How Many Endings Does Cyberpunk 2077 Have & Which is The Best?

How Many Endings Does Cyberpunk 2077 Have & Which is The Best?

XBA Staff

Cyberpunk 2077, like all classic RPGs, is a game about choice and consequence. What you do in Night City matters. In fact, it matters so much so that it can have a distinct impact on what ending you get. Yes, Cyperpunk 2077 has multiple endings. How many endings, you ask? Well, that’s a bit of a trick question. There are effectively 4 proper endings in all, but on top of that, there’s also a secret ending and also a quick and easy ending. So, how many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have & which is the best? Well, the short answer is 6 endings. And which is the best? Well, first things first, let’s run you through all 6 endings - and how you unlock them.



The Quick and Easy Ending

The quick and easy ending is an ending, yes, but it’s hardly an ending at all, if you know what we mean. After speaking to Hanako at Embers in the mission, “Nocturne Op55N1,” you’ll head back to Misty’s roof to speak to her on the roof. While alone and speaking to Johnny, V can choose the easy way out and commit suicide. That’s it. After selecting “Could also just put this to rest” and “[Toss pills] I know. Exactly what we’re gonna do” V will throw the pills and then after a short conversation with Johnny, the camera will zoom out to show a somewhat peaceful Night City. Then, alongside the peaceful hum of the city… Bang. V will have chosen the easy way out.

Ending rating: 0/10
It’s an awful ending, and under no circumstances should anyone decide to do this. That said, it is quick, and it is easy, so that’s something. If after spending 20-30 hours (or longer to get this point) and you want to miss out on some really cool missions and want your playthrough done and dusted, then this is the way to go. That’s sarcasm, by the way. Don’t do this ending. It sucks.



The Devil Ending

Right, now onto the proper endings. The actual endings that have missions and exposition attached to them. First up is The Devil ending, in which V must side with Arasaka.

There are actually two slight variations of the same ending, depending on whether you saved Goro Takemura in the Search and Destroy mission - which is actually incredibly easy to miss - but the build up is exactly the same. The only way to unlock The Devil achievement/trophy is by saving Takemura, so take that into account if you want to unlock that.

Again, at the end of the mission “Nocturne Op55N1,” while on Misty’s roof when speaking to Johnny, be sure to select the “Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it” option. This will then set into motion a series of missions (“Last Caress”, “Totalimmortal” and “Where is My Mind?”). These quests will take you on a path towards The Devil ending.

Ending rating: 5/10

Honestly, The Devil ending, despite it having some cool missions and different environments is incredibly bleak, and although it does have a pretty engaging narrative, I'm not sure it's a good way to end your Cyberpunk 2077 experience. It is not a happy ending at all. Sure, it can be an interesting ending to watch, one that is wholly different from all the other endings, but boy is it bloody depressing. I mean, siding with the corporation in an anti-corporation game was never going to be a happy ending, but I’ll give it credit where it’s due, it certainly is different. And sad. Don’t trust those big corpos, folks!



The Sun Ending

The next few endings (The Sun, The Star & Temperance) actually require a bit of background work in order to achieve them, so let’s get right to that. 

First things first, The Sun, which requires giving Johnny control over your body and enlisting the help of Rogue and the Afterlife crew. This is only possible if you’ve done a few things first.

After completing the Act 2 mission, “Search and Destroy” and while on the Act 3 mission, “Tapeworm”, make sure you’re nice to Johnny, who will ask you to go and see Rogue at Afterlife. This will give you access to the side quest, “Chippin’ In.” Again, throughout the mission be buddy buddy with Johnny and offer to help Rogue. Basically, at the end of the quest in the Badlands, select “A hard road, but looks like we made it” or “Johnny, no need to bare your soul to me” and this will unlock the “Blistering Love” quest, in which you take Rogue out on a date.

Once you’ve done “Chippin’ In” and “Blistering Love,” you now complete “Nocturne Op55N1” and initiate this ending. At the end of that mission, while on the roof of Misty’s, make sure to pick “Think you and Rogue should go,” which will kick off the assault on Arasaka with Rogue and co (“For Whom The Bell Tolls,” “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” “Changes” and “Path of Glory”).

The only thing you need to do during these quests to ensure you get The Sun ending, and not the Temperance ending, is while in Mikoshi, as Johnny, make sure you cross the bridge. That’s it, do that and V will become a legend of the Afterlife… the club, not the actual afterlife.

Ending rating: 7/10

The Sun ending is actually pretty solid. It’s a decent enough ending, although not the perfect little happy ending that you’re hoping for. You do get to see V as a badass queen/king, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then definitely seek out this ending. It all feels a little bit lonely if you ask us though (even if you're in a romance and call your romantic partner from Misty's roof before the quest). Yes, V always wanted to be a Night City legend, and with this ending that status is achieved, but at what cost? Their friends? Their family? Just goes to show it’s lonely at the top, but this is V’s dream come true, so what’s not to like?



