Raw Weapon Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Raw Weapon



    Acquire best weapon through raw reinforcement.


    How to unlock Raw Weapon

    You need to upgrade a raw weapon to +5 for this achievement. You need to have the Large Ember (kill Capra Demon boss for key to Depths, enter the depths and the chest next to the butcher's table in the first room to get the ember). After that, take it to Andre of Astora and use it to ascend a +5 weapon on the standard path. You need 7 titanite chunks and 1 slab. The best places to farm titanite chunks are the darkwraiths in New Londo and the giant sentinels in LIGHT Anor Londo. The easiest places to get Titanite Slabs are the Stray Demon boss on the return visit to the Undead Asylum. The second place is to complete Siegmeyer of Catarina's questline. See HEREfor a detailed guide explaining how to do Siegmeyer's story.

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  • I believe you have to upgrade a normal weapon to +5 with titanite shards then upgrade to raw +5 with large titanite shard. Don't hold me on that, but I think that should pop the achievement. If anyone could confirm this works, that'd be cool (if I don't confirm it myself).
  • Yes, I confirm that works. Already done it myself.
  • To unlock the ability to upgrade to raw weapons, you need the Large Ember. It's in the Depths by the first Butcher you encounter. Take it to the first blacksmith you encounter (The white haired guy in the Undead Parish/Sen's Fortress/Darkroot Garden hub area). This is actually pretty hard to miss, but figured I'd point it out.
  • Upgraded uchigatana to +5 and no achievement. Any ideas?
  • Raw is the most worthless upgrade.. unless maybe if you're really early in the game and are using it on a weapon that scales with something you're not good at..
  • I got this achivement by reinforcing the great axe (found in Depths near large group of rats) down the raw path Hope this helps

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