- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 41 (925)
- Online: 4 (75) 
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20+ hours.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: Top Agent & Th3Glitt3rati is Online (see guide)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (OMG Indeed!)
- Glitchy achievements:  Multiple achievements are reported to unlock early
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Kinect Sensor, second person, Facebook account. Recommended: Kinect PlayFit and Imports from DC 1 & 2 or DLC



Welcome to Dance Central 3, the third game in what has become Harmonix's yearly Kinect series. If you have played the previous games, you are fairly familiar with this game already, though there are more multiplayer and party modes added in addition to the more than 40 new songs on the disc. You really don't need to do much in the way of preparation aside from clearing your playspace and having some water handy, but if you want to make things faster, I would highly recommend you turn off Freestyle in the options. This will give you more moves per song (except in imports from DC1) and give you a shorter grind. You can also download Kinect Playfit if you haven't already as this game will burn a lot of calories before you have the completion.


Step 1: Story Mode:

The story mode consists of songs sorted into decade. In order to progress you will need to pass several hidden moves to decipher a "dance craze" and progress to the next decade. This mode isn't that long, but a few of the hidden moves can be a little tricky. First and foremost, make sure that when you start the craze, you 100% it first try (it is only the four hidden moves). If you do not manage to get one craze deciphered before you complete the story you will need to start a new save file. You get five tries though, one for each craze. Try to get as many 5 stars as possible, since you will need to 5 star every song anyway. This can be done on any difficulty.


Step 2: Multiplayer:

Most of the 2 player achievements can be done with a fake person (like a coat and pants on a coat rack), but you will need another person to finish the game. Refer to the specific achievements below for more info. This won't end up taking that long, maybe an hour.


Step 3: Mop Up:

There are a lot of one off achievements that you can get in this game if you haven't already, like uploading a photo to Facebook, gold starring a song, playing 20 songs with the same character and so on. Most of these are straight forward, but you can refer to the guide below if you need.


Step 4: Grinding Outfits, Nice and Flawless moves:

This is going to be the majority of your time in the game. I'd estimate that it will take 300-500 songs to get everything done since the nice and flawless moves don't stack. This is the reason why I recommend you import songs, get DLC and PlayFit. With only the on-disc songs, you are probably going to need to play everything 10 times in order to get the completion, so more songs make this far less monotonous. See the specific achievements for tips on grinding.



Harmonix traded the highly skill based achievements in the previous games for more grinding ones in this game. You will still need skill to complete this game, particularly to 5 star OMG on Hard, but the game is more of a grind than anything.


[x360a would like to thank Capn Doug for this Roadmap]

Dance Central 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Beat your high score on a song immediately after practicing it in Rehearse.

    There are several ways to do this. First is to play a song you did not do well on or feel you can do better on, go into practice mode and then do better when you hit perform from the after practice options. Second is to pick a song you haven't played, intentionally do poorly, go into practice mode and then actually try on your second attempt from the after practice options.

    Note: You must beat your high score on ALL difficulties. For example, if your high score is 2 million on easy and 1.4 million on hard, you must beat 2 million after practice, even if you are playing on hard.

  • Earned "Flawless" on every move your opponent created in Make Your Move.

    Requires 2 people or a fake person.

    Make Your Move is found in Party Mode and in Crew Throwdown. After your opponent creates a move, you will have the chance to try it. If you get flawless on all the moves that they create once, you will unlock this achievement. You can play it normally, or you can have you and your partner just stand there for the entire routine.

  • Earned at least 1,500,000 points in a single round of Make Your Move.

    Requires 2 people or a fake person

    Make Your Move is found in Party Mode and Crew Throwdown. This actually requires getting flawless on almost every move of the routine created from moves that you and your partner create. You can do this naturally, but one lost multiplier puts the score practically out of reach. If you want to make this easier, have you and your partner just stand there or choose slow, simple moves.

  • Created a move in Make Your Move that your opponent cannot match.

