Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4
Estimated Time For 1000: 20-30 Hours, depending on online boosting.
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Missable achievements: Collectibles
Glitched achievements: Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty (sometimes reverts to Normal difficulty around Chapter 5)
Offline: 32 of 38 (800G)
Online: 6 of 38 (200G)

Step 1: Normal Difficulty + Collectibles + Enemy Achievements
It's best to get the collectibles out of the way during the first playthrough, just to clear the air a little. Also, the enemy achievements (e.g. Double Decap Latte, Headhunter, etc.) are easy to get out of the way during the Normal difficulty run-through, and the techniques for getting them are in the achievement guide. Also, if you forget to get the Jack the Jackal secret achievement, you can get it on your second playthrough. If you get stuck at all during the story, the achievement guide is basically a great walkthrough.

Step 2: Brutal Difficulty
Now, a couple of people have found that the "Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty" achievement glitches on them around the completion of Chapter 5. I personally didn't run accross the glitch because I simply beat it a second time in one sitting. If you don't feel like playing the game for 8 hours straight, just make sure that after every chapter to go to the main menu, select a chapter and make sure that it says you completed it on Brutal difficulty.

Step 3: Online Achievements
By this point in time I'm not sure if there is anyone at all playing this online, so I'd suggest heading on over to the Achievement Trading Thread and try and find a boosting partner. The achievement guide has some good strategies for getting these quickly.

 [x360a would like to thank prowlerdante for this Road Map] 

Dark Sector Achievement Guide

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There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete Chapter 1.

    You'll start the first mission without the glaive or any of the powers, so try for headshots with the pistol until you pick up an assault rifle from the guards. The final boss fight for this mission might also be frustrating to some, especially on brutal difficulty so make sure you kill all the guards before you grab the RPG. If you hide behind the crates, the guards will tend to group up by the truck, at which point you can use your grenades liberally, as you'll lose them anyway at the start of the second chapter. Grab rockets from the crate first then grab the RPG because I'm pretty sure picking it up triggers the helicoptor to attack. Stay behind one of the large metal crates and lock on to the chopper using the cornering technique before firing your rockets and this fight shouldn't be too difficult.
  • Complete Chapter 2.

    You'll start with nothing but your glaive, and will gain the ability to grab far off ammo or weapons with the Steal ability. You'll find ammo crates with pistol ammo which you can use, and feel free to pick up weapons from the enemies, although they can only be used for a short amount of time before deactivating. You'll encounter the Collossus on this mission, but can't kill it. Just use the guards' guns to fire at it until it runs and make sure to dodge the rocks it throws as well as its charge attack.

  • Complete Chapter 3.

    You'll gain the Power Throw and Aftertouch abilities in this chapter, thus allowing you to start working towards the Hardball, Finesse, and Aftertouch abilities as you play. You'll also encounter the shield guards in this chapter, who can do quite a bit of damage if they close enough to melee. Just use a power throw on their shields and shoot them with your pistol to kill them, and keep a safe distance.
  • Complete Chapter 4.

    At the start of this mission you'll encounter the black market merchant for the first time, and its suggested that you sell your grenades (unless you use them or your on Brutal difficulty, where they come in handy) and unwanted upgrades. Personally I don't use the Extended Clip, Quick Reload, Stopping Power, or Double Shot upgrades, and they sell for 2500 a piece. I would suggest buying the Tekna Burst and upgrading it with an Accuracy, but save your money and other upgrades for the better weapons later on. You'll encounter the first Jackal this chapter, and it can't be hijacked so you'll have to destroy it with the RPGs. Grab the launcher and hide behind the crate, using the cornering technique to lock on and jumping out to quickly fire the shot. Use the glaive to grab extra rockets from around the area, and just keep shooting till its dead.

    You'll also fight the Collossus for the last time at the end of this mission. It will climb up on the walls, and you have to pick up the fire from the burning rubble with your glaive to get it to fall down. Run up to it and hit the B button and then mash whatever button it tells you to. You'll have to do this three times, then it will rampage around the church charging at you and throwing things. Just shoot at it and light it on fire with your glaive and it will die in no time.

  • Complete Chapter 5.

