air against pink objects. Do this 100 times for this achievement. You will definitely unlock this naturally.
  • Complete the game on Expert

    This is where the fun begins. Expert in all honesty isn’t too much different from normal but there are a couple key differences:
    • Bosses have more health in each stage
    • Projectiles are more in number and faster
    • Certain mechanics are changed. For example, for Croaks and Ribby, they both attack at once in the first phase. For Grim Matchstick, the clouds move in the opposite direction.
    Do not worry about trying to S-rank everything. Certain bosses I found much easier to use the twin hearts charm with the invincibility super just so I could tank hits sometimes (STRONGLY advise this on the Devil himself). Other than that, refer to the A-rank guides for the best strategies for dealing with each boss. Good luck. When you beat the last boss on expert, this achievement will unlock.

    Note: You can track which bosses you have completed on expert by pressing and then scrolling over to LIST. If the boss has a star, that means you have completed it on expert. This also holds true with tracking grades.
  • Complete a level without getting hit

    Self explanatory. Complete a level without taking a single hit. This can be done on either a boss level or a Run & Gun level. You will no doubt unlock this naturally while going for other achievements.
  • Defeat a boss with a Super Art

    This will likely be earned through natural progression. A Super Art is activated when you have all five cards charged at the bottom left. For airplane missions, you turn into a bomb. Kill a boss with one of the super arts and the achievement is yours.
  • Defeat a boss with an Extra Special move

    This one is a bit trickier than killing a boss with a Super Art. Super Arts change depending on the shot you are using and are used when a card is charged but not when all five are as this will use the super. If you don’t unlock this naturally, replay the Botanic Panic mission in Isle I and wait until you think you are close on the carrot and then spam it until he dies.
  • Parry five times before hitting the ground

    There are only a couple areas in the game to do this but it honestly is not that bad. Parrying in this game is done by jumping and then pressing again while you are about to touch a pink object.

    The two best places to get this are the Funhouse Frazzle Run & Gun and King Dice’s final stage where he sends the cards out after you. You’ll probably unlock this one naturally fighting King Dice so don’t stress out about this one too much.
  • Complete the game on Normal

    Story related and can not be missed.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat the Devil

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Get every coin in the game

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete all levels without killing an enemy

    I would recommend going for this achievement after you have done everything else in the game as by then you’ll have every charm and be a god at dodging and parrying (hopefully) which makes this a lot easier. You have to get through all six Run & Gun levels without killing a single enemy (parrying pink enemies counts, you just can’t SHOOT any enemy). Describing this in text would be confusing, so refer to the video guide below. Credit to The Inhuman One.
  • Defeat King Dice without taking a hit

    This achievement’s description is rather misleading as you can get hit throughout the fight and even during the actual fight with King Dice himself. You just can’t drop below 3 health. Equip the twin hearts charm and invincibility and load up King Dice on regular just for the sake of it being a bit easier.

    Go for 2, 6 and 8 (poker chips, horse race and 8 ball respectively as they are very easy even without smoke bomb). Chances are one of those will have a health point so by the time you get to King Dice himself you have 4+ HP so you have some leniency. Save your invincibility for this one too. Parrying the cards is a lot easier on normal too as they are slower and less in numbers too. Once you kill King Dice without dropping below 3 HP this achievement will unlock.
  • Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets

    This achievement sounds worse than it actually is. I recommend using the horserace mini boss in the Casino (it’s #6). What you have to do is be holding down and the entire fight. Start the fight with the twin hearts charm so you have 5+ HP by the time you get there. Be aggressive and stay in his face as the mini bullets have horrible range. The fight takes twice as long this way but it is the easiest boss to get this on.
  • Find a shortcut

    Shortcuts are little paths hidden in the world that aren’t apparent to the naked eye. The earliest you can earn this is right at the beginning. Defeat Goop (bouncing ball), and then follow the path under the overlaying ground. You won’t be visible. Follow it around and you’ll end up on the other side and unlock this achievement.

    You will unlock this naturally when going for the High Roller (0G) achievement.
  • Give in to the Devil

    When the fight with the devil starts, he will ask you to give all of the souls you’ve collected over to him. Select YES for this achievement. If you picked NO, don’t worry, you can replay the fight at any time.

