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    Acquire best weapon through crystal reinforcement.


    Crystal Ember: Found in the Duke's Archives. In the room with the staircase activated by the lever to get to the gardens, go behind the bookcase and open the chest to get the ember. Once you get the ember, bring it to the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. 

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can get a Crystal Halberd from the mimic at the beginning of Anor Londo. 

    To ascend a weapon into a crystal ascension, you need to have any weapon at a +10 through standard path, then you take that weapon to the giant blacksmith and have him ascend it with a titanite chunk. You need 9 titanite chunks and a slab to get to +5 Crystal weapon. Refer to the lightning weapon achievement for methods on obtaining titanite chunks and slabs. 

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  • The Crystal Ember can be found in the Duke's Archive. It's in a chest hidden behind a bookshelf. Best bet is to upgrade the Crystal Knight Shield found also in the Dukes Archive. Bring the Ember to the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo to start upgrading.
  • I can confirm, as mentioned in the guide that a quicker way of doing this and to save on materials is to kill the Mimic at Sen's Fortress. It will drop a Crystal Spear. All you need to do then is take it to Andrei the Blacksmith and reinforce it 5 times. Make sure you have a Titanite Slab. This, you can get from the Stray Demon when you revisit the undead asylum.
  • Sorry guys I got a bit confused and my input above was meant for the lightning weapon not crystal. My bad!
  • Really lame achievement if you ask me. Crystal weapons have very low durability and cannot be repaired, so the +5 crystal weapon will become useless super quickly. Huge waste of a titanite slab. I would recommend doing this achievement only if you either have left over titanite slabs (you would have to be on NG+ most likely for that to happen, or if you need this achievement to earn the one for completing all other achievements
  • Want to confirm that the Crystal Knight Shield +5 will in fact earn this achievement. Just grabbed it myself a few min. ago.
  • i need with this one
  • Ooh. Shiny shiny. I make Shiny. Cometh Soon.

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