    You'll have access to the Protecta, and the VX Carbine. The Protecta is a pretty powerful shotgun, and is much better than what the guards have but my suggestion is waiting to buy the shotgun pistol a little later on. The VX Carbine is a sniper rifle that uses magnum ammo, but I didn't find it all that useful. You should save your money for the shotgun pistol and the best assault rifle. You'll encounter the second jackal on this level, but this time you'll be able to hijack it. Use your glaive to ignite the barrels on the truck on fire and burn the black shield thing thats guarding the electric panel. Charge up with electricity and hit the Jackal, then quickly run around behind it and hit . You'll hijack it, getting the achievement and also avaoid an unneccessary fight.
  • Complete Chapter 6.

    You'll now have access to the Hammer and the Spectre, the last two single hand weapons. The Hammer is a very powerful and accurate revolver, but I wouldn't suggest it as magnum ammo is very scarce, and has a low maximum amount you can carry. The Spectre I found to be the most effective handgun, although you might want to add an Extended Clip to it for that extra shot. You'll see your first powersuit soldier on this level. They're large armored soldiers that carry chainguns. Use your guns to attack the lights on its shoulders and then it when it staggers and turns red, run up and do a finishing move on it or shoot it until it dies.
  • Complete Chapter 7.

    The Korbov TK6 will be available this chapter, but at the pricey cost of 40,000 rubles (this is why you saved that money). Its far more effective than the AKS-74, outranking it in both damage and accuracy. Load it up with upgrades and enjoy the firepower. At the end of the chapter you'll face the Stalker. Watch the water for signs of it moving and just keep hitting it with your gun and glaive. When it retreats to the corner be sure to shoot it so it runs right back at you, keeping it from coming around behind and getting a surprise attack. It will run up one of the large spires, and at this point you'll want to keep looking around in a circle, as it will materialize and fire rockets at you pretty quickly, and these can be devastating on brutal mode. Use your shield ability to deflect the rockets back and finish it off when prompted.
  • Complete Chapter 8.

    This is a pretty short chapter, and theres really nothing special to it. Use your Shift ability wisely and battle on to the end of it.

  • Complete Chapter 9.

    This is the last chapter that you'll see the black markey guy so make sure you've got what weapons and uprades you want before the final battle. You'll fight the Nemesis boss towards the end, and this can be a fairly lengthy and frustrating battle. Make sure to keep your distance from it when it charges at you, using your glaives power throw and the Spectre to slow it down. After a bit of that, it will charge up with lighting and throw its blade, which you should try your best to dodge. Throw your glaive at its glaive to charge it with lightning, and then hit it to take down its shield. Two hits from this will destroy its shield, and one more will stun it after which you'll have to run and press . After the third time you hit it up close, you'll defeat it and be ready to continue to the final chapter.
  • Complete the Game.

    If you thought the 10 point level achievements were kind of weak, wait until you reap the rewards at the end. At the start you'll have to fight off some soldiers, in which a grenade at the immediate start is useful while they're stunned. The only other encounter is the final boss, which isn't too difficult if you do it right. Three large tentacles will come out, and you'll have to charge your glaive with electricity to hurt them. If they're closed, use a power throw on the nubs to make them open, exposing the eyes. Use Aftertouch to guide the glaive into the eyes, destroying the tentacles, right after the last one is gone quickly swith to your assault rifle and shoot Mezner in the center of the pod and switch back to the glaive when he stops attacking. Another two tentacles will come out, along with zombies that spawn when another dies. Try to ignore them, focusing on the two tentacles and on the last one get ready for Mezner again. The third wave the zombies will be gone, and their will be five tentacles, three in the middle and one on either side of you. Take out the ones on the side first and then the ones in the center. Thats all there is to it, and you'll have beaten the game!

  • Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty.

    After finishing the game once, on the single player menu a new option "New Game Brutal Difficulty" will be available. Just play through on Brutal but be more careful and take your time, as you will take more damage and enemies will be tougher.

    During the single player campaign, the cornering trick can be very helpful to take out enemies and avoid damage, especially on the brutal difficutly. Position yourself on the side of a crate or wall or something solid so that an enemies bullets can't hit you, but you can still lock them in your reticle. As long as the enemy is in your sights, you can fire and hit it, regardless of whether or not your gun is behind cover. Use this to aim for headshots and enemies in the open to conserve ammo.