DLC: The Delicious Last Course

There are 14 achievements with a total of 500 points

  • Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle IV

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    There are five new bosses in Inkwell Isle IV that need to be defeated to unlock this achievement (the final boss doesn't count, for whatever reason). I have detailed my recommended loadout and strategy for each one below. Note that you can fight each boss as Ms. Chalice or Cuphead/Mugman. Choose whichever you prefer. I personally used Cuphead for all bosses since I was still used to how he played, and with that choice, I was able to choose different charms. I will note my charm in each recommended loadout, but obviously if you choose to play as Ms Chalice, you don't have that option. 
    Moonshine Mob
    Recommended Loadout:
    • Crackshot
    • Chaser
    • Smoke Bomb
    Phase One: The boss will walk back and forth on one of three levels, and you'll have to deal with enemies he spawns, an enemy that pops in from a random side of the screen and shoots a projectile at you (sometimes parryable), or the egg sacks that hang in the way. Crackshot makes this phase quite easy, as it instantly kills all the enemies the boss spawns and the guy that pops in from the side. All that's left to deal with are those egg sacs that explode, so just quickly touch them and then jump/dash away to remove them from the screen so they aren't in the way when you need to move. 
    Phase Two: The boss stays in the center, enemies randomly walk across each level, and beams spin around the room that glow orange before becoming red and hurting you. Smoke Bomb and Crackshot make this phase a piece of cake. Hang out on the top level (so you can jump without accidentally hitting anything above you) while your Crackshot homes in on the boss. This lets you focus on the beams, which you can simply dash through with Smoke Bomb rather than needing to rotate around the boss with the beams. So just jump over enemies if they spawn up top (although your Crackshot will probably kill them before they even reach you) and dash when the red beams show up. 
    Phase Three: The boss will alternate sides that it sticks its snout at a few times before sticking its tongue all the way across that tier. Just hang out shooting it with Crackshot on the lowest level, and be ready to jump when it shoots its tongue across the arena at you. As soon as its tongue retracts, dash to the side it was just on. It'll also release a big enemy ball that bounces around the arena. Immediately switch to Chaser to destroy it (I found that Crackshot was too slow to keep up with it), then switch back to Crackshot for the boss. After enough damage, you'll get a fakeout with the knockout. Just keep shooting Crackshot and the little guy on top will be defeated in a few seconds. 
    Esther Winchester
    Recommended Loadout:
    • Twin Hearts
    Phase One: This phase will feel extremely chaotic until you get used to it. The boss will pop out of either the top or bottom door and will shoot a pair of bullets at you that will always go above and below you. If you stay still, they'll never hit you. Sometimes though, the boss will swing its lasso. Get out of the way quickly, as it'll pull a cactus across that entire row of the screen. Meanwhile, birds will fly in from the right and shoot a projectile at you as they pass you (sometimes they're pink), and other birds will fly in from the left and drop dynamite that'll hit the ground and explode in a pattern upwards (if you stay close to the ground you'll always be safe from the dynamite). Give yourself a few inches on the left side for the dynamite birds, so they don't run into you, and in general you want to stay stationary (especially vertically) and just unload on the boss so you don't have to worry about its bullets. Only deviate and move up or down prematurely when she pulls out her lasso. 
    Phase Two: Now the boss alternates between trying to suck you into her vacuum, then dropping safes on you. For the vacuum section, just stay in the middle of the screen, slightly left of center, and dodge around the objects coming in from the left. For the safes, stay low so you have plenty of time to dodge them, they only fly up to avoid the projectiles. Don't hesitate to shrink here to avoid everything, and keep an eye out for a pink projectile to parry. You should easily have a Super Art charged and ready for this phase to end it quite quickly. 
    Phase Three: The boss is now just sausages, with a much smaller hit box. Your main priority here is dodging the cans of meat that shoot out in set directions, and just let your bullets incidentally hit the boss while you dodge. Stay around the middle of the screen so the steaks only have one chance to hit you, and capitalize on any pink ones to parry. You may likely end up with another charged Super for this phase, but just make sure you avoid the cans of food during your approach so you actually hit her. 
    Phase Four: Once again, your top priority is dodging while your bullets do their thing and hit the boss whenever you align with it. Shrink as much as needed to ensure you get through the gaps in the sausage chains, and once again you'll have plenty of pink objects to parry, making it highly likely you'll build up a third Super during this phase to hopefully finish her off. Just again be careful to actually reach her with your Super, by either going to the very top or bottom of the screen. 

    Glumstone The Giant
    Recommended Loadout:
    • Crackshot
    • Spread
    • Smoke Bomb
    Phase One: This first phase has quite a bit going on. The platforms you are on move up and down randomly. You can drop below them, but gnomes will shoot up like spikes and hurt you if you stand still, so only drop down if absolutely necessary to avoid something else. Additionally, gnomes will climb up the moving platforms and attack you if you're standing on that one. Thankfully, these gnomes can be killed, and Crackshot will keep them from every really bothering you. The boss will either send out clouds across the screen, which are pretty easy to avoid and which always contain one or two pink ones to parry, or drop a monkey in the middle of the screen (it's always right in the middle), or he'll send a huge flock of geese across the screen. The only way to avoid these is to either crouch on a platform while it's at its lowest and not moving, or to drop down to the spiky hats and risk being down there for a few seconds. This phase can be quite chaotic, which is why Crackshot is ideal, because you're going to be using all of your focus to avoid all the obstacles being thrown at you. Crackshot will hit the boss and take out the climbing gnomes, making things a bit more manageable, and Smoke Bomb can help with tight situations, since a lot can converge on you at the same time. 
    Phase Two: This phase starts off really simple. The hands will take turns bouncing a ball to the other, and it'll always do one bounce on the ground, wherever you are. Additionally, smaller balls will pop out of the ground, indicated by them sticking up before they break through. These get more and faster as this phase progresses, meaning there's nowhere safe to stay, and being on the move is tricky because of the bouncing ball. Smoke Bomb is very useful here, as I highly recommend moving back and forth across the screen opposite the ball, dashing through it when it bounces. This will help avoid the things popping out of the ground, and as long as you time your dashes right, you'll be able to go right through the bounced ball each time. I would often duck under each hand (you're safe from the bouncing ball there) and unload on it with Spread for a few seconds, then move to the other hand (with Crackshot) to avoid the gnomes popping up, then repeat under the other hand. This will make this phase go a bit faster. 
    Phase Three: The final phase takes place instead the boss's stomach, and once again, having a homing weapon like Crackshot is extremely helpful so you can focus on the platforms to stay out of the stomach acid, and the projectiles coming your way. The setup will make this phase feel intimidating but it's really not that bad when you don't have to aim your shots. Since platforms will drop off, Smoke Bomb is great for when you need to cover distance between platforms without worrying about any projectiles in your way. Ignore the boss (let Crackshot do all the work) and just focus on staying on platforms and dodging projectiles. Don't forget to parry the bell that pops up since that signals all the platforms to return. 