    Requires 2 people or a fake person

    Make Your Move is found in Party Mode and Crew Throwdown. Once you make your move, your opponent has a chance to match it. If they cannot get Nice or Flawless, then you will unlock this achievement. You can do this by either creating a very difficult move or by having your opponent purposely fail or just stand there.

  • Earned 5 stars on "The Hustle."

    See "What a Scream"

  • Earned 5 stars on "Electric Boogie."


    See "What a Scream"

  • Earned 5 stars on "Macarena."

    See "What a Scream"

  • Earned 5 stars on "Cupid Shuffle."


    See "What a Scream"

  • Earned 5 stars on "Scream."

    These achievements are unlocked on the "Craze songs" in story mode. In order to unlock the song, you will need to get a certain number of stars in the decade as well as passing the 4 hidden moves. You can try the songs with the hidden moves as many times as you need. After that, decipher the craze and play the full routine. Since the craze is the main routine of the song, you will have seen it before and shouldn't have too much difficulty getting 5 stars on the song.

    Can be done on any difficulty.

  • Earned 5 stars on "OMG" on Hard difficulty.

    This is worth 100g for a reason. The song is not easy and unlocks near the end of story mode. It is 80+ moves of high energy jumps, turns and tricky transitions where few of the moves repeat. You are going to need to practice the song a lot to get this done the proper way.

    There is a trick that you can use, though. You can unlock this in practice mode. In order to do that, you will need to devote at least a half hour if not more to this one song as a result of the high number and diversity of moves in the song. In this game, score does not determine how many stars you get, it is actually the amount of nice and flawless moves you get and the multiplier you keep. So, when you are practicing, try to pass as many moves as you can both in the breakdown and the recap. If you fail a move, you can always say "XBox previous" to replay the last move and try again to pass it. That won't work for the recaps, but hopefully you will have a decent enough idea on how to manage the moves by that point and can muddle through with a lot of goods. If you have met the 5 star requirement at the end of the song in either practice or perform, you will unlock this achievement. To give you some guidance, I had about 95% or the moves passed in breakdown and about 75% of the moves passed in the recaps with the majority of the moves being "nice." So you do have a fair margin in practice. If you are doing this in perform, you will need a score of somewhere between 1.9 and 2 million points (depending on what moves you miss).

    I've included a video of a Youtube personality doing amazingly well in the performance mode, just to give you an idea of what you are getting into.

    Dance Central 3 "OMG" (Hard) 100% Gold Gameplay - YouTube


  • Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Lu$h Crew's songs on any difficulty.


    See "DCI's on the Prize."

  • Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Hi-Def's songs on any difficulty.


    See "DCI's on the Prize."

  • Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Flash4wrd's songs on any difficulty.


    See "DCI's on the Prize."

  • Earned 5 stars on all 9 of DCI's songs on any difficulty.


    After you complete the story mode, you will have the option of going back and replaying the songs in story mode (an option you always had in perform), as well as attepmting the songs that were not included in the story. Each crew has 9 songs that you will need to 5 star in order to unlock their respective achievement. These songs can be done on any difficulty, so long as you 5 star the song, either during the main story or the master quest after the story is over.

    Note: OMG does not count in story mode and must be done after in master quest.

  • Completed Story mode and watched through the Credits. Thank you!

    After defeating Dr. Tan and his son at the end of the game, sit back and watch the credits to the end, which takes about 10 minutes. You will be rewarded with a cutscene and this achievement. If you accidentally try to skip the credits, a warning message will come up, so don't worry about accidentally skipping. This may be missable, so you are better off just sitting down and recovering or going to get some water while the credits play.

  • Flaunted at least 5 scores to your Friends List.

    After you complete a song in Performance mode, you will have the opportunity to flaunt your score. Simply do this 5 times. You must be connected to LIVE at the time.

  • Won a Player Challenge.

