How to Save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077

XBA Staff

Believe it or not, Cyberpunk 2077 buddy, Goro Takemura, who [spoiler] dies in the Search and Destroy mission at the end of Act 2, actually doesn’t need to go out that way. In fact, there is actually a way to save him, contrary to the game actually pushing you the opposite way and not telling you that you can actually save him. So, how do you actually save Goro Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077?

Well, during the mission “Search and Destroy” during Act 2, towards the end of the mission you’ll have to actually go against what the game asks you to do if you want to save him. While in the apartment building with V, Takemura and Hanako, during their meeting, an Arasaka SWAT/assault team will breach the building and try to take all 3 of you down.

After the screen flashes white and a brief exchange with Johnny, Keanu’s character will tell you to forget Takemura and leave. Once you stand, the objective is simply “Leave the building.” But you don’t want to do that. Not yet anyway. You need to save your buddy!

Instead of following the path out the building, after crossing the corridor, instead of going right you actually want to go left through a hole in the wall into a room filled with a red hue - the marker will also change its route on your map.


Follow the marker until you can see the exit ahead, then on your left you’ll see a stairwell. Go up the stairs, at which point Johnny will call you out, but carry on up the stairs until you get to the 3rd floor (as indicated by big red letters on the wall next to the open door). On your way up the stairs an optional objective will appear, saying “Try to save Takemura [Optional]”, at which point you can select that as your objective and follow the path to Takemura, who is at the end of the long corridor on the right (in room 303).

There are a lot of enemies on the way, so be wary of that, and although it is possible to stealth your way through, it’s pretty tricky and will require patience. So our advice is to just smash them all.

Once you’ve reached Takemura he’ll chastise you for coming, at which point you need to escape with him. It’s worth noting that on the right in the long corridor as you’re exiting - on the third floor - if you go through the door labelled 307, there’s actually a much easier path out, with much less resistance.

Get outside, trigger the cutscene, and congrats, you’ve successfully saved Takemura. We’re proud of you. Now you can unlock the proper Devil ending, with Takemura playing a big part and get the achievement associated with it.

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