    Mortimer Freeze
    Recommended Loadout:
    • Crackshot
    • Spread
    • Smoke Bomb
    Phase One: The boss floats around the top of the screen, stopping to drop four minions in the ground. If you're using Crackshot, that'll take care of the minions before they even pop out to get you. The boss will also stop to either smash you with a fish (simply dash out of the way) or throw two cards at you (one of which can often be parried, but unfortunately does NOT count toward your parry count for the fight). This phase is quite short, and with Crackshot, the minions are no threat, so just dodge the cards and fish smash and this phase will be over in seconds. During the transition from the first to second phases, this is a great time to get under the boss with Spread and just unload on its body.
    Phase Two: This is the bulk of the fight, where you're now fighting a snowman of sorts, and there are a lot of attacks to deal with. The biggest signs you need to get used to are knowing when he's going to roll across the ground and when he's going to jump across the screen, as it's the easiest time for you to get hit if you aren't ready. When he turns in a fridge, this is a great time to unload on him since the ice cubes are pretty easy to avoid. Once the popsicles coming flying out, you can again rely on Crackshot to take them out, allowing you to focus on whatever the boss is doing (especially keeping on eye on whether he's going to roll or jump across the screen). This phase lasts pretty long, but Smoke Bomb really helps avoid his movements since you can dash through him.
    Phase Three: Hop up the platforms to fight the final phase, a giant snowflake. He'll move back and forth between both sides of the screen and use one of three attacks: throwing three pots at you, spawning four spikes that then go to the center of the screen, or sending out one of his eyeballs that shoots lasers up and down periodically. Smoke Bomb and Crackshot are godsends here, as Crackshot allows you to focus on platforming and dodge objects while still always hitting the boss, and Smoke Bomb makes that eyeball attack far less stressful than it otherwise would be.

    The Howling Aces
    Recommended Loadout:
    • Crackshot
    • Chaser
    • Smoke Bomb
    Phase One: From the plane up top, you'll continually have a group of three balls thrown down at you. They're always in the same pattern, and so become quite easy to avoid. Every few seconds, the pilot will come down and do one of two different attacks: throw bone boomerangs across the screen which then come back, or shoot three yarn balls at you. If it's the boomerang attack, there is always at least one pink one to parry, and they're easy enough to jump over to avoid the others. For the yard ball attack, your only option is to duck under the three of them (and hope that the three balls being thrown from above don't screw you over while you're stuck crouching. A homing shot such as Crackshot is an absolute necessity during this phase since you'll be spending most of your time dodging objects.
    Phase Two*: The second phase is very simple - four little enemies rotate around the screen and take turns shooting letters B-O-W at you, some of which are pink. They never come fast or in large amounts, making the projectiles quite easy to avoid. Crackshot makes it easy to keep damaging the little guys while avoiding the projectiles, and this phase will be over very quickly.
    Phase Three*: This phase is one of the most challenging in the game. The boss will either shoot lasers at you (telegraphed in set directions) or will send discs at you (yellow ones are always high, to duck under, and red ones are always low, to jump over). The problem is that after each attack, the screen rotates and makes it very difficult to control your character properly. For this entire phase, Crackshot seemed to be less reliable for whatever reason. It often didn't go towards the boss to do damage. So I recommend switching to Chaser here to keep doing damage. You'll start right side up, and do a quarter rotation counter clockwise, one after another. The two sides are the hardest, and I literally tilted my head to make it easier to control. The one on the ceiling thankfully has normal controls (instead of mirrored controls) and so isn't too bad. Smoke Bomb will come in very handy in this phase since it's easy to accidentally move in the wrong direction, and Smoke Bomb can save you in a pinch.
    *Note that there is a secret Phase Three that is much easier than the normal one. It requires you to complete Phase Two in a certain way. Rather than killing off each of the four guys in Phase Two, you need to damage each one until it has gray smoke coming from it, being sure to keep them all alive. If you can manage to do this, Phase Three doesn't have any screen rotations, and has some different projectiles to avoid. I personally have never done this, but I'm just making a note of it in case you're really struggling with Phase Three and find the second phase much easier and would like to try it.
  • Ranger



    Obtain an A-Rank or Higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle IV

