Bond of a Pyromancer Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Bond of a Pyromancer



    Acquire all pyromancies.


    How to unlock Bond of a Pyromancer

    There are nineteen pyromancies in total. Equip a Pyromancy Flame in either hand and assign it to an attunement slot to use them. Once you have obtained them all one character, the achievement will unlock. The various merchants that sell them are below.

    Laurentius of the Great Swamp
    Quelaana of Izalith

    Merchant Sold Pyromancies

    • Combustion - Sold by Laurentius/Quelaana.
    • Fire Orb - Sold by Laurentius/Quelaana.
    • Fire Tempest - Sold by Quelaana.
    • Fire Whip - Sold by Quelaana.
    • Fireball - Sold by Laurentius/Quelaana.
    • Firestorm - Sold by Quelaana.
    • Flash Sweat - Sold by Laurentius.
    • Great Combustion - Sold by Quelaana.
    • Great Fireball - Sold by Quelaana.
    • Iron Flesh - Sold by Laurentius.
    • Poison Mist - Sold by Eingyi after gaining his trust.
    • Toxic Mist - Sold by Eingyi after gaining his trust.
    • Undead Rapport - Sold by Quelaana.

    Covenant Pyromancies

    • Great Chaos Fireball - Join the Chaos Servants covenant. See 'Covenant: Chaos Servant' for more details.
    • Chaos Storm - Reach rank 2 in the Chaos Servant Covenant. You need 30 humanity to do this, so you can farm the various rats in the Painted World, Depths, and Undead Parish. You can also farm the piasacas in the Duke's Archives.

    Corpse/Chest Looted Pyromancies

    • Acid Surge - Treasure on a corpse in the Painted World of Ariamis. Turn right after the huge door after the bonfire, into the wide open area covered in impaled corpses and crows, where there are several torch-wielding Hollows and where Xanthous King Jeremiah invades your world. Turn right again, the Acid Surge is tucked away behind an outcrop.
    • Chaos Fire Whip - Found in a chest right before the Bed of Chaos battle. After the sister of chaos attacks you, continue straight rather than turning left and kill the Chaos Eater to find the chest.
    • Fire Surge - Dropped by a special engorged zombie in the Painted World of Ariamis. Go down the well into the dark hallway with Pinwheel skeletons, then when you get to the first junction, take a left. Follow that until you get to another junction and take a left again, then go up the stairs to find the engorged zombie.
    • Power Within - Treasure from a hanging corpse next to the parasitic wall hugger in Blighttown.

