Prayer of a Maiden Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Prayer of a Maiden



    Acquire all miracles.


    How to unlock Prayer of a Maiden

    There are 23 miracles in total. To use a miracle, equip a talisman in either hand and have the required FTH to assign them to an attunement slot. There are two main merchants in the game who sell miracles, and they are below. 

    Rhea of Thorolund
    Petrus of Thorolund

    Merchant Sold Miracles

    • Great Heal Excerpt - Sold by Petrus/Rhea/Patches.
    • Great Heal - Sold by Rhea.
    • Heal - Sold by Petrus/Rhea/Patches.
    • Homeward - Sold by Petrus/Rhea.
    • Karmic Justice - Sold by Oswald of Carim. Oswald is the guy who you can request absolution from and he will be located at the bottom of the tower with the Bell of Awakening after ringing it.
    • Magic Barrier -Sold by Rhea.
    • Seek Guidance - Sold by Petrus/Rhea.
    • Wrath of the Gods - Sold by Rhea.
    • Force - Sold by Petrus/Rhea.

    Covenant Related Miracles

    • Darkmoon Blade - Reach rank 1 in the Darkmoon covenant. See 'Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon' for how to join this covenant. You must give 10 Souvenirs of Reprisal's. These can be obtained by defeating the guilty world masters or by farming the crow demons in the Painted World of Ariamis.
    • Gravelord Greatsword Dance - Obtained by reaching rank 1 in the Gravelord Servant covenant. You need 10 Eyes of Death, which can be easily farmed from the basilisks in the Depths or the Great Hollow.
    • Gravelord Sword Dance - Join the Gravelord Servant covenant. See 'Covenant: Gravelord Servant' for how to do this.
    • Great Lightning Spear - Reach rank 1 in the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant. You must offer 10 sunlight medals, which can be farmed from the sunlight maggots in the Lost Izalith area or by helping other players successfully kill bosses while you're in the covenant.
    • Sunlight Spear - After reaching rank 1 in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant, give Gwyn's soul (can only be done on NG+) to the altar and you'll receive this miracle.
    • Lightning Spear - Join the Warriors of Sunlight covenant. See 'Covenant: Warriors of Sunlight' for how to do this.

    Gifted Miracles

    • Emit Force - Given by Siegmeyer of Catarina after you answer YES to his question. See here for how to follow his story up to that point.
    • Replenishment - Given by Rhea in the Tomb of the Giants. See here for how to follow her storyline to that point.

    Corpse/Chest Loot Miracles

    • Bountiful Sunlight - *see 'Soothing Sunlight'.
    • Great Magic Barrier - Treasure from a corpse in Ash Lake.
      Inside the hollow tree between the Stone Dragon and the hollow tree from which you entered the area. You must drop from the root walkway surrounding the tree into a hollowed-out tree trunk near the Basilisk.
    • Soothing Sunlight - This and Bountiful Sunlight are both guaranteed stops from the two non-respawning and non-hostile piasacas that are crying in front of the giant cell at the bottom of the Duke's Archives.
    • Sunlight Blade - Found on a corpse just past the Gywndolin boss battle. See 'Defeated Dark Sun Gwyndolin' for more details.
    • Tranquil Walk of Peace - Describing it in text will only confuse you. See this video for the location.
    • Vow of Silence - Found in the Painted World of Ariamis inside the Annex (requires Annex Key), at the top of building. Some crow demons will ambush you upon picking the miracle up.

