Covenant: Gravelord Servant Achievement in Dark Souls

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    Discover Gravelord Servant covenant.


    How to unlock Covenant: Gravelord Servant

    This covenant is located in the Catacombs. From the first bonfire, go through the door and across the bridge. Before you go into the building with the necromancer, there is a ledge to your right. Drop down and land on the ledge below. Go through the door and you’ll find yourself in a long hallway with a Prowling Demon. Run past him and loot the corpse for the Eye’s of Death. Turn around and look for the coffin that sticks out more than the rest, you’ll be given a prompt to enter the coffin. Stay in the coffin for about 30 seconds to be transported into Nito’s room. Talk to him for the Covenant.

    NOTE: If you already defeated Nito, you won’t be able to join until your next playthrough.

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  • There is a coffin that you can wait in in the catacombs. Stay in it for about 30 seconds and you will be teleported to *SPOILER* Nito's grave where one can join his conenant. Need confermation if that is it.
  • Ya, just found it, the coffin is by the tatinite demon, just a bit in front of him and to the left as you approach him. It took almost a minute for the cinematic to happen, but it did.
  • Make sure you do this before fighting Nito, once he dies you'll have to get to this again in NG+
  • How many Titanite Demons are there in this game? o.o If y'all are talking about the T.D. below the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish, I still haven't found the coffin you're talking about. And I'm starting to feel a little stupid XDD
  • There are plenty of Titanite Demons. This one is in the Catacombs after the second bonfire.
  • Should you get to the coffin and nothing happens.. it's because you do not have an "Eye of Death" on your person. If lying in the coffin, look right and you should see the Titanite Demon.. if you get close to him he'll lunge and begin to walk down the hall. Jump back in the coffin as he comes towards you, he will pass the coffin. Get out of the coffin and run in the direction of where the Demon was originally, there's a corpse at the end of the hall with some Eyes of Death. Then get back in the coffin, the cut scene will then take place.
  • Not much to add, just a video showing where to go to get this one. Hope it helps!

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