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    Discover Chaos Servant covenant.


    How to unlock Covenant: Chaos Servant

    After the Quelaag boss battle, go down the staircase after ringing the second Bell of Awakening. There is an illusory wall to the right of the already open wall. Hit it and talk to Eingyi and be sure to answer YES to his question. Then go up to Quelaana (looks just like Quelaag only she is praying and is sitting right in front of the bonfire) and talk to her and bring up the expanded menu. Choose the ‘Join Covenant’ option for the achievement.

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  • This conenant is located right under where you ring the bell in "Kelogs" Domain in the octagonal room with the seal on the floor. There is a illusionary wall that can be attacked, then talk to the suffering *don't attack*. He'll ask of you are on of them, say yes and talk to the white Chaos Queen to join. I think to actually understand what she tells you(she doesn't speak english) if you have a ring with the word witch in it. I don't know what it's called.
  • as a side note, you do not need to join these covenants for the achievement, just find the NPC who offers it, and "discover" the covenant
  • @2, Really? This is good news if so, but the one for joining Way of White covenant only unlocked for me when I accepted their invite to join, and not just upon finding the guy who offers it.....
  • I can confirm that #2 post is INCORRECT. One HAS to join the covenant, simply finding or 'discovering' the person does NOTHING Achievement wise.
  • Not sure how the others work, but when I was offered to join the Way of White the achievement popped before I accepted to join. Once he asked me to join it popped and only after that did I join. Not sure if this is the case for any other though. It definately won't pop just by finding the person who offers it though, it seems you at least have to be asked if you want to join.
  • at @4 maybe i spoke too soon, but for this specific covenant, all you have to do is hit "join covenant" then when u actually get the option to join, just hit no, and i got the achievement without joining. so perhaps this is a glitch or you are indeed just "discovering" the covenant
  • I can confirm least for the Chaos Servant covenant all you have to do is hit "Enter Covenant" then another message will ask "Join Covenant? (abandons former Covenant). That's when the achievement popped up. Just hit "NO" to not join.
  • I can confirm #6 & #7 you dont actullay have to join the covenant all you have to to is get to the point that it ask you if you want to abandon your former covenant and say no achevement should pop.
  • Hey all, just a video showing where this is located, hope it helps!

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