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    Discover Darkwraith covenant.


    How to unlock Covenant: Darkwraith

    This covenant requires a bit of planning and is very easy to miss. You need to talk to Kaathe to get the option to join this covenant. Kaathe can be found in the Abyss in front of the bonfire after defeating the Four Kings (see corresponding achievement if you're having trouble with that). He wil not appear at all of you:

    • Place the Lordvessel in Firelink Altar before talking to him.
    • Talk to Frampt whatsoever in your playthrough.

    If you haven't done these, then Kaate will appear and he will take you to Firelink Altar so you can place the Lordvessel and side with him. 

    NOTE: After talking to Kaathe, Frampt will leave Firelink for the rest of your playthrough. 

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  • Get the Lordvessel and then head to New Londo. Clear out the area and open the seal. Fight the Four Kings and then another primordial serpent named Kaath will appear after the fight past the bonfire. Talk to him and he will let you join the covenant.
  • Just remember to not be in princess guard or chaos covenant, and don't put the lordvessel on it's pedestal. Kaath won't appear for that playthrough under those circumstances.
  • I accidentaly denay the covenant, there is a place where i can find these serpent to Join the covenant?
  • @#3, no. He's the only guy you can talk to for the covenant. If you accidentally said no, just talk to him again. If he is not there for whatever reason, you'll have to talk to him on a different playthrough (especially if you want the knight's honor achievement, in which case you'll have to do it on the same character, so NG+). Also in reference to comment#1, make you might want to swing by Dark Root and fight Sif first...
  • One keeps learning things every day. I had no idea there was a covenant like that.
  • Hey everyone, Just a quick video explaining how to join the coven. Not much to add, and really just shows where Kaathe with appear after the kings. Hope it helps!

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