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  • Does anyone know if we'll be able to get these with the same character? I understand it will take many, many play throughs, but it's going to suck if we have to have 3 toons with 200+ hours to get them all lol.
  • To buy pyromancies, you have to save the pyromancer in the depths, after you kill the Capra Demon. He is in the room with the second Butcher after you go into the sewers. He is stick in a barrel. Unconferemd if he can die while trying to release him, try to kick the barrel. After a few talking sequences he will agree to meet you at the firelink shrine.
  • I freed him and he was at the shrine, I've just defeated the Moonlight Butterfly and on my way through Sen's Fortress. Can anyone tell me if he'll come back? It's worth noting that the guy who sat at the bonfire at Firelink turned Hollow (I have no idea why) and started attacking me at the entrance where the ghosts are below the shrine. Not sure if an enemy NPC killed them like in Demon Souls or something
  • Sorry, I meant to say, he was at the shrine but has now gone...
  • Cripple, I think he went insane, cause i was talking to him once, and he said the smell was annoying him and he wanted to "get rid" of it. I'm guessing he meant the pyro man. I don't know if he killed him, but he definetly scared him away.
  • I believe that he leaves when you grab The Great Chaos Fireball or upgrade your flame with Quelaana and talk to him afterwards.
  • Does anyone know if you have to get all these in one playthrough? I just found Quelana in my NG+ and bought out everything I didn't have, but no achievement popped. I have everything that's on the list of pyromancies (some carried over from the first playthrough that I haven't found in my 2nd), but I got nothing. Anyone thinking what I might be missing?
  • Nvm. Did some research and found the spell I am missing: Fire Tempest. After you defeat the Bed of Chaos in Lost Izalith, apparently you can go talk to Quelena and she will give you this spell. Alternatively, I heard you can just kill her and she'll drop it. Fingers crossed for either.
  • hell how do i get my name a nd picture + gamerscore care on my profile??
  • Save the pyromancer stuck in the barrel in the depths. He'll appear in Firelink and be sure to buy all of the pyromancies he sells. Then in Blighttown, find Quelana sitting by a pillar, buy all of her wares. If you have a Pyromancy Catalyst +15, be sure to ascend it. There's also a pyromancy in the swamp area on a corpse, so be sure to search for it. There are 3 pyromancies that you can only get when joining the Chaos servant covenant. When you initially join you get one, getting Chaos Servant +2 covenant rank you get another, and finally when you have an egg head you can get the final one from Eingyi. When you make it to Lost Izalith, there is a chest behind a Chaos Eater w/ a pyromancy in it, Chaos Fire Whip I believe. Also, once you defeat the Bed of Chaos, head back to Quelana i
  • Weird, something happened to my post... to continue on... After beating the Bed of Chaos, go back to Quelana in the swamp and she'll give you a pyromancy. Last two are in The Painted World of Ariamis. One is in the graveyard and another is dropped by a specific hollow when killed.
  • I have all the pyromancies (i found the last two in the painted world in my second playthrough). The achievement did not unlock. I have tried quitting and restarting with no luck. Any suggestions?
  • How do I get Quelana to take my flame past 15?
  • I tried to free Laurentius, but i fuck up. I hit him on my axe and I did free him, but he attacked me. I let him kill me and i went back, same thing, i had to kill him. My character is Pyromancer, how badly am i screwed?
  • @Aguero youre pretty screwed he sells alot of Pyromancies like Fire Orb, Combustion,Iron flesh, Flash Sweat and Fireball. You can get most of these from Quelaana of Izalith but as far as Flash Sweat and Iron Flesh you need those from Laurentius.
  • And you're going to need the Great Swamp based Pyromancies like Toxic Mist and Poison mist, and Acid Surge. Acid Surge is found in Painted World of Ariamis where theres cages lying around and You get Toxic mist and Poison mist from Eingyi the Egg dude from Quelaag's Domain, but for him to sell you stuff you have to be infected with the egg virus. To do this you simply go out to the Demon Ruins find another one of these guys, attack him and let him do his grab attack on you which plants an egg in your head, then walk away and wait 4 min. The way you can tell you've been infected is that your character will be scratching his head from time to time, then after 4 min your head will mutate, then go back to Eingyi and buy his Pyromancies.
  • To find Eingyi hes in Quelaag's Domain, keep walking down after youve killed Quelaag and keep going down the staircase, there you'll see a door that leads to Demon Ruins but dont go that way, in the same room there's a secret door you simply strike it and it will open, once you find the secret door you'll see a hallway and egg carrier guy, dont attack it cause he's an NPC, and you'll find a Bonfire, and Chaos Servant Covenant.
  • Very helpful, thanx a lot. :)
  • I have already had started 3 toons, first one I attacked the guy at fire-link because he was saying about getting humanity from killing a live human, so I said what the hey and attacked him, and he schooled me, and does so every time I spawn in...Second toon accidentally hit the merchant in the undead burg and killed him, third toon i made a wanderer and so far have been doing alright.
  • If anyone is wondering. When you get "Great Chaos Fireball" from the servants of chaos - if you tell the pyromancer about it when he asks, he goes hollow and ends up in a swamp. Also, in Blighttown there is another pyromancer that sells VERY good pyromancy spells.
  • If anyone gets a second pyromancy flame and then talks to Laurentius make sure to say "No." If you don't he will not sell you his spells,actually he won't even be at firelink shrine next time you go there to buy things from him. He will become hollow and be located at the posion swamps in blighttown around the bonfire. So make sure to buy all the spells needed for the achievement in case you want to actually kill him.
  • All of my favorite spells are pyromancies
  • #14, am I the only person in the world who ROLLS through barrels?
  • @21: That' s only if you accuired the Great Chaos Fireball from the Chaos Servant Covenant.
  • @21: Or got the ascended pyromancy flame from Queelana.
  • I will need the DLC: Artorias of the Abyss?
  • Pyromancies4lyf
  • Looking forward to polishing this one off.
  • So... Fire Tempest was the one i was missing. Pretty tricky.

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