To Link the Fire Achievement in Dark Souls

  • To Link the Fire



    Reach "To Link the Fire" ending.


    How to unlock To Link the Fire

    After collecting all four Lord Souls and placing them into the Lordvessel, the door behind it will open up so you may enter Gwyndolin's domain. Follow the path to him. Once defeated, light the bonfire in the center to end the game.

    NOTE: You can’t get this and "Dark Lord" in one playthrough. Two playthroughs are required.

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  • I'm surprised no one posted yet, ho well. To get this achievement, after beating the final boss, just rest at the bone fire. I believe this is considered the "good" ending.
  • Need help on boss fight I'm level 75 in kiln of the first flame GT: The Money Ninja
  • Parry with the black night shield and occult weapon.
  • Does anyone count this as the good ending?
  • Actually whether or not this is the "good" ending. *SPOILERS AHEAD* The game is depressing as a whole. Everything is in a state of decay, and the dark is coming, despite what you do. If you light the flame, you delay the inevitable just a bit longer, but in the end the dark will still come. Letting the first flame burn longer let's the god's keep their power. Letting in die ushers in the age of dark or the age of man. Considering that Darkstalker Kaathe says that you are a descendant of the furtive pygmy, and the Pygmy's plan was to use the dark soul (humanities) to conquer the other three Lord Souls. However, you run into some other enemies that were once human who have remained in contact with the dark, and became twisted monstrosities. So the question is, do you let the god's keep their
  • aaaaaaaaaand the ending got cut off -___- just watch this video. In the end, there is no good or bad ending, its just affecting when the age of dark arrives, either now or later. All in all, your quest is utterly futile and worthless
  • Gwyn is easy if you get Solaire to tank for you. Use pyromancy Great fireballs or sorcery spears/soulmass. Parrying is possible but annoying and a missed parry can be dead
  • I had a lot of luck using the Iron Flesh pyromancy, since I was a bit clumsy with my parries and that seemed to negate a big chunk of his damage (especially important when drinking Estus and he is whaling on you). The extremely slow movement speed you get from Iron Flesh doesn't even matter, since he will be all over you the second you walk through the fog gate. Also, since he is especially vulnerable to parries, put on the Hornet Ring, which boosts crit damage. And slather some fire on your weapon, the Lord of Cinder seems vulnerable to it. I had an easy time with him in NG+ using this setup. Using a Great Scythe +15 with fire on it, and ripostes with the Hornet Ring, I was doing 1231 dmg per counter.
  • You can get both achievements on same playthrough. Just after killing Gwyn, press Start and Exit to main menu. Backup your savefile (on flash drive, or whatever), load game and choose ending (either, leave area or light bonfire). Restore your old save, load game and choose another ending. That's it! You still need to finish some item collections, but at least, you don't need to make a full playthrough! p.s. boss is pretty easy, comparing to ones from DLC. First try, black knight halberd +5, which I got very early in game, and was dealing pretty high damage to all enemies

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