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    How to unlock Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight

    This covenant is actually required for two of the miracles you need to obtain. First off, you need to have at least 25 faith OR you can lower the requirement by 1 for each boss you help someone successfully kill. Once you're eligible, interact with the statue at the Sunlight Altar bonfire for the achievement. 

    To rank up in this covenant and to get the two miracles, you need Sunlight Medals. You can get Sunlight Medals by helping people to successfully kill bosses (WHILE YOU'RE STILL IN THE COVENANT), 3x out of the chest in the room by the second bonfire in Anor Londo (guarded by spear wielding Silver Knight), or by farming the sunlight maggots at the end of Lost Izalith. Offer ten and you'll get the Great Lightning Spear miracle. You can also offer Gwyn's soul for the Sunlight spear miracle. 

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  • Pray at the alter behind the hellkite dragon (perched on bridge tower). Requires a faith stat of 50. The following equation applies: Character faith stat + (5 * white phantom assists by killing boss in multiplayer game)
  • @1, I'm pretty sure the minimum is now 25. Because of somewhat recent update
  • Confirmed: The faith requirement has been lowered to 25. 4 assists should get anybody invited into the covenant now.
  • Do assists from previous playthroughs count?
  • what do you need to put down to get summoned into other peoples games to defeat bosses?
  • @5, The white sign soapstone allows you to be summoned into other peoples worlds. Solaire of Astoria gives you this if you talk to him in the Undead Burg on the bridge at the opposite end of where the dragon perches.
  • I don't have 25 faith, but after exhausting solaire's dialogue at his two previous locations (undead burg then Anor Londo bonfire) he was at the sunlight altar and then Asked me to join. Achievement popped and everything.
  • If you have already completed the first play through and you have the soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, you can also spend ten Sunlight Medals to rank up to +1 and receive a copy of Sunlight Spear, requiring 50 faith to use and being the highest miracle spear to use.
  • looking to boost some sunlight medals anyone who is early on in game and needs help with bosses add me. Could use some advice on character build myself I am new to game but love it. Made it to Ash lake but got cursed and couldn't stand going back through hollow so stated over. Gt= Mudokon Slayer
  • If you're fine till waiting till ornstein and smough, you can usually get summoned a ton right there. Upon beating them yourself and getting the lord vessel, warp back to the sunlight altar, enter the covenant, then warp back to anor londo and help more people to get sunlight medals to level up in the covenant.
  • Anyone still playing I'm looking to help against bosses to lower this. Message me! GT: Martats
  • If anyone wants to do this, message me on Xbox. My Gamertag is my Username. I am Soul Level 87 and am willing to help on any boss. I would also like to do Invasions too (for the Souvenirs of Reprisal).
  • i want to boost this, i am lvl 99 what if i make a new character ang give all points to faith just for the achievement?
  • If anyone is still playing this, i'd be happy to help out on any boss or area, but i don't have the DLC. I'm SL 119. GT: kezijin UK time
  • 25 faith is such a high requirement to join this covenant and the lowering player counts is making the whole co op method harder and harder

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