Living Legend Achievement

  • Living Legend



    Reached the "Living Legend" rank.


    This requires reaching Rank 1. You start at Rank 20 and it counts down to 1. You level up ONLY in Perform It! mode. Playing songs in Dance Battle or Break It Down mode do NOT count. After each song your meter will fill up. Your rank will be listed under your gamertag on the main menu. This achievement will take quite a bit of time. Depending on how many attempts it takes you to 5-star every song on Hard though, you may get this achievement by the time you're done.

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  • I know what this is ! Living Legend . Reach Max Rank in the Game!
  • yeah but wot is rank max
  • yeah what is the max rank and which rank is before it?
  • Most likly the end of the challenges I would Imagine.
  • Its that blue bar that goes up a little every time you end a song. Mine said rank 2 at the start screen under my gamer tag. When I played 1 more song the blue bar filled all the way and says rank max which is living legend. I had already beaten all of the challenges. So I think as long as you keep playing you'll eventually get it even if you don't do the challenges.

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