Certified Double Platinum Achievement

  • Certified Double Platinum



    Get a solo score of at least 2,000,000 points on a song.


    This can be done in any game mode (Perform It, Fitness mode, or Crew Challenge). Simply get 2,000,000 points on a single song. Don't fear: points aren't nearly as hard to come by as Dance Central. Even on easy, 2,000,000 points is possible. "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer on easy is a sure way to get this achievement, and "Nothin' on You" is another song where well over 2,000,000 points is possible on easy. You'll likely also get Gold Stars along the way. Be sure to nail the yellow flashcards for 4x the points. Songs in Crew Challenges will increase your odds of getting over 2,000,000 points even more, since the freestyle section is removed and replaced with more moves, give you more opportunities to increase your score. You can also disable the freestyle section in Options so you can play Perform It mode without the freestyle bit.

    Unlocking this achievement will unlock the Neon Tee avatar award.

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  • This is actually really easy, If you can get gold stars ( and a couple of extra moves after) with Sandstorm by Darude on Easy the you shouldn't have a problem.
  • I got this, Gold Digger, and Finishing Touch all at once on Sandstorm, its extremely easy. Make sure to hit all of the gold flashcards perfectly for max points
  • Got this while playing Co-op with my wife. Played "Club Can't Handle Me Right Now" and it was pretty easy!
  • Yes pertty easy on the very first song on hard. No problems
  • Thanks for the Sandstorm tip!
  • I imported Dance Central 1 and got this doing "Funkytown" on easy. First try too!
  • Got it while 5-staring "Run (I'm a natural disaster)".

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