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  • Available to buy once you unlock the elavater from the undead church at firelink shrine. As far as i'm concerned you need to be part of the Way of the White covanent to buy them, or maybe just not in a coflicting covanent. To use you need to use a talisman
  • I thought they were available to buy when you first get to Lordran. You can join the covenant right away.
  • im not sure, you're probably right, but thats how I did it, sorry
  • well i bought all of them from that covenant fatty.... no achievement.
  • There are some miracles from certain covenants so I'm sure you would need those as well to unlock the achievement
  • There are miracles throughout the entire game that need to be collected; it looks like this achievement has the most spread out spell list.
  • Most of the miracles can be bought from Petrus the Cleric and Rhea the Maiden, but there are a good amount scattered throughout the game and several you need to join covenants for. Takes about one playthrough and New Game+ is needed for probably the last miracle you'll get. Join the Warriors of Sunlight and you get one miracle initially and offer 10 Sunlight medals to get the next. After beating Lord Gwyn and making it back to the Sunlight Altar in New Game+, offer Lord Gwyn's Soul to get the Sunlight Spear miracle. Join the Gravelord covenant to get one miracle initially and offer up 10 eyes to get the next miracle. Join the Blades of Darkmoon and offer up 10 Souvenirs of Reprisal. While going through Sen's fortress be sure to find and talk to Siegmeyer of Catarina. Continue t
  • continued... Continue to help him out in Anor Londo and he'll appear in Firelink and give you Emit Force. Search the Catacombs, Ash Lake, and the Painted World of Ariamis for the stragglers. There's one hidden in each area. You also get two miracles by killing off all of the octopus head enemies guarding Big Hat Logan in the Duke's Archive.
  • Make sure you do Warriors of Sun, and Blades of Darkmoon prior to NG+'ing otherwise you'll have to start over like me because I can never find any "Guilty" that are soul level 100+
  • just a tip, the souvenirs of reprisal you need for blades of the darkmoon can be farmed from the crow men in the painted world, and the eyes of you need for the gravelord servant covenant can be farmed from the basilisk frogs in the depths or the great hollow. the drop rate is low, but with the gold serpent ring and some humanity it wont take long to get 10 of each. i found this easier than trying to invade and not finding anyone over and over.
  • Killed Petrus too early... Now have to clr the entire game again for 3 Spells.. But the achievement is pretty easy if you're not as stupid as I am. Thought this takes centuries but now that you only need 25 instead of 50 faith for the Warriors of Sun, it is pretty easy. And the required items drop pretty good acutally except the Souveniers of Reprisal. Took me about an hour even with the Gold Serpent Ring and ~30 Humanity.
  • Does anyone know where to find Rhea after you first encounter her in the Tomb of the Giants?
  • I got this and I'm fairly certain that the only covenant you need things from is the gravelord. I could be wrong though because I remember trying the darkmoon, but I can't remember if I actually got enough items to rank. This is also cumulative throughout all characters, so if you have multiple characters and get all but a few, then get the rest with another character you will get the achievement. This is how I got it, though I haven't heard this anywhere else so there is a small possibility that its just a glitch.
  • You only need to get Rank 1 for Gravelord and Darkmoon what is on the guide is incorrect, as I only got Gravelord and Darkmoon to Rank 1 and achivevement came up one picked up the last one Darkmoon Blade - rank 2 Darkmoon Covenant reward to get rank 1 you will need 10 Souvenir of Reprisal these are found in these places. Locations Killing Lautrec by invading his world, in Anor Londo, after he's killed Anastacia, the Firelink fire keeper. Rare drop from Harpies in the Painted World. Offer a Pendant to Snuggly the Crow and you will receive a Souvenir of Reprisal in exchange. Gravelord Great Sword Dance - rank 3 Gravelord Covenant reward(for this you need an item called eyes of death these are found at these areas)You will need to trade in 10 items. Location
  • Sorry got cut out Location 3 are obtainable in The Catacombs, behind a Titanite Demon 3 are in the Tomb of Giants. Behind the 1st bonfire, it's up a by the ladder that goes to the large divine ember. The Basilisks have a chance to drop them. Patches the Hyena sells three of them for 3,000 Souls each.
  • Do you need to get all of them on one character? Or can I get a few on one and the others on a different character?
  • Could anyone drop me some sunlight medals? I'm level 130 need 6 I think. I'LL DO ANYTHING!!!
  • @18 You can farm the chaos bugs in the shortcut between Lost Izalith and the Demon Ruins. You need to have joined the chaos servant covenant and offered like 30 humanities before you can open it. Once you've done that go to the demon ruins and turn right just before the room with the Demon Firesage boss. So long as you are still in the covenant you can open the door and kill the bugs (There are 9 of them the first time and 8 all the rest).
  • Either summon Solaire or kill the bugs as 19 said to get the medals... Praise the Sun...
  • Or summon people that have the golden signatures to kill bosses (or be summoned yourself if your in the Sunlight covenant), if they (or you) survive the fight you'll both get a medal for the boss kill.
  • Soooooooo, I have them all, but no dice........... I don't want to do this again :'(
  • Can someone help me? All I need is 6 souvenir of reprisal? Gamertag is AGLucas. message me on Xbox
  • Tried this achievement between two characters unsuccessfully, unlike the other spell related achievements such as all pyro's or sorceries which were achieved between more then one character.
  • Thank you for explaining where you get the miracles for Prayer of Maiden Achievement. Was confused
  • Can miricles be dropped or traded?
  • Probably the hardest achievement in this game. Need 8 souvenir of reprisal. Was focusing too much on rare weapons
  • This achievement is such a pain because of the souvenirs of reprisals. I only have 3, all of them were rare drops, and the invasions are terrible in the covenant. The only harder is achievement is The Dark Soul. I have a long way to go.
  • I will need the DLC: Artorias of the Abyss?
  • No, DLC is not required (and weirdly, just like in Dark Souls 2, there are no achievements for DLC).
  • Can you collect all of these on different characters?
  • If anyone wants to do the covenant related Miracles, message me on Xbox. My Gamertag is my Username. I am Soul Level 87 and am willing to help on any boss/get invaded.
  • Looking forward to polishing this one off.
  • Ughhhh. I just killed Dark Sun Gwyn. NG+ for this one.

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