The Dance Is Legendary Achievement

  • The Dance Is Legendary



    Earn Gold Stars on any song, at any Skill Level.


    Gold stars are one step better than 5 stars. You'll hear the same chime as when you go from 4 stars to 5, and all the stars on the radio will turn gold. The achievement will unlock at the end of the song. Unlike in the Rock Band series, gold stars can be obtained on any difficulty level. You will likely get this when going for the Pure Perfection achievement, since getting gold stars on easy requires you to pass (at least a "Nice" rating) on every move. I found the first two challenges to be easiest, since the moves they picked from each song are pretty easy ones.

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  • is easy just play poker face in easy mode many times until u memorize and do it perfect and earn gold star ^_^
  • its impossable 2 get perfect iv danced this bout 50 times now
  • WOW this one is hard! Is there a certain amount of points you need to get or is it just flawless moves for each move in a song?
  • this one is so easy, i have it for two songs right now.. the warm up challenge and hey mami both on easy
  • you don't need to get 100%. i got 97% on Hey Mami still gold - just get as many flawless as you can, maybe 10 nice or under should do
  • & same goes for DC2 & DC3. my personal opinion, its easiest on DC3. keep practicing, you'll get it

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