Enchanted Weapon Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Enchanted Weapon



    Acquire best weapon through enchanted reinforcement.


    How to unlock Enchanted Weapon

    The Enchanted ember is needed to ascend weapons on the enchanted path. It can be found in a chest in a pond guarded by two large mushroom shaped enemies in Darkroot Garden. Alternatively you can find an Enchanted Falchion from the mimics drop in Duke's Archives (the one in the room with the crystal area after the bookcase shortcut). You need Blue Titanite Chunks (farm axe wielding Black Knight at the end of the game for those) and a Blue Titanite Slab to go from +4 to +5. The Blue Titanite Slabs can be farmed from the moonlight butterflies in Crystal Cave (don't worry about killing it over a chasm, slab will automatically get added to your inventory) or found on a corpse in the crystal caves (when you fall onto the invisible walkway, turn around and go through the small tunnel with 3 crystal lizards and follow the path that leads out of there for the corpse containing the slab). 

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  • You need the Enchanted Ember for this one. You can find this ember in Darkroot. Open the sealed door and head towards the back of the forest. It's in between the fog gate to Sif and the ruins. The chest it is in, is in a pond guarded by two Adult Mushrooms. The shrooms hit hard so keep your shield up. Best bet is to lure them away from the chest and double back to open it while they're slowly coming after you.
  • i need help with this one
  • I will do this...one day.
  • If you don't feel like enchanting a magic weapon to enchanted, get the enchanted falchion in the Duke's Archives
  • like what #4 said. There is a mimic chest in Duke's Archives that always drops the "Enchanted Falchion" when killed. To tell the difference between a mimic and a normal chest, look at the chain next to it. The regular chests have a chain facing the wall behind them, but the mimics are more straight. so, dual wield your weapon and go to town on it before it has a chance to hit you.
  • alternatively to killing the mimics (which can prove difficult) just throw a Lloyd's Talisman (bought from the undead merchant in the Undead Burg or the Marvelous Chester in the DLC area) at them. They'll open like a normal chest, offering what's inside them.

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