Robots Doin’ It for Themselves Achievement

  • Robots Doin’ It for Themselves



    Successfully passed a robot move with ELIOT.


    You will unlock ELIOT as a playable character after completing the Grand Finale Challenge. This achievement is glitchy - moves that counted for some people and gave them the achievement have not counted for other people. ELIOT is the default character during the Grand Finale Challenge and when you play the moves from Satisfaction. If you pass them (by achieving at least a "Nice" rating) you should unlock this achievement at the end of the song. If not, try playing through Satisfaction on Easy, since virtually every move in that song is a robot move. If that doesn't work play Soulja Boy on Easy. The move Robocop is considered a robot move, and this unlocked the achievement for me at the end of the song.

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  • so how do you unlock ELIOT?
  • Unlocks through natural progression
  • Firstly, you need Eliot. To unlock Eliot you can either beat the grand finale, or reach the living legend rank. After completing this, you will need to successfully complete a robot move. This can be done in a number of songs, such as in the song soulja boy, the move robocop is a robot move. Personally, I unlocked this achievement on Jungle Boogie.
  • What is the most advanced robot move? The robocop doesn't really seem like much of a robot move.
  • I haven't plated all the songs yet but the most advanced 1s may be the 1s in the song "satisfaction"
  • Just freakin do Satisfaction on any difficulty, they're all pretty much robot moves, if you don't pass at least one then you don't deserve ELIOT anyway
  • I unlocked this on C'mon ride it (The train)
  • I unlocked this with satisfaction, but it depends on what song you like
  • i already played satisfaction with eliot in easy difficulty and didn't unlocked the achievement T-T

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