Magic Weapon Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Magic Weapon



    Acquire best weapon through magic reinforcement.


    How to unlock Magic Weapon

    Large Magic Ember: Found in the room where you fight Seath for the first time. The ember will be in a chest that will only appear AFTER Seath is defeated. 

    Rickhert of Vinheim: Located in New Londo Ruins. Right before you go into New Londo, go allthe way to the right and down the staircase to the left to see him locked up in a cage. He is safe and he will remain there forever (unless you attack him, in which case he will run back). Give the Large Magic Ember to him. 

    In order to get a +10 magic weapon, you need 10 green titanite shards (purchased from giant blacksmith in Anor Londo), 7 blue titanite chunks (farmed from blue crystal golems in Darkroot Basin/Crystal Caves/ Duke's Archives gardens), and a blue titanite slab (farmed from moonlight butterflies in Crystal Caves or found in the Crystal Caves. Drop down into the invisible path and turn around into the cave with 3 crystal lizards and follow the invisible path out of there to find the corpse with the slab).

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  • You need the Large Magic Ember. You can get it in a chest in the room where your first encounter w/ Seath is. Bring the Ember to the Blacksmith in New Londo. Be sure to grab the Blue Titanite Slab in the crystal cave for the last upgrade level +10.
  • If you have a ton of blue titanite you can knock off 2 achievements by getting the enchanted falcion in dukes archives the upgrade it then after that achievement you downgrade it the it will be magic falcion plus 5
  • Willing to trade magic weapon or lightning weapon for any of the other weapon achievements exept raw enchanted lightning and magic also I can trade a raw weapon
  • Is there more than one Blue Titanite Slab per playthrough? I have only seen one in the Crystal Cave. Am I missing any?
  • need help with this one
  • #4 There is only one Blue titanite slab pick up per playthrough (across the invisible path in the crystal cave.) I believe you can get it to drop from the 3 butterflies in the same cavern, but its incredibly rare.
  • Update - There is also a blue titanite slab in a chest, beside a pond in Royal Woods. The Artorias of the Abyss DLC is required obviously.
  • As you cannot even upgrade to +6 without the ember, and the lordvessel must be placed before you can get the ember, this is probably the hardest of the weapon achievements to get on later playthroughs, so getting it earlier is recommended. (Note- the red and regular slabs are available before the lordvessel, but this is the only EMBER not available til after. The white and blue slabs both require the lordvessel placed.)

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