Cyberpunk 2077 Joytoy Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Joytoy Locations

XBA Staff

If you’re not too bothered about getting your V into a relationship with, say, Judy, or any of the other romanceable partners in Cyberpunk 2077, and you’re just looking for some relatively cheap fun, then it’s clear you’re looking for Cyberpunk 2077’s Joytoys. Joytoys are pretty much Cyberpunk 2077’s prostitutes/sex workers. We know what you're thinking, “Great, but where are the Joytoys located?” Well, There are a number of them dotted throughout Night City, some easy to find, others definitely not. Here’s Cyberpunk 2077’s Joytoy locations, and how you unlock a couple of them.

First things first, how many Joytoys are there? Well, there are in fact 4. 2 of which are easy to find, the other 2 require some extra work to gain access to them.

So let’s start off with the easy ones… those being the 2 in Jig-Jig Street, which is a market area/Red Light district of sorts in Japantown in Westbrook. 

Westbrook and beyond is only available after you complete the heist at the end of the first act. There is a male Joytoy and a female Joytoy here, both of which cost 100 credits and have no sexual preferences or requirements in order to initiate the sex scene. You’ll find Jig-Jig Street in Westbrook, in-between the two western bridges, as indicated by a pair of lips on the map. You’ll find these two Joytoys near Wakako Okada’s base of operations.


Now for the trickier 2: the upmarket Joytoys, who are actually also in Japantown in Westbrook, are not unlocked from the off. In order to get access to the place for these two Joytoys to appear you’ll need to do some side-quests first. You’ll actually need to do 6 of Kerry Eurodyne’s quests (“Holdin’ On,” “Second Conflict,” “A Like Supreme,” “Rebel! Rebel!,” “I Don’t Wanna Hear It,” and “Off the Leash”) in order to get access to Dark Matter, a club/bar where you’ll find the final two Joytoys, which cost an impressive 3,000 credits every time you want to get frisky.

You’ll need to complete “Chippin’ In” and “Blistering Love” to get access to Kerry Eurodyne’s missions, which in turn gives you access to Dark Matter. “Chippin’ In” can be started after completing the main mission “Tapeworm” and letting Johnny take over your body, a side mission that appears after completing the following main missions: “Transmission,” “Automatic Love,” “Search and Destroy” and “Life During Wartime.” You will need to speak to Johnny where you can and become friends with him to gain access to his side quests, but then again, why wouldn’t you? We all want to be friends with Keanu Reeves, right?


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