The Secret Ending
The infamous secret ending is actually very similar to The Sun’s ending, in terms of paths to get there the ending itself, but there are differences. Good ones! Instead of selecting the “A hard road…” or the “Johnny, no need…” dialogue options at the end of “Chippin In,” select “Nah, fucked that up too,” then “What do you want from me?” and finally “Ok. But as second chances go, this is your last.

This will then unlock the chance to initiate the secret ending during the conversation with Johnny on Misty’s roof at the end of the “Nocturne Op55N1” quest. Instead of choosing an option here though (whether that’s Panam, Arasaka or Rogue), just wait. Do nothing. Sit there in silence. After a good few minutes Johnny will take that silence as telling and offer another option: a suicide mission to take down Arasaka with just V and Johnny.

The problem with this ending is that if you die, that’s it. Game over. No respawns. And the game treats it like you committed suicide and the credits roll. But, however, if you do survive, while in Mikoshi you can then initiate either The Sun or the Temperance ending. So, what’s the point then? Well, this is the only way to get Rogue to appear in the Sun’s final quest, “Path of Glory.” So, that’s pretty cool, right?

Ending rating 8/10

This is Cyberpunk 2077’s ballsy ending, because if you screw it up and die, that’s it. Game over. You get the quick and easy ending - which no-one wants. But, and it’s a big but, if you do manage to survive, and trigger what is effectively The Sun ending, you get the best possible The Sun ending that you could possibly get. So, sure, it’s risky, but this is The Sun ending with slightly less bitterness. A risk, sure, but probably worth it. Just don’t die out there, folks!



The Star

Like The Sun ending, before you kick-off the “Nocturne Op55N1” quest you’re going to want to do some background work to get The Star ending, which relies on Panam and the Aldecaldos.

This simply means completing Panam’s quest, “Queen of the Highway,” a reference to The Doors song of the same name. To achieve this ending isn’t quite as tricky as the secret ending or The Sun ending, and allows a little more wiggle room in terms of conversational choices. Basically though, just complete that quest and during  “Nocturne Op55N1” you’ll get the chance to enlist Panam and co. in your cause.

At the end of the  “Nocturne Op55N1” quest, simply choose “Gonna ask Panam for help” and this will trigger the missions (“We Gotta Live Together,” “Forward to Death,” “Belly of the Beast,” “Changes” and “All Along the Watchtower”), all of which make up the Star ending. Like The Sun ending, there is only one other thing that you absolutely need to do, and that’s as V, while in Mikoshi, choose to enter the well and return V’s consciousness to V’s body. Do all that and you and V will leave Night City for good, along with the Aldecaldos.

Ending rating: 9/10

The Star ending, unlike the other endings, actually feels like somewhat of a feel good ending. Sure, it does have a bit of tragedy intertwined in it - I guess all the best endings in literature have a heavy twinge attached to them - but it actually feels good to be a part of something. A part of a family, something that V has never really had, regardless of her lifepath. Not only is the ending pretty damn good, but the missions to get to the actual ending are pretty great too. Who can say no to some more Basilisk action, eh?




The Temperance ending is an ending that can be achieved while pursuing The Sun ending (with the help of Rogue) or The Star ending (with Panam). Of course, that means either doing Panam’s questline or Rogue’s questline to completion, so that you get the options during the conversation with Johnny on Misty’s roof to get their assistance (although you only need to do one and take one path to achieve this ending). 

Whichever path you choose is up to you (you can choose either “Gonna ask Panam for help” or “Think you and Rogue should go”), but when you get to Mikoshi, you either have to: a.) enter the well as Johnny; or b.) cross the bridge as V; thus giving Johnny control over your body. Do that and you’ll get the Temperance ending. Rather simple, but massively different.

Ending rating: 7/10

The Temperance ending is probably the most depressing of the lot. Seeing Johnny live in V’s shoes, react to V’s loss and look through his jaded eyes is actually pretty sad. It’s a great ending from a writing perspective, and seeing a new side to Johnny is actually quite welcomed, but it’s a touch too disheartening for our liking. Decent ending, one you have to see/experience, but definitely not one you really want to make your story… unless you like more unconventional endings. Then if that's the case, this is a good ending for you!



So, which is the best ending?

Well, this one is quite easy, to be honest. The best ending is clearly The Star ending, because it genuinely feels like the only truly happy ending that Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer. Seeing V settle into a family, find their home away from home, and if you romanced Judy or Panam as well, this is the only ending that seems like the couple get their happily ever after. It’s not a perfect happy ending, by any means, Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't do those kind of endings, but it’s definitely the most feel good ending. As for the others, aside from the suicide ending, each ending has its merits and are incredibly interesting, whether that means seeing V become the legend that they always wanted, or seeing what life is like after V through Johnny’s eyes, there’s some really interesting endings… none of them really beat escaping Night City with the Aldecaldos though. So do that, and live happily ever after. Well, kind of…

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