    I have already broken down each boss and given my recommended loadout in A Vacation in the Wilds (50G) so in this achievement solution I will discuss problematic areas for achieving A ranks and tips for what I did to succeed. Note that, despite A Vacation in the Wilds (50G) unlocking after beating the five main bosses, this achievement requires the five main bosses plus the final boss. 
    I will prefer this by saying I used Cuphead for this entire DLC, but that's by no means the best option. I just didn't want to learn a new move set. Also, my strategy below might not be the best for you, so if you find yourself struggling and not even getting close after half an hour on a single boss, you should probably try a new loadout or strategy. 
    Like with the base game, you must be playing on at least Regular difficulty to be able to get an A rank. All of the criteria are the same too: defeat the boss in under 2 minutes, have at least 3HP left, do at least 3 parries, and do at least 6 special attacks. You'll allowed to miss two total items to still get an A- rank, so you have some leeway.
    Since I was playing with Cuphead and using Smoke Bomb for all non plane fights, I'd start with 3HP, and my goal was to meet all the other criteria entirely so that as long as I don't die and finish the fight, I'd get an A- rank (the 1/3 HP being my gap of two). Basically, in every fight, I used HP as my criteria I wouldn't try to perfect. I would always try to finish quickly, get my parries, and the specials were always something that came naturally anyway. I used his energy beam Super for every fight except Howling Aces, where I used Invincibility, since it wasn't practical to get a horitonal shot at the boss at all. 
    Moonshine Mob
    I felt that Smoke Bomb, Crackshot, and Chaser made this fight relatively easy to finish without getting hit. I actually struggled the most with finishing in 2 minutes and with getting the parries. The problem with the parries is that in the first phase, Crackshot was taking out all the enemies before they'd get a chance to blow a smoke ring at all. And if they did blow one, it was often tough to parry with Cuphead (Ms Chalice would have a far easier time dashing into them). On top of that, the pink barrels in the second phase don't count toward your total. So I actually ended up farming a couple parries at the very end of the fight, after you KO the anteater and it's just the little guy left on his head. He shoots out projectiles and every two or three is a pink one. They get progressive faster, so it'd be a challenge to get all three parries here, but I was able to do two successfully relatively consistently. 
    As for the Supers, you should easily have one fully charged for the start of the second phase, but using the energy beam is risky with the lasers. If you can time it right, go for it. What I did was wait for the second phase to end, and before the third starts, the guy in the hat pops out for a couple seconds. I'd go to the top level and use my Super on the guy in the hat when he pops out, to shorten the third phase. You definitely don't want to try to use your energy beam (not Cuphead's, anyway) against the third phase, since you'll likely either miss or take damage. 
    I ended up finishing this fight failing the time and with only 2/3 parries, to get an A-, since I could consistently do it without getting hit. If you manage your Supers better and use two of them, you may be able to finish fast enough, and if you're using Ms Chalice you may have an easier time getting the parries. 
    Here is a video, courtesy of 360GameTV, showing an A+ run of this boss. Remember that you only need an A- for the purposes of this achievement.

