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    Get a 100% rating on every song in the game in Break It Down mode.


    Break It Down mode involves you performing each song in the game in multiple sections. You'll perform each move individually, and then a recap will require you to put a few moves together. To get 100% on a song, you must get at least a nice on each individual move (3 times, if you don't nail it the first time), and then you must get at least a nice rating on each move during each recap. During the individual moves, you should see at least a green check mark next to each move, or a diamond if you got a flawless. After the recap, you should see, for example, 19/19 moves passed 100%.

    It is highly recommended to 100% every song on Easy to unlock this achievement before attempting ANY song on Hard. If you attempt a song on Hard, you must then 100% that song on Hard for it to count toward Something To Prove. The rest of the songs you've done on easy will not be affected by the one song you broke down on Hard.

    Another useful trick: if you are trying an individual move and fail it twice, use your left arm after an attempt to "slow it down." This will slow the song down and give you more attempts. When you then speed it back up (the same way you slowed it down) you now have 3 more attempts to pass the move. For example, you pass the move the first time and get one green check. Then you screw up twice in a row. Slow it down with your left hand, practice a couple times, then speed it back up with your left hand. Now you have 3 more attempts to get the last two passes that you need.

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  • This achievement is kinda glitched. You can get this achievement by playing 'break it down' on easy and get 100%. However, if you play break it down on a higher level of difficulty (medium or hard) you must get 100% on every song on THAT level of difficulty. So if you play 'break it down' on easy, and then again on medium, the achievement will only unlock if you get 100% on medium on every song. The same goes with hard.
  • So what you are saying is that you should play all songs on easy until you can 100% them before you move on? I know for certain that there are some songs that I will never 100% on hard. I'm going slow and really trying to learn each song. There are still 11 that I haven't even tried at all yet and so far there are 2 that I am happy to get 4 stars on in EASY mode. Do I need to delete my data and start over to get this achievement? (or am I just dreaming that I'll even 5 star some of these on easy, much less 100%... lol). I should mention I am a 37 year old achievement whore who can't dance but needs exercise. This game is awesome but I'm resigned to the fact that I really may not get 1000 points here. :/
  • If you have already done break it down on a higher level than easy, you do not need to delete your save game just for the achievement. You can get 1 of those memory carrd things and start again on that instead deleting all your hard work. Note that there are songs that really hard to 100% in break it down. It took me 64 break it down attempts to 100% the song "Days go by" on hard. So if you're not overly confident about 100& songs on medium or hard, stick to doing it on easy and don't give up. Playing "perform it" mode on a higher level than easy does not affect this achievement as long as u don't do medium or hard in "break it down". Does this make sense?
  • I'm still working my way down the song list (easy difficulty), and I decided to do this achievement along the way. I did do Poker Face break down on medium one time though. Does this mean I have to get 100% break down on every song on medium now or just on the one: Poker Face?
  • I am happy to report that Will He Is is incorrect. I have just unlocked this achievement. I have done the first 3 songs on hard difficulty, a few more on medium, and the vast majority I have not done beyond easy difficulty. New theory: when you select a song, next to the break it down option is a percentage. I don't know if that percentage is the score from the highest difficulty or the best percentage of all the difficulties you've played. The theory is this percentage needs to be 100% on each song. So if you've broken down a song on hard difficulty, the bad news is you'll need to score 100% on that song on hard. The good news is if you haven't played any other songs past easy, getting 100% on easy of those songs will be sufficient.
  • Does anyone know if this is just on regular songs? I haven't made it all the way through the regular track list yet, but there was a sale on DLC songs this week, and now I have 14 more songs to play. Do I have to 100% all of these too for the achievement now or does it only count the non-DLC ones?
  • The DLC does not matter for this achievement I just got the achieviement and I have DLC that I don't have 100% on. And a heads up this achievement is really hard if you have already done some songs on hard I did it and it took me forever to get 100% on some of the songs I did hard on before I tried for this achievement, especially Teach Me How To Jerk, Just Dance, and Satisfaction.
  • Unfortunately i've already completed all of DC songs on hard and got 5 stars, i left this achievement till the very end, unknowing the problem it creates and so i am really annoyed that i must do the majority of songs 100% on hard break it down(for eg "don't sweat the technique")Harmonix should really create a patch for the achievement to make it so you can do 100% break it down on any difficulty for each song. The achievement description it self isn't very clear as it doesn't state which difficulty! I was wondering if i make a new saved data with a memory card: will i still keep my 5 stars on every song on hard and will i still have my DLC i have purchased already?
  • can anyone help me here. I just completed the achievement for getting 5 stars on hard for every song. I never did break it down on any song. So can I start knocking down break it down on easy or will I have to do them on hard?
  • #9 just do the break it down on easy
  • You only have to break the songs down on the highest difficulty you tried that particular song. I got 100% on all my songs on easy but one I had 71% on medium sonce I got 100% on that song on medium (achievement unlocked).
  • What #11 said You only have to complete that 1 song on the first difficulty you tried it on (break it down mode only). You can beat the game on hard, and play all songs in BID on easy.
  • Thank God. This is my last one to earn. Thanks for the info everyone!
  • omg screw this

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