    Another quick tip is to not rely on ONLY the glaive, or ONLY your guns. Use both of them where you see necessary. The glaive is powerful when used right, but isn't exactly rapid firing. Use the power throw to one shot kill enemies behind cover when they pop out, or use the aftertouch to steer around corners to enemies that can't see you. Use your guns with the cornering technique for safe kills, and feel free to bullet hose enemies with their own guns, as they don't use your own ammo and have a limited timer on them.

    There is a youtube walkthough located HERE and a text/picture walkthrough located HERE that should help you with any parts you may be stuck at.

    Warning: There is a small glitch that for some reason the game will revert to Normal mode after chapter five sometimes. It doesn't happen to everyone, but after each level it is suggested to go to the main menu and check the "Load Game" part and make sure it says "Brutal" under the level name. If it does, go ahead and use "Continue" but if it doesn't, select the previous chapter and play it again, this should update the next level to Brutal. Keep trying until it does, then finish the game.

  • Decapitate 30 Enemies.

    Just kill the enemies with the power throw by holding down  until the reticle turns yellow, then release it. This shouldn't be too hard to get, and I would suggest using it with Aftertouch and aiming for decapitations to work on the Finesse and Headhunter achievements at the same time.

    There is also a point in chapter four where you cross a large bridge. Until you blow up the barrels on the left side of the large tunnel ahead of you, zombie enemies will continue to spawn. You can work on many achievements here.

  • Incinerate 30 Enemies.

    Power up your glaive with fire and throw it at enemies for an instant fire kill. Just keep using fire to with your glaive where its available and you should get this by the end of the game. If you're really worried about it, reload a checkpoint with enemies and a fire source and keep killing until it unlocks.

    Use the section described in "Headhunter" and blow up the truck at the start of the bridge to use for a fire source.

  • Electrocute 30 Enemies.

    Power up the glaive with electricity and go to town. This can be attained pretty easily on Chapter 3, where there is a power transformer you can get electricity from and just keep killing the masses of enemies that come and reloading the checkpoint a couple times.

  • Kill 30 Frozen Enemies.

    Power up the glaive with frost, which comes in the later levels in frozen barrels or freezing tanks. These are kind of scarce, so you might want to reload checkpoints and killing until you get this. You don't have to "kill" a frozen enemy, just hit them with this and they'll turn to ice.

  • Kill 30 enemies with Aftertouch.

    After throwing the glaive tap and hold  while its in mid flight to control it in the air. Just kill 30 enemies doing this to unlock it. Aim for the head!

  • Kill 30 enemies with Power-throw.

    Just kill the enemies with the power throw by holding down  until the reticle turns yellow, then release it. This shouldn't be too hard to get, and I would suggest using it with Aftertouch and aiming for decapitations to work on the Finesse and Headhunter achievements at the same time.

  • Get 30 Headshots.

    Just kill enemies by shooting them in the head. This should unlock naturally by the end of the game if you use your guns at all. If you want to get it out of the way quickly, just find a large firefight and get some headshots, then die or reload the checkpoint and do it again until you unlock the achievement.

  • Complete a Level by Only Using the Glaive.

    A "level" is each section separated by checkpoints, not an entire chapter of the game. Once you get your glaive, simply don't use your guns until the achievement unlocks.

  • Perform 30 Finishers.

    To perform a finisher, either get behind an enemy or hurt them so they are glowing red, get close and press  These should be fairly easy to come by throughout the game, especially on zombies as they have no ranged attacks to deter you.

    Use the section described in "Headhunter" to rack these up quickly. You can also get a bunch during the first sighting of the Colossus because the enemies will be shooting at him and you're free to walk right up behind them and kill them.

  • Get Two Decapitations In One Shot.

    Just decapitate two enemies with a single power throw. I would suggest doing this on the bridge in Chapter 4, as theres a good amount of zombies that come out grouped together. In later levels the large hammer wielding ones are very slow moving and good targets also. Use aftertouch to slow things down and steer for their necks.

  • Shoot 10 Projectiles in Mid-flight.