    Esther Winchester
    I went into this fight with Twin Hearts charm, giving me plenty of leeway for health. This is one of the easiest fights for a few reasons: every phase has stuff to parry, making it extremely easy to get your three parries (you'll likely end up with double that); because you'll be doing so many parries and plenty of shooting, you'll build up plenty of Super. I routinely got an used three Supers per fight, so that criteria isn't a problem. And because you'll be used at least two, if not three, Supers, you should have zero issues finishing this fight in under two minutes. So with those three criteria taken care of, it's really just a matter of surviving the fight. Starting with five health gives you plenty of room to spare, so as long as you can finish this fight at all, an A- rank should be readily obtainable. 
    Glumstone The Giant
    Like with Esther, this fight is another case of if you can survive you should be able to get an A- rank. The best thing is for the boss to shoot the clouds at you in the first phase, ideally twice. It is easy to avoid them, and there are plenty to parry, making it easy to get the three you need. It also means you'll easily get a Super to finish off the first phase. The second phase has stuff to parry but it's really risky with the ball and gnomes causing so much activity on screen, so I recommend not going for them and just playing this phase safe. Do another Super one on of the hands if you build up another, just to get this phase over with. The third phase has more stuff to parry, and doing so will be a lifesaver at times, so it's practically unavoidable. With those parries means you'll probably build up another Super that you should jump up and use on the boss to finish this phase quicker.
    As long as you get at least one cloud attack in the first phase, parries shouldn't be an issue. You should easily get enough for two Supers during this fight, just remember to use them as soon as you get them. Using at least two will ensure you finish the fight in under two minutes, especially with Crackshot constantly hitting the boss. So with those three criteria taken care of, it just becomes a matter of actually surviving the fight even with just 1HP left. 
    Mortimer Freeze
    This was my faster fight, because it's pretty easy to switch to Spread multiple times to do a lot of damage. During the first phase, I would use Spread and jump up at the boss and shoot all of Spread into him while he was flying around. Once he dropped his minions I would go back to Crackshot to kill them and keep hitting him while he moved around. As soon as I was safe from minions, I'd go back to Spread and jump up into him with it. This phase goes by really quick. The second phase, same deal. Switch to Spread and stay near the boss the entire time. You need to be able to read when he's going to roll and jump, but those are your only real threats during this phase. Stay next to him and hammer him with Spread. For the third phase, Spread is risky because if the eyeball attack, so play it safe with Crackshot and stay back. 
    The parries were the hardest part for me in this fight. The cards in the first phase don't count, so you've either got the pink Popsicles during the second phase (which can be luck based because they fly in randomly, and it might be during an attack that prevents you from doing a parry) or the pots during the third phase (and he might never do that attack). In my opinion, there is a lot of luck with the parries in this fight. Focus on getting at least one parry during the second phase, and at least one during the third phase. There's no way you're going to spend enough time in either of those phases to get all three parries in a single phase. 
    The Supers are never really a problem. I didn't use one on the second phase, both because it's risky coming out of the Super hoping you don't get hit, and because I didn't want to end the phase too soon and risk not getting a parry or two. So I'd end up saving my Super til the final phase, which I always started with a Super immediately, then did a regular special attack as soon as I had one, just to get it out of the way. Again, I didn't want to end the third phase too quick either, before I had a chance to get a parry or two. 
    The Howling Aces
    This was the only boss in the entire game and DLC where I didn't use the energy beam Super as Cuphead, because it just wasn't practical to get a horizontal shot on the boss. I instead used Invincibility. If you're playing as Ms Chalice though, her energy beam is far more useful since it shoots up at the boss. 
    This is another fight where the parries are very easy to get. In the first phase, when the boss drops down and throws the bone boomerangs across the screen there is always at least one pink one, and they move slow and one at a time, so it's a complete gimme to get at least one parry during this phase. In the second phase, with the letters B-O-W coming at you, you will encounter plenty of pink ones to get your three parries in this phase alone. I found they were always spaced out enough to give me plenty of room to parry them without getting hit. There's nothing to parry in the final phase, but you should easily get three by the end of the second phase. 
    For Supers, with all the parries in the second phase you'll easily fill up your meter by then. Use your Super on the third phase to reduce the amount of time you need to deal with the tilted screen, and then you just need one more special if you haven't used a Super earlier already. 
    I used Crackshot for the entirety of the fight, and used Invincibility as my Super, and still had no issues finishing in under 2 minutes. So I would say, as long as you're shooting the entire fight, you will meet the time requirement. So with all of that above (parries being easy, and getting plenty for your Supers and the time limit), it yet again just becomes a matter of surviving the fight to get an A- rank. 
    The parries can be a bit hit or miss in this fight. During the first phase, they're quite easy to get on the sugar cubes, but that relies on the boss using that attack. You should see it at least once, but you never know. During the second phase, you should get a bunch of pink projectiles shot at you, but it really depends on what else you're dealing with on screen to determine if you can parry them without taking damage. If you get lucky with a couple sugar cube attacks in the first phase, you don't have to stress at all in the second phase. You should be able to manage one or two parries in the second phase without too much issue though, as long as the leaves don't get in your way. 
    For Supers, you should be using one near the end of the first phase (you should have a full meter before the end of the first phase even without any parries) and then you may build up another in the second phase, but you should save it for use at the start of the second phase. I wouldn't recommend using a Super in the final phase since you're likely to end up in the pit if you do. You should still easily get enough for two Supers during this fight though. 
    Once again, with Crackshot the entire fight and only one Super for me (plus one special) I had no problems meeting the time limit. Only the cookies in the first phase can preoccupy your Crackshot. The other three phases have no minions, just the boss, so Crackshot will do all the work and you shouldn't have any issues finishing on time. Therefore, survive the fight and you should be able to finish with an A-.
  • Defeat a boss with Ms. Chalice

    Refer to Decadent (50G) for more information.
  • Defeat 10 bosses with Ms. Chalice

    Two important notes for this achievement:
    • It must be 10 different bosses, not the same one 10 times
    • It can be done on any difficulty, so feel free to play on Simple
    As a result of those two notes, the easiest thing to do is to complete all of the relatively simple bosses on Inkwell Isle I and II on Simple difficulty with Ms Chalice. With Crackshot and your Super, you shouldn't have many problems, especially if you do this after completing the story in the DLC.
  • Defeat a boss with one of Ms. Chalice's Super Arts

    Ms. Chalice's Super Art sends an energy beam straight up and down simultaneously. As the description says, you need to finish off any boss with this attack. The easiest way is to play Botanic Panic on Simple difficulty, and just try to gauge when you think you've done enough damage to the carrot that the Super will finish it off. If it doesn't, the fight only takes under a minute to finish, so you can just attempt it again quickly.
  • Defeat a boss with one of Porkrind's new weapons

    First things first, you'll need to get more coins to be able to buy the new items from Porkrind's shop. Here's where to find them all:
    • 1 coin can be found in the Ms Chalice tutorial right next to the bakery. To reach it, parry the pink things until it moves to the upper right corner. Now jump, dash into it, then double jump up to the coin
    • 3 coins are given to you by the character right next to the tutorial (the little boy with the newspaper)
    • 1 coin is found hidden in a secret path, which you can access either behind Porkrind's shop or from behind the waterfall in the south area of the map. Take the hidden path to the northwest as far as you can go, and you'll find the coin at the end
    • 11 coins are obtained by defeating each of the King's Champions, 2 coins per miniboss and 3 for beating it. Refer to Checkmate (25G) for information on defeating them
    Now that you have some coins, there are three new weapons to purchase: Crackshot, Converge, and Twist-Up. You'll end up purchasing ball three, but I found Twist-Up to be largely useless, and Converge not that great either. Crackshot is definitely one of the best weapons in the game now, in my opinion. As far as this achievement goes, you only need to land the killing blow with a new weapon, but you'll likely end up using Crackshot for most of your playtime anyway, so this achievement will come naturally. 
    If you prefer a video guide for the coin locations, refer to the following one, courtesy of 360GameTV.
  • Defeat all of the King of Games' Champions