    You can do this in one of two ways, though both require you to be connected to LIVE. Go to the challenges section from the main menu and you will see the scores that your friends have flaunted as well as challenges from Harmonix. To unlock this, you can either play the song and beat the score that your friend has flaunted or play and beat the song posted by Harmonix with the required score. The second option would usually be easiest.

  • Shared a Photo online.

    You will need a Facebook account connected to your profile for this achievement. At the end of the song, regardless of whether or not you have freestyle turned on, you will have at least one photo taken. Simply upload that photo to Facebook and the achievement will unlock. See "We're Friends. Right?" for more information.

  • Burned at least 100 calories in any mode.

    To do this, turn on Fitness mode from the main menu. If you have PlayFit, all your requisite details will be used for the tracking. Depending on the songs you use, your height and weight, you may need between 5 and 20 songs to reach 100 calories burned.

    Note: PlayFit has an achievement for burning 10,000 calories, and by the time you have ground out the 10,000 Nice and Flawless moves, you will probably have at least 2,000 calories burned, depending on your skill and weight getting you much closer to that achievement. Playfit can be downloaded from the app menu on the XBox Dashboard.

  • Set a weekly fitness goal and achieved that goal.

    From the Fitness menu you can set a weekly goal for either playing on a certain number of days or burning a certain number of calories over the course of the week. If you are looking to do this quickly, you can just set a very low goal for calories burned and play a few songs. You actually have 8 days to accomplish the goal, since it counts the deadline day as well.

  • Performed a song with both dancers in matching Crew Look outfits.


    You will need 2 people or a fake person

    In order to do this you will first need to unlock the crew looks for two characters from the same crew. You unlock new outfits by earning stars and raising levels, with the crew looks starting to unlock around level 15. Once you have both members of a crew (ie Angel and Miss Aubrey or Emilia and Bodie) with their crew looks unlocked, do a two player performance with each character in their crew look and the achievement will unlock.

    See "Walk-In Closet" for more details

  • Performed a song with every character in every unlockable outfit.

    This achievement is a little glitchy and will almost certainly unlock early.

    Every time you play a song you will get progress towards the next rank by earning stars or gaining other bonuses like gold starring a song (bonuses are listed below). In theory this will not lock before you reach level 40, but in practice, this unlocks somewhere between level 20 and 30. In performance mode, you can simply go through songs one at a time, constantly picking a new outfit for each song and keeping track of what you have and have not used. For me this song unlocked at level 23 when I used Miss Aubrey's classic outfit, though others have reported differing levels in the same area.

    You will gain a level and unlock a new outfit when you gain a certain number of stars. In addition to the stars you gain in the song you will also get stars for doing the following:
    Gold starring a song (+1)
    Playing in Fitness mode (+1)
    Playing a DLC or imported song (+1)
    Playing a new song (+1)
    Playing a song with a character on their birthday (+2)
    Playing a song in a setlist (+1)
    Playing a song on Medium (+1) or Hard (+2)
    Playing a more complicated song (+1 or +2 depending on difficulty level)
    There is a +5 Random bonus that will come up from time to time as well.

  • Earned Gold stars on a song.

    You get a gold star by getting mostly flawless moves on any difficulty. You will probably unlock this naturally while playing through story mode if you are playing on easy, but if you are struggling, try either YMCA or Around the World on easy. Around the World is high energy (read: lots of jumping), but it only features a few different moves on easy.

  • Played Dance Central 3 on three weekends in a row.

    Simply play at least one full song on Saturday or Sunday on three consecutive weekends. If this is not possible for one reason or another, you can always disconnect from LIVE and adjust your console clock to a Saturday or Sunday, play a song, adjust the date to the next Saturday/Sunday, play a song, then repeat for the next Saturday or Sunday. Your console's clock settings are located in the settings menu on the dashboard.

  • Earned the same move rating as your partner 5 times in a row.


    This requires a second person. A fake person will not work.

