Epic Battle! Achievement

  • Epic Battle!



    Play 10 Dance Battles in a single session.


    This can be done solo or with another person. Simply pick a song and choose Dance Battle. You can play the same song 10 times if you'd like. Difficulty and score don't affect this achievement.

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  • Don't really care for this, It would be better if the amount was fewer in a single session. I was doing this with friends and they got bored quickly so it was hard to fulfill the amount of the achievement. I had to keep the game on so that the session didn't end.
  • You don't even need other people to get this. Just do it by yourself and make sure you're within the sensor's range for each round.
  • It's still a lot to do in a single session. 10 dance battles solo is the equivalent of performing 20 songs. If you get tired, you can do what I did and grab a chair for some of the battles. Also, it seems as well as doing 10 in a single session, they need to be consecutive as well. Breaking down a song appeared to reset the count.
  • Yeah I did this one by myself because it was too long to do when me and my family or friends would want to play
  • yeah, its boring after the fifth battle, but just kept going by myself..
  • I did 10 by myself yet I didn't get the achievement.....does it need to be 10 different songs?
  • Or do i just press restart after the song?
  • I figured it out xD just had to press restart every time

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