- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 11 [1000]
- Offline: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-12 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Dark Quest 2 is a turn based strategy/RPG game where you control a party of heroes on your epic quest to defeat the evil sorcerer and his minions. The game features a party based system where you control a group of heroes, an isometric hand-drawn art style, dice based mechanics and much more. Each map is designed to take you through an adventure that will test your party's strength, courage and sanity as you go deeper and deeper into the castle in search for the chambers of the evil sorcerer.

Step 1: Normal Difficulty
I assume you can get all the achievements on Easy difficulty, but I wouldn't suggest playing on it if you plan to get the "Hardcore" achievement. Hardcore uses Normal difficulty setting with permadeath, so to get a better feel for the next step, play on Normal.

There is nothing missable in the game, you will be able to continue playing after beating the final boss. As you complete quests, be sure to unlock more heroes in the tavern, allocate your skill points, craft new equipment, and if you have extra money use elixirs to prepare for the next quest. You'll want to complete every quest on the map at least once. You can repeat quests to get more magic potions (which are used to allocate skill points) and gold, but each time you repeat a quest the enemies will have more health and new traps will appear. It's worth doing most of the early quests twice though.

I personally found Dwarf, Knight, and Archer to be a great combination for both Normal and Hardcore. Other guides I found on Steam suggested replacing Archer with Dark Monk.

Step 2: Hardcore Mode
As mentioned above, Hardcore difficulty is the same as Normal, except if a hero dies they can not be resurrected at the graveyard in town, they are gone forever. In this playthrough, I used the suggested team above of Dwarf, Knight, and Archer. Dwarf to tank, Knight to heal, and Archer for DPS.

See "Hardcore" below for additional tips on this mode, such as what quests to avoid and the best way to complete it quickly and efficiently.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Dark Quest 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Kill your first monster

    Impossible to miss. You will kill dozens if not hundreds of enemies when completing this game.

  • Archer



    Unlock the archer

    See "Wizard" for more info.

  • Unlock the dark monk

    See "Wizard" for more info.

  • Dwarf



    Unlock the dwarf

    The Dwarf is the one hero that is not recruited in town. One of the very first story missions (to the left of the tutorial) is a single-character mission to rescue the dwarf. Send in your best character (at that point, the Barbarian) and complete the mission to unlock the Dwarf for use in your party.

  • Knight



    Unlock the knight

    See "Wizard" for more info.

  • Wizard



    Unlock the wizard

    After the tutorial mission, you will arrive in town and be able to explore the different establishments. Visit the tavern to recruit heroes. Your first hero will be available to recruit right away, while the rest will require that you complete a few missions before selecting another party member. After unlocking your first hero, complete 4/3/2 quests to eventually recruit the other three.

  • Slay the executioner

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Find the 3 pieces of the talisman

    Story related and can not be missed.

    Note: The three pieces of this can be found in the quests Descent to Chaos, Hall of Black Mirrors, and Castle of Doom.

  • Defeat the evil sorcerer

    Story related and can not be missed.

    Note: This achievement will not unlock in Hardcore Mode, which is why the game requires two playthroughs.

  • Defeat the evil sorcerer in hardcore mode

    Hardcore Mode is your typical "permadeath" play of an RPG. In this game, you do have a bit of leeway, as specific characters can die and you can technically continue with the game. You can take a maximum of three characters on any mission, and can deploy with as few as one character, so even if some your allies do die permanently, you could switch to someone else and keep going. However, you'll likely have invested a lot of magic potions into someone and need to replay lots of older missions to then get skills for a new character. This is tedious and becomes increasingly difficult, so it may be best to start a new game if one of your mains die.

    Be sure to play some of the earlier missions multiple times to get extra magic potions and level up your skills. If at any point it seems like you are overwhelmed and a character might die, you can abort a mission and save them. You will heal to full in town and can try a level again with a different tactic, or switch to a different quest. However, as soon as a character dies, the game auto-saves and abandoning the quest or trying to dashboard will be ineffective.

    There are tips for the game's two hardest levels that can be found HERE to help out. One lets you completely skip the hardest level, and the other provides tips for the final battle. I found his tip of using Knight, Dwarf, and Archer absolutely spot on. Dwarf blocks a ton of attacks and often stuns enemies to help with crowd control, Archer can move anywhere with the suggested equipment and provide DPS where needed, and Knight will be able to heal a ton, and provide huge buffs to shields and damage (while also doing two damage per attack against the Sorcerer, which is huge). Recruit these three ASAP and dump all your points into them, and remember you can replay older missions to get more magic potions to increase your skills.

    During this playthrough I would highly suggest avoiding the missions against the Assassin and Executioner, as well as the entire top row leading to Bonus Room II. Those missions are highly situation, and yield low rewards. I also did not get a single artifact during this playthrough. They help a little, but not enough to play the missions where they can be found. I also didn't bother with the bottom row of quests either. Do the entire left side of the map (at least twice for extra skill points), then go through the middle to the castle, get the three pieces of the talisman, use the teleport staff trick to skip the bridge, and then take out the Sorcerer. Use your potions liberally during the fight, use all your abilities, and make sure to attack with the Dwarf or Archer first on each of your turns so the Knight always lands a hit (since she will do two damage per attack compared to the other characters only doing one).

  • Complete all the quests

    In the village, you will speak with the priest to go on quests. When looking at the quest map, there are multiple branches and it is not required that you complete all the quests to actually finish the game. Simply ensure that you complete every node of the map prior to beating the Sorcerer, and this achievement will unlock after beating the second to last mission. You can return to town and continue playing after defeating the Sorcerer, so you can clean up any missions you missed then if you want. Better to do them all first for the extra skill points before the final battle though.

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