    To get this just shoot the large boulders that the Collossus throws during the fight at the church until this unlocks. They are fairly large targets. You can use your gun for this, doesn't have to be the glaive.

  • Apply 5 Upgrades in the Black Market.

    You'll find the upgrades in the suitcases (link), but I would suggest saving them for the Spectre and Korbov TK6. If you want to get it early, just buy the AKS-74 and apply uprades to that and your pistol or Tekna Burst, then reload to the checkpoint and you'll have the achievement AND your upgrades.

  • Greed



    Collect over 50,000 rubles.

    You have to have all 50k in your possession at once, but if you wait to spend your money on the better weapons you should have 50,000 before you get them. If not sell everything you can at the black market and reload the checkpoint after you get the achievement.

  • Collect 10 Weapon Upgrades.


    See "Master Researcher" for more info.

  • Collect All the Weapon Upgrades.

    You'll find the weapon upgrades in suitcases located throughout the game. LoD WheeZzy wrote an excellent guide for us, which is located here.

  • Kill an Enemy With a Reflected Projectile.

    After you get your shield ability, kill all but one of the enemies at your next encounter, then walk up tot he last one, trigger it and stand close, aiming at him with the left trigger. The bullets will deflect to him, killing him and unlocking the achievement.

  • Glory



    Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Infection Match (Multiplayer).

    Come in first in a Ranked Infection match. Just score the most points overall and be in first at the end of the match. Hopefully you start as the infected, in which case you can use all the abilities you have during the campaign. Make good use of fire and "explode" the glaive to get easy long range kills.

  • Score 500 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).

    See "Hero" for more info.

  • Hero



    Score 2000 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).

    Infected players are worth 3 points per kill and normal hazmat players are worth 1 point each. You also get 1 point for downing the Infected player. This gametype requires four players to begin.

    The best way to boost this is have the infected player grab a shotgun and stand at the enemy spawn on Court. They only spawn to the left or right of this section so you can kill them almost instantly when they spawn. Taking turns with four players you will net about 100 points every 45 minutes. Setup a 60-min match and have one person get 95-98, then the next, then the next and the last person can finish to 100. Rotate who gets 100 to be fair.

    You could just play the game for real, of course.

  • Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Epidemic Match (Multiplayer).

    Come in first in a Ranked Epidemic match. Just score the most points overall and be in first at the end of the match. Hopefully you start as the infected, in which case you can use all the abilities you have during the campaign. Make good use of fire and "explode" the glaive to get easy long range kills. Also try to Shift and kill the enemy leader as he is worth 3 points.

  • Score 500 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).

    See "Hero of the People" for more info.

  • Score 2000 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).

    Infected players are worth 3 points per kill and normal hazmat players are worth 1 point each. You also get 1 point for downing the Infected player. This gametype only requires two players to begin.

    One excellent way to boost this is to have a 2-player match with both you and a friend standing next to the fire near spawn point B on Factory. Both of you should charge your glaive with fire, then "explode" the glaive by clicking in the right stick at the same time. Both of you will be downed and get back up at about the same time. Aim toward the ground so the glaive returns quickly and repeat this over and over. Very boring, but you can net about 270 points an hour for both players this way.

    You could also just play the game for real, of course.

    NOTE: Points will not count if the match is disconnected or someone leaves during the beginning countdown. If you have four people and hit go, then someone leaves before the match is launched, it won't count.


Secret achievements

  • Defeated the Colossus.

    Refer to the chapter four completion achievement for tips. This youtube video should also help.

  • Defeated the Stalker.

    Refer to chapter seven completion for tips. This youtube video should also help.

  • Defeated the Nemesis.

    Refer to chapter nine completion for tips. This youtube video should also help.

  • Ghost



    Used Shifting to Get a Finisher.

    After you unlock the Shifting ability at the end of Chapter 7, go invisible and sneak up behind an enemy to perform the finisher.

    This is actually a fantastic way to kill any Elite soldiers (the guys with the miniguns), simply shoot the three lights (one on each shoulder and one on their back), then go invisible and sneak behind them and you can one-hit kill them. What once was a long drawn-out fight now becomes a five second slaughter!

  • Take the Jackal for a Ride

    Refer to chapter five completion for tips. This youtube video should also help.

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