Sweat It Out Achievement

  • Sweat It Out



    Have a 20-minute workout session in Workout Mode.


    Once you turn on Workout Mode (by selecting a song in Perform It! Mode and then choosing to turn on Workout Mode), it will remain on. After each song, you will get a summary that includes calories burned and total time played. Once you reach 20 minutes of time played, this achievement will unlock.

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  • this is easy and boring so don't do it unless your trying to get all 50 of the acheivments.
  • does it just carry on or do you have to do different songs and it adds up?
  • It's 20 minutes without disabling the mode.
  • I completed this one but doing the same song on easy medium and hard do this once or twice and you should have you achievement depending on how long the song is
  • just enable work out mode and let it count to 20 minutes you can take brakes between each song just let it count up to 20 minutes

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