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  • Covenant: Way of White



    Discover Way of White covenant.


    How to unlock Covenant: Way of White

    As soon as you reach Lordran, go into the building next to the one with the puddle of water and talk to the man named Petrus of Thorolund. After exhausting his dialogue, he’ll offer to teach/sell miracles and to join the Way of White. 

    NOTE: You don’t need to join the covenant, you just need to have the option to join for the achievement.

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  • Nice and easy one, when you get to lordran after the initial tutorial area head towards the crumbled archways and through one of the central ways there will be a cleric type templar character. Initiate the talk sequence a few times and he'll give you a coin and after that he'll allow you to take the white covenant. Pop goes the chievo.
  • I wonder how many more are like this... I obtained this by accident. :)
  • Heh yea me too man, well theres a few covenant ones aren't there but i think the considerabley more hidden and also there secrets i believe, damn game has had me up playing since i got it, made 3 chars with 21 hours total play time. and i only have 606 HAH.
  • excuse the bad typos, im crackered. *they're * 60G
  • Not sure how this is for everyone else, but the achievement popped BEFORE I joined the covenant for me. This seems to indicate that you don't actually have to join a covenant, just being finding it and being offered seems to do the trick.
  • Yep, the same thing happened to me. The achievement popped before I made the decision to join the covenant. However, I was engaged in conversation with the cleric at the time.
  • @5 &6 you don't have to join it, just discover it.
  • At says in the achievo... DISCOVER, NOT JOIN. :)
  • Just a quick video showing where he is when you first start. He does move after so long, so if he's not there then check his other location. Tomb of Giants*

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