    Right in the middle of the map, you'll see a rope ladder drop down that you can climb up to meet the King. Talking to him allows you to fight a series of minibosses, his Champions. These fights work different than any other bosses. You can't shoot, and instead need to use your parry to defeat each one. On top of that, no charms are used in these fights. While you're able to do these fights as any of the three playable characters, I highly recommend using Ms. Chalice here, as her dash parry makes things far easier on each miniboss. Here's a quick rundown of each fight.
    The Pawns
    Each of these guys has a parry-able head, and to beat the fight you need to parry each one. Unfortunately, they jump down randomly, so you might have to wait a bit for the last couple ones with heads still on to jump down. Ms Chalice makes this fight quite easy, as you don't even need to jump to parry their heads. Simply dash straight into them to knock their heads off. I just stayed in the center of the screen, (double) jumping over the headless ones in the middle while waiting for the headed ones to jump down, then just dash into each one to finish this fight off.
    The Knight
    This guy is, in my opinion, the hardest of the bunch, just because he requires so many parries (close to 15) to beat and it's easy to make a mistake during his attacks. What you need to do is parry that pink thing on his head, and he only exposes it after each attack. He has three separate attacks, and you'll need to pay close attention to react accordingly.
    • He will crouch, then do a quick upward strike. You only have a split second to parry his head after this attack, but it is possible. Jump while he's doing his strike so that as soon as his sword drops you can dash and hit his head. It takes some getting used to, but you'll eventually be able to do it with ease.
    • He will crouch with his sword back and do a wide swing. As long as you don't approach, you won't get hit. When he's done, he's wide open to an easy parry
    • He will rear back with his sword at his hip, then charge across the screen to the opposite side. With Ms Chalice, simply roll through him to avoid taking damage. On the other side, he's wide open for an easy parry
    While waiting for an attack, it's actually best to stay relatively close to him. The only attack you need to be prepared for is the third one above, where he charges across the screen, since that's the only one that'll damage you while you're just standing there. The other two won't hit you unless you jump towards him, which you shouldn't be doing until after he finishes each attack anyway. So just be patient and don't get aggressive. Wait for an opening after each attach and capitalize on it, and be prepared to roll each time he pulls back his sword and you should be fine.
    The Bishop
    While initially appearing a bit hectic, this fight is actually really simple. Parry the boss each time its pink. After each parry, some candles will light. Touch all of the lit ones to extinguish them, at which point the boss will turn pink again for another parry. Repeat while avoiding all of the little projectiles to finish this fight. I found being very aggressive made this fight pretty easy, since the faster you act the less projectiles on the screen. Ms Chalice once again makes this fight much easier since you can double jump around the projectiles and quickly dash from candle to candle.
    The Rook
    It may not be immediately obvious what you need to do here, but the goal is to parry the pink projectiles to push them to the right side so they hit the boss. Often, this will require hitting each one at least twice to get it far enough to the right to make contact. The more times you hit the boss, the more little sparks come across the bottom of the screen. This is yet another fight that Ms Chalice excels in, because her dash parry is great for pushing the pinks to the right while also keeping you above the projectiles down low. Take your time here and focus on avoiding the sparks, even if it means you miss a pink object after hitting it once or twice already. That's all there is to this fight.
    The Queen
    The Queen only has two attacks: she'll first just form a pink wall on one side that flies across the room, which you can simply parry to destroy all of it; after hitting her enough, she'll start spewing objects into the air that rain down all over (but thankfully the pink walls completely stop). This can get a little hectic because you need to keep an eye on the objects to dodge them while still managing to hit her. Hitting her entails parrying whichever one of the three cannons that has a pink fuse. You'll not only need to parry them but also wait for their moving to line up with wherever the Queen is so the shot actually hits her. This often comes down to luck unfortunately, as sometimes the objects will completely block you from the cannon while it's lined up, but sometimes you'll be able to fire off three or four cannons in a row and hit her without worry about objects. I recommend staying aggressive and getting off as many shots as you can, because she actually doesn't take many hits (maybe 10 or so) to defeat.
  • Defeat the King's Gauntlet

    After defeating all of the King's Champions and unlocking Checkmate (25G), the rope ladder will move over to the west coast right next to the boat where you can leave the Isle. Head back up and talk to the King again, and he'll give you the option to choose any of the minibosses to fight again. Choose the bottom option, 'The Gauntlet,' to fight all five minibosses back to back to unlock this achievement. Don't worry - you get full health back between every fight, so you just have to beat them all like normal all in a row. Checkmate (25G) has more information on each individual boss. I highly recommend using Ms Chalice for this, as she is, in my opinion, far better suited for the parrying nature of these fights. She also starts with 4HP instead of 3HP, giving you more room for error during each fight.
    As you'd expect, if you die at all along the way you will have to start over from the first miniboss. However, these fights are quite simple, and with a little bit of practice on each one you shouldn't need more than a handful of attempts to succeed and unlock this achievement.
  • Complete your quest on Inkwell Isle IV

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    After defeating all five regular bosses (and unlocking A Vacation in the Wilds (50G), which has information on each boss), you'll have all five ingredients and should return to to the bakery. Head inside and into the basement to get some dialogue and be pitted against the final boss, which is quite difficult compared to the others.

