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    How to unlock Covenant: Forest Hunter

    This covenant isn't required for anything but it can be found in the Darkroot Garden. First off, buy the Crest of Artorias from Andre of Astora for 20000 souls. Then go through the door and kill all of the phantoms in the area (not required but you get a lot of souls as its the best soul grinding spot in the game). After you fight the axe wielding bandit in the Brigand set, go into the room directly in front of the area where he spawns and talk to the cat in the window. Exhaust her dialogue for the option to join the covenant and the achievement. 

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  • You get this by defeating the "Cheshire Cat" in the Forest passed the gate you unlock for 20,000 souls from Blacksmith.
  • ....Excuse my first comment you can enter this Covenant by talking to the Cat pirched up in the window at the Fort directly across from the Forest Door
  • Select "yes" when the cat asks you a question otherwise you can't join covenant
  • Yes, you still can join the covenant, but asking for absolution to the priest in the tower of the church at the Undead Parish. But the prize is high... 50,000 souls.
  • Hey all, just a quick video showing where exactly to get this covenant. Biggest thing is to just be careful running through the forest, as there is a rogue enemy that can just wreck your face. Hope the video helps!

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