    In order to unlock this, you will need to score the same rating as your partner (Flawless, Nice or Almost) on 5 consecutive moves. Since miss no longer counts as a rating, you will need an actual person attempting the routine. The easiest song on disc is YMCA, but if you have Dance Central 1, you can import Pokerface by Lady Gaga, which consists of a lot of consecutive side to side steps at a slow pace.

  • Deciphered a Craze on your first try in Story mode.

    This is missable. Once you have passed the four hidden moves in the decade while playing story mode and earned enough stars, you will be able to decipher the craze (The Hustle for the '70's, the Macarena for the '90's, etc.) You will need to get Nice or Flawless on each of the 4 moves in the craze on your first try to unlock this. There are 5 crazes in the story mode, so you have 5 chances, and it isn't that hard since you have seen the four moves before. If you somehow get to your last craze and do not have the achievement, you can dashboard if you fail. If you do not have this by the time you have passed "Scream," you will need to start a new save file to try again or start a new story on a higher difficulty.

  • Played Dance Central 3 every day for at least 7 days in a row.

    Like "Weekend Warrior," you can adjust your consoles date settings to get this. You will need to play at least one song every day for 7 days to unlock this.

    Note: PlayFit has an achievement for doing the same thing, so after playing each day, it would be a good idea to load up PlayFit to get the streak achievement in that App.

  • Earned "Flawless" on at least 10,000 moves.

    If you do not know, a Flawless move is when you do well enough on a move for the ring at your feet to fill enough to turn purple. You will need to do this 10,000 times in any mode. Since the longest song I have seen on the disc is just over 80 moves, you will need to play at least 125 songs. Run (Natural Disaster) from Dance Central 2 is about 93 moves and the longest song I have found from the imports, so you will need to play over 100 songs to get this anyway.

    To make this go faster, turn off Freestyle from the options menu and you will gain around 10 moves per song. You cannot turn off Freestyle for songs imported from Dance Central 1, though. Dance Central 1 songs also have far fewer moves on average, so you are better off drawing more from the songs on disc and from Dance Central 2. This can be done on any difficulty.

    There is no way of seeing how many moves you have gotten flawless or nice on, unfortunately. However, if you sit in the main menu it will give you random stats. One of those stats is "Songs played," which will allow you to get an idea of how close you are if you have a vague idea of how many flawless/nice moves you are getting per song.

  • Earned "Flawless" on at least 1,000 moves.


    See "Ten Large!" This will probably unlock naturally during Story Mode.

  • Earned "Nice" on at least 10,000 moves.

    This DOES NOT stack with "Ten Large!" That means that you must get 10,000 moves where you do well enough to get a nice rating (circle turns green), but not well enough to get a flawless rating. As you play through the game, you will likely find a number of songs where you get a large number of nice moves, like Stronger or The Breaks from DC2. You can try playing these songs frequently, or you can play songs where you try to just muddle through. Some songs will give you a nice rating if you play on easy but only do hand motions without moving your feet. You will be making progress with this after every song, barring an amazing performance, so there really isn't much need to grind from this until after you have passed the 10,000 Flawless moves.

    There is no way of seeing how many moves you have gotten flawless or nice on, unfortunately. However, if you sit in the main menu it will give you random stats. One of those stats is "Songs played," which will allow you to get an idea of how close you are if you have a vague idea of how many flawless/nice moves you are getting per song.

  • Earned "Nice" on at least 1,000 moves.

    See "Really Nice Moves."

  • Performed "In Da Club" with a character on that character's birthday.

    Harmonix gave every character a birthday. You can find it out in one of two ways. You can notice that you got an extra star for playing a song with the character, or you can consult the list of birthdays HERE. After you know when the character's birthday is (which is usually announced on Twitter or Facebook, too), go into perfrom, pick the song "In Da Club," and select that character. If you cannot wait, you can change your console's date to the character's birthday and play offline. Rasa (the first character you use in the story) has his birthday on October 16th (Launch day for the game in North America) if you do not feel like consulting the list and are going to change your date settings.

