Flawless Streak Achievement

  • Flawless Streak



    String together 10 "Flawless" moves in Perform It! or Dance Battle mode.


    Get 10 "Flawless" ratings in a row on any song. You will likely get this achievement early, during repetitive moves on Easy, such as the Step Sides/Step Side and Claps on Poker Face.

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  • Choose a song you like, break it down to get the moves sorted, then perform it. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Please note it doesn't unlock until the end of the song.
  • My friend got this achievement for me. If you do it in a more party atmosphere it's more fun to do. We started off playing the break it down for the songs, and then performed it. I'm terrible so far at the game, but i'm sure if I kept trying to do it, it would come pretty easily through break it down.
  • Poker face on easy. nuff said

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