    Recommended Loadout:
    • Crackshot
    • Any weapon you prefer (I used Crackshot for the entirety of this fight)
    • Smoke Bomb (unless playing as Ms Chalice)
    Phase One: The chef will chop up and release one of four different ingredients you provided: limes (which will fly horizontally across the screen back and forth), sugar cubes (which will go across the screen in a sinusoidal pattern, always with one being pink to parry), strawberries (which rain down on a diagonal), or cookie enemies (which also come across the screen in a sine pattern, but these can be shot to destroy them). All of that happens continually while a fireball jumps down from the ceiling with reverse gravity and slowly follows you around the area. You'll want to slowly move back and forth across the screen to avoid the fireball, but definitely stay in the center third of the screen since stuff will be coming in from the sides over and over. Crackshot (or any homing shot) is ideal here, allowing you to focus on dodging objects while your weapon always hits the boss. Crackshot is additionally useful because when the cookie enemies come, it'll target them and kill them in one shot, eliminating that threat.
    Phase Two: There will be four pepper shakers, one in each corner, and each with its own hit box. They will take turns shooting a little projectile at you (sometimes it's pink and can be parried), meanwhile that fireball is still there to avoid, and then occasionally leaves will float down in a set pattern from the top of the screen. It's a bit chaotic but nothing moves too fast so everything isn't too bad to dodge. The goal here is to damage any pepper shaker enough that it shoots into the background and hits the boss. You'll need to do this with many of the shakers and aren't damaging the boss directly, so don't waste an offensive Super Art on the shakers since they don't have much health to begin with (Crackshot takes them down quite fast already).
    Phase Three: This phase is quite simple, thankfully. The fireball and all projectiles are gone. A small sawblade moves back and forth on the ground the whole time. The boss drops in and bounces around the screen in a pretty obvious and predictable pattern. So all you're contending with are the saw blade and the boss itself. Once again, Crackshot is great here since the boss is all over the screen and you can just focus on avoiding it and the blade. It barely has any health, so this phase will end quite quickly. Be prepared that as soon as this phase ends, the floor opens up. Get to the center of the screen immediately and be prepared to jump onto a rising platform.
    Phase Four: This phase is even simpler: jump on the rising platforms to keep from falling into the pit, all the while shooting the heart moving around. Yet again, Crackshot is great here since the boss will be all over and you'll be able to focus on platforming and avoiding the heart. Most of the time, the heart won't be in your way, but there are a couple patterns where it'll always cross your intended path. Either stay aggressive and near the top of the screen or hang down near the bottom to not cross paths with the heart, and after enough damage you'll finally defeat this boss.
  • Get an S-Rank on a stage of Inkwell Isle IV

    Just like with the base game, you can only obtain an S rank on Expert difficulty, and also just like the base game, you can't play on Expert until you complete the story by beating the final boss. Only then can you choose to fight any individual boss on Expert. The S rank requirement here is identical to the base game: while playing on Expert, finish the fight in under 2 minutes, have at least 3HP left, do at least 3 parries, and use your special attack at least 6 times (or one Super Art and one special attack). 
    As for which boss in the DLC to attempt this on, this obviously comes down to personal preference and skill quite a bit, but my recommendation is Esther Winchester since it's the easiest fight to meet all of the criteria. The Moonshine Mob is the easiest to do without getting hit, but I struggled to do it in time and with the three parries. Glumstone the Giant has a horribly unpredictable second phase, and the rotating screen section of the Howling Aces fight is a pain. But, as I said, use whichever boss you had the least problems with when you beat them all on Regular. I found it easier to improve a boss without getting hit rather than trying to shave 30 seconds off my time, since going faster always resulted in my getting hit unnecessarily. 
    Just like with any boss fight, you'll need to put some practice in to get an S rank. I recommend using the Twin Hearts charm against Esther Winchester. You should easily build up enough of your meter to do three Super Art attacks, far surpassing the requirement and guaranteeing you finish in under 2 minutes. I also found it very easy to get plenty of parries in this fight, since every single phase has stuff to parry, unlike every other boss fight. So it's really just a matter of not getting hit more than twice during the fight. As with all plane levels, don't hesitate to shrink to avoid attacks and get out of harm's way quickly. 
    With enough practice, you should be able to eventually conquer this achievement, which is probably the hardest in the DLC.
  • Defeat a boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of its minions

    As the description says, you need to defeat any of the DLC bosses without killing any minions. This can be quite challenging, because you'll end up accidentally killing many minions throughout your fights with all of the bosses. So the main challenge here is intentionally avoiding shooting any minions while you take out a boss. Thankfully, you can do this on Simple difficulty, making it far easier. 
    While this is technically possible in any boss, Esther Winchester is by far the easier to do this on. The only killable minions in this entire fight are the mini cows that come out in the first phase to shoot at you, and they never come out in line with the boss itself (meaning as long as you stay shooting at the boss, you'll never accidentally shoot a minion). Once you get through the first phase, you're safe to fire nonstop without worry of a minion, and just need to finish the boss off to unlock this achievement.
  • Hearty



