The Usurpation of Fire Achievement in Dark Souls III

  • The Usurpation of Fire



    Reach "The Usurpation of Fire" ending.

    How to unlock The Usurpation of Fire

    This is the most long winded ending and you need to follow a few steps to get this done.

    MOST IMPORTANT: if you return the Fire Keepers Soul from the locked tower behind Firelink Shrine then DO NOT choose to heal the Dark Sign at any time until this is done. Do not miss a step, as if you skip a location the quest will fail if you proceed the game.

    1) When you first reach the Undead Settlement go down the stairs and go back on yourself at the bottom. At the end of the bridge will be a number of dead pilgrims and one that is still alive. Talk to Yoel of Londor here and he will relocate to Firelink.

    2) At Firelink Yoel is down the long tunnel to the left of Andre. Speak to him and he offers to draw out your true power – which seems like a free level up. You need to do this five times, with the first being free and the rest requiring two deaths (by any means) each time. Feel free to kill yourself repeatedly here until you have done five levels and he will comment on your true power if you select the option again. Leave and come back to Firelink and he will be dead, but Yuria will be standing close by (she sells all the items he offered, so don’t worry about missing them). Talk to her until she repeats herself.

    3) As you make your way through the Road of Sacrifices you’ll come to the Halfway Keep bonfire and two Knights nearby. Talk to Anri and Horace until they repeat (and gain a covenant item).

    4) DO NOT FIGHT PAST THE ABYSS WATCHERS YET. Make your way to the Cathedral of the Deep (past the Crystal Sage fight) and kill the Deacons of the Deep boss. You can summon Anri and Horace to help. After the fight port back to Firelink and Anri will be there – talk to him/her.

    5) Now defeat the Abyss Watchers and enter the Catacombs of Carthus. As you enter, cross the long bridge and then go right, head down here and follow the path to the left to find her again. Speak to her until she repeats.

    6) Progress through the Catacombs until you come to a room with a rickety wooden bridge (there is a skeleton swordsman with his back to you on a cliff edge just below it) but DO NOT CROSS IT. Instead take the narrow path to the right just before it and follow it around to Anri. Speak to her again here.

    7) Now drop down from where she is standing and head towards the bridge, hit the supports to make it collapse, then interact with it to climb down to the Smouldering Lake. Fight past the demon in the first room (arrows from afar to be safe and the chest here is a mimic), then past the two floors of skeletons to reach the Lake proper. Watch out for the giant ballista here. Hug the right hand wall and follow it around to an opening, inside are two Crystal Lizards to kill and then you’ll find a hostile Horace. Kill him then return to Anri by the bridge and tell her you saw him.

    8) Continue to Ithiryll of the Boreal Valley and you’ll come to the Church of Yorska bonfire. Anri is here so speak to them again (and receive a gesture for doing so) but DO NOT attack the statues on the left side of the door as you enter. One is a hidden pilgrim and killing them here voids the quest.

    9) Defeat Pontiff Sulyvhan in Ithiryll of the Boreal Valley then return to Firelink and talk to Yuria, she will mention that a pilgrim has been guiding your spouse and will eventually repeat herself.

    10) Warp back to the Pontiff bonfire and head outside. Go left and fight through the deacons, giants and NPC enemies here (take out the deacons on the top level first by going under the bridge and up the stairs). Now go past the giants and up the stairs into the building ahead. Up the stairs in here and out the left side to a ledge you can drop down to. Watch out for the greatbow knights and make your way up and across the ledge to a door on the right. Inside here is the path to Anor Londo but, assuming you did everything correctly, the big wall on the right will disappear as you enter. Head down to find the pilgrim again and speak to them to receive an item.

    11) Head past him down a corridor and use the item on Anri. Grab the ring from the chest in here and the spell from the fresh corpse of the pilgrim. Then head to Anor Londo. Light the bonfire and warp back to Firelink to speak to Yuria.

    12) Go through the rest of the game as normal but DO NOT heal the Darksign with the Fire Keeper. After killing the last boss touch the bonfire to get this alternate ending. Note that you keep your hollowed status on future playthroughs so you might want to cure yourself at some point after getting this ending to ensure you don’t get it again.


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