  • Changed the sorting options on the Song Select screen.

    When you are choosing a song in performance mode, simply swipe your left hand from the top left corner into the center. This will sort the songs alphabetically and unlock the achievement.

  • Danced with the same character at least 20 times.

    You may get this while going through Story and Master Quest, but you can also just keep choosing the same character for performance mode. Once you reach 20 songs, this will unlock. 20 songs is also the longest setlist you can create, so you can get this by creating a 20 song setlist. You will probably get this naturally while grinding moves even if you are not trying.

  • Linked Dance Central 3 to your Facebook account.

    You may already have your account linked to Facebook, in which case this will unlock when you upload your first photo. If you do not, try to upload a photo after the end of the song and you will be able to log into Facebook.

    If you do not have a Facebook account, you can sign up for free at www.facebook.com. Note that it does not need to be your main Facebook account that you link to. If you are not comfortable posting pictures of yourself dancing on your own account, you can create a new one with a seperate email account.

  • Skipped 5 songs in Party Time.

    As soon as the game starts, you can select "Start the Party," which will take you right to Party Mode. Once you are there, just swipe your right hand from the lower right corner to the center to get a new random song. Do this five times and the achievement will unlock.

  • Started a Party before midnight and played 'til morning.

    In order to do this, you need to start a Party (Start the Party from the main menu) sometime before midnight and then finish a song after midnight. If you time this correctly, you can get this with a single song. You don't actually need to be there while the party is going, so if you are not able to play that late/early, you can leave the game running over night and play the required song when you wake up. You can also change your timezone to something more appropriate in your console settings if you need to.

  • Started a Party with a Custom Playlist.

    Once you create a playlist in Perform mode, you can go into party mode and select only songs from that playlist in the options menu. Once you do this, the achievement will unlock.

  • Played through a Custom Playlist at least 15 minutes in length.

    In perform mode, there will be an option to create a playlist at the top of the song select menu. Select that and and add 6 or 7 songs to your setlist and play it to the end to unlock the achievement. The length of the song is listed in the playlist.

  • Earned at least 450,000 points in a single round of Keep the Beat.


    This requires 2 people or a fake person.

    Keep the Beat can be found in Party Mode or Crew Throwdown. This mode is simply you and your partner creating your own routine to the beat of the song. You get more points by being on beat, so listen for the beat and do simple moves to the beat in order to get a large number of points. I would recommend something simple like side steps while clapping. The required score is pretty low compared to what you could possibly get.

  • Finished a Crew Throwdown with two single-player teams competing.

    This needs two people or a fake person.

    Select Crew Throwdown from the Dance menu and when it asks you to choose your crews, have only one person step up for each crew. It might be wise to select only "Make your Move" and "Keep the Beat" from the options menu for the other achievements related to those modes. Once you finish the Throwdown, this achievement will unlock.

  • Won every round of a Crew Throwdown.

    This requires 2 people or a fake person.

    A Crew Throwdown consists of three rounds and a finale. Select it from the Dance menu and make sure you win every round. You can do this naturally or just have your partner throw each round.

  • Replayed a Crew Throwdown with the same teams.

    This requires 2 people or a fake person.

    After finishing a Crew Throwdown, simply select replay or rematch. The achievement will unlock after the second throwdown starts, so there is no need to finish the full throwdown if you do not want to.


Secret achievements

  • Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Riptide's songs on any difficulty.

    See "DCI's on the Prize."

  • Played 10 songs with D-Coy.

    The joke here is that Dare and Macoy were in Dance Central 1 but not 2. To play a song with either of them you must first unlock them. I unlocked them at level 10 while working on Master Quest, so you may need to free them from the clutches of Dr. Tan before they will unlock for you. Once they are unlocked, play 10 songs total between Dare and Macoy and you will unlock this achievement.

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