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  • Strongest Weapon



    Acquire best weapon through standard reinforcement.


    How to unlock Strongest Weapon

    This is by far the most annoying crafting achievement simply because of how the game handles upgrading and ascending weapons. You need to get any regular weapon to +15. This will take a lot of patience and you can't get this until late game. 

    Required Embers and locations

    • Large Ember - Found in the first room of the Depths. First, grab the basement key on the other side of the gate in the Undead Parish, then go back to the beginning of the bridge guarded by the Hellkite Dragon. Then kill the Capra Demon boss in the Lower Undead Burg. This will give you the key to the Depths. Step back out of the boss fog once defeated and look to the left. Follow the path down and open the door. The ember is located in a chest to the left of the butcher's table.
    • Very Large Ember - Found in a chest in the end of New Londo Ruins. AFTER YOU'VE OPENED THE FLOOD GATES (get the key to the seal from Ingward) go down to the bottom of the area. There should be a well with a corpse containing six red eye orbs. Go into the building and beware of darkwraiths. The first mass of souls enemy can be found in this building. Go past him and go into the room to the right. Follow the path up the stairs to get to the chest with the ember.

    You need a lot of titanite for this. In the end, you'll need 9 titanite shards, 9 large titanite shards, 7 titanite chunks, and one slab. Slabs and chunks can be obtained using the methods described in the 'Lightning Weapon' achievement and the various titanite shards can be bought by the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.

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  • This might help, here's a tree for the weapon upgrades that I found. Not mine at all:
  • Credits for the tree to Mud_Chan on GameFaqs
  • Thank you Shugaro, that helps a lot :)
  • how many times do i need to reinforce the sword to get the acheivment? is it 5 or 15?
  • So do these achievements mean you need to get one single weapon to Normal+15, Magic+10, Fire+5, etc?
  • Does anyone have any idea if these achievements can be done on shields? Shields are in the weapons tab, but wouldn't want to waste all that effort for nothing
  • look at the hotlink that Shugaro and Mud_chops posted. it needs to be at the end of a branch of the tree to count
  • Looking by the tree structure, I think " best weapon through standard reinforcement" will be +15. Gonna be troublesome to get the titanite(s) to upgrade from +10 to +15.
  • Confirmed that you can use shields to do these achievements.
  • Get large titanite chunks from he crest fallen warrior in Sen's Fortress, the one ye have to jump to buy, he also sells the onion armor set.
  • You will be needing quite a few large titanite shards for this achievement. Large titanite shards can be obtained from the Leeches in Blighttown's swamp area. Leeches have a very high drop rate and they can be killed easily. Equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and have your Humanity counter at 10 for optimal item discovery. Rest at the nearby bonfire when they are all killed. Repeat. You should have 10 Large Titanite Shards within 5 minutes. Additionally, Titanite Shards can be bought from Blacksmith Andrei (1st blacksmith connected to Sen's Fortress entrance) for 800 souls. This seems like the best deal.
  • Large Titanite Shards can be bought at the merchant in Sen's Fortress for 4000 souls, or the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo for 3800 souls. Titanite chunks are rare drops from Crystal lizards and Darkwraith Knights. Titanite slabs are extremely rare drops on Darkwraiths, and a 100% drop from the Stray Demon (Undead Asylum Revisit Boss).
  • You can get a Titanite Slab if you follow the Siegemeyer of Catarina (the dude that looks like he has an onion as a helmet) Questline.
  • got :)
  • My Preferred Titanite Farming Locations: As always, have 10 Humanity and wear the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring for the maximum item discovery rate of 410. If you are impatient or you have souls to burn, you can easily purchase the Titanite Shards from Blacksmith Andrei in the Undead Parish and the Large Titanite Shards from the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo. Titanite Shards: Balder Knights - Undead Parish Church Large Titanite Shards: Leeches - Lower Blighttown Swamp Titanite Chunks: Giants (Outside the Chamber of the Princess, the two giants guarding the room before Ornstein and Smough) - Anor Londo Black Knights (1st and 3rd, 100% Drop) - Kiln of the First Flame Titanite Slabs: Darkwraiths (Extremely Rare Drop)- New Londo Crystal Lizards (Extremely Rare Drop) - The G
  • ^^ Crystal Lizards - The Great Hollow Guaranteed Titanite Slabs: Stray Demon (Victory Drop)- Undead Asylum Treasure Chest (Behind a waterfall where you fight Kalameet) - Royal Wood Complete the Siegmeyer of Catarina storyline

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