Cross, Back, Step, Front! Achievement

  • Cross, Back, Step, Front!



    Successfully pass EVERY Jazz Square in the game.


    There are 4 different songs with Jazz Squares in the game. Like all of the achievements below for various moves, these can be done in either Perform It! or Break It Down. You must pass them ("Nice" or better rating) in EVERY flashcard that shows up. However they don't need to all be done in the same playthrough of a song. For example, in Push It, you can pass the Jazz Square and fail the Jazz Square & I, then play the song again and do the opposite and it'll still count. The following songs contain jazz squares:

    Brick House (any difficulty) - "Jazz Square"
    Hey Mami (medium or hard) - "Jazz Square" and "Slow Jazz Square"
    Hella Good (medium or hard) - "Jazz Square"
    Push It (medium or hard) - "Jazz Square" and "Jazz Square & I"

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  • This looks v difficult, how are you supposed to know where these are, let alone pass them all!
  • if you do the Something To Prove achievement you should get credit for them. Haven't confirmed this personally though.
  • Songs that have Jazz Squares in them: Hey Mami (not on easy) Hella Good (not on easy) Push It (not on easy or medium) Brickhouse
  • how do u past them? by getting 5 stars?
  • @ #4 Just pass them in Break em Down
  • That's alot easier then I thought it would be.
  • If you pass it once, and don't next time, does t reset so you have to pass it again r t it unlocked permanently?

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