    Have 9HP at one time

    This achievement can be a bit glitchy in that it doesn't immediately unlock as soon as you have 9HP, at least when using the tactic below. That being said, the following strategy (as strange as it sounds and even though it theoretically shouldn't work like this) will definitely unlock this achievement. 
    Head to King Dice, and outside the boss fight, rotate the left thumbstick clockwise three rotations quickly. If done correctly, Djimmi will pop up and give you an additional 3HP. Now equip the Twin Hearts charm to get another 2HP. Start up King Dice's boss fight on Regular. Strangely, you'll start the fight with 9HP but this achievement won't unlock there. What you now need to do is fight one of his minibosses (in my opinion, number 2 is incredibly easy) and beat it without getting hit. After the fight you'll be down to 6HP (the 3HP from Djimmi are now gone). Now, you need to use the dice to land on the heart spot in the second section of minibosses (land on 4, 5, or 6, whichever has the heart). Once you land on the heart and get the extra HP, then this achievement will unlock. Doesn't make much sense, I know, but that'll unlock this achievement with minimal effort.

Secret achievements

  • Survive the nightmare

    To unlock this achievement, you'll first need to purchase the Broken Relic for 1 coin from Porkrind's shop. Refer to The Latest Sensation (10G) for the locations of all coins in this DLC. With that purchased, you can now solve the graveyard puzzle in the southeast section of the Isle. Note that the solution to this puzzle is randomized, so looking up a solution online won't help. However, here is how to solve your puzzle.
    Head to the three characters on the podium in the northeast, next to Porkrind's shop. Talk to them in order (first place, second place, and then third place) and they will give you a hint as to which tombstone to interact with in the graveyard. As an example, here is what each person said in my game and how I solved it:
    • First place (center character): "Leave it to an upright citizen like me to win the whole thing!"
    • Second place (left character): "Second place? I've had it up to here with second place!"
    • Third place (right character): "I thought I had left behind being a bum. Third place! What a joke."
    Here is how to interpret each response:
    • First tombstone to hit: "Leave it to an upright citizen like me to win the whole thing!"
    • Second tombstone to hit: "Second place? I've had it up to here with second place!"
    • Third tombstone to hit: "I thought I had left behind being a bum. Third place! What a joke."
    Basically, look for a directional indicator in each person's response. So for me, of the nine tombstones, I had to interact with the upper right one first, then the top middle one second, and the middle left one third.
    Head to the graveyard in the southeast and input the code from your puzzle. When done correctly (make sure you have the Broken Relic equipped!), a light will shoot out of the center tombstone and you'll go into a secret boss fight. This fight is quite simple as it only consists of a single phase. I highly highly recommend the Smoke Bomb and Cuphead here, as there is the main cloud that'll hurt you if you try to go under it, and then another wall of lightning will come across the screen periodically, and rather than trying to figure out when it's safe to go through it, just dash through it whenever is best for you. The only other thing going on are the projectiles each boss shoot at you, but they'll relatively simple to avoid. I recommend Crackshot for this fight (or any homing weapon) so that you can focus on avoiding the projectiles and let your weapon do all the work. They don't have much health, so just survive the continual projectiles and lightning for a minute or two and you'll finish off the boss.
    Once the boss is beaten, your Broken Relic becomes a Cursed Relic and you unlock this achievement. Refer to Paladin (50G) for the next steps with this new charm, as well as a video guide showing these steps and the next steps.
  • Obtain great power

    Before you can unlock this achievement, you first need the Cursed Relic. Refer to A Horrible Night To Have a Curse (25G) for how to obtain it.
    Once you have the Cursed Relic, you now need to "level it up" to turn it into the Divine Relic, which is what unlocks this achievement. You do so by defeating six different bosses with the Cursed Relic equipped as your charm. Two important things to note here:
    • You do NOT need to fight only bosses on Inkwell Isle IV. You can fight any bosses from the base game too.
    • You MUST be on at least Regular difficulty to level up the relic.
    This is easier said than done though, because the Cursed Relic does two things to you: you start with only 1HP, and every time you start shooting, a random weapon you have is chosen for you. If you hold the button down to continuously fire your weapon, you'll stay with that weapon, but every time you let go/stop shooting (such as to dash), you will start shooting but with a different weapon. Thankfully you can somewhat offset the HP reduction by spinning the left thumbstick clockwise three times quickly in the Overworld. If done correctly, Djimmi will pop up and grant you additional health, allowing you to start each boss with 2HP instead of 1HP. As for the weapon cycling, once again I always aimed for Crackshot. I would repeatedly press-hold-release X until I got Crackshot, since that made each boss easier. 
    As for which bosses to fight, that naturally comes down to personal preference, but obviously the bosses in Inkwell Isle I are the easiest to start with. Goopy, Root Pack, and Ribby and Croaks are the three easiest fights in the game. I also did Cagney, as I felt it's a relatively easy boss too. The other bosses are up to you (DLC bosses might feel easier if they're fresher in your mind if you played the base game years ago). After each boss you beat with the Cursed Relic equipped, you'll see it gain more spikes around it on the Equip screen, indicating it's leveling up. After beating the sixth boss, the achievement will unlock (you won't get any sort of in game notification otherwise). 
    The following video, courtesy of 360GameTV, shows all steps required to get the Divine Relic in order to unlock this achievement.

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