Occult Weapon Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Occult Weapon



    Acquire best weapon through occult reinforcement.


    How to unlock Occult Weapon

    You need to upgrade any occult weapon to +5. You can use the Occult Ember or the Occult Club (dropped by the mimic in the room with Havel's set in Anor Londo. The Occult Ember is found in the Painted World of Ariamis (use the Annex Key and follow the straight path after opening the door. The ember is down the stairs and on a statue that looks like Andre of Astora). If you are using the ember, give it to Andre and use it to ascend any +5 divine weapon to Occult. I'd personally recommend using the club so you don't have to waste resources.

    To get an Occult weapon to +5, you need 9 white titanite chunks (I'd recommend farming the axe wielding black knight at the end for them) and a white titanite slab. White titanite slabs are an incredibly rare drop from the pinwheel servants or you can find one in that area. Describing where it is will only confuse you, so see this videofor the location.

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  • Grab the Dark Ember from the petrified blacksmith in the Painted World of Ariamis. To access The Painted World, you have to have the 'Peculiar Doll' item found in you prison cell at the Northern Undead Asylum. NOTE: ONE WAY TRIP INSIDE UNTIL YOU FIND THE EXIT. WARPING W/ THE LORDVESSEL WILL NOT WORK HERE. Have at least eight White Titanite Chunks and one White Titanite Slab ready to reach +5.
  • Why is this the only weapon achievement thats a secret?
  • If you find an occult club that drops off the fake chest monsters in Anor Londo, I believe you can upgrade without going to PWA. I haven't done it entirely yet, but I have the option to upgrade my occult club with the white titanite pieces I've found, and I have not yet been to PWA. I believe going to PWA is necessary only if you want to "ascend" an existing weapon to the occult path (divine +5 is actually required to get to occult).
  • i need help with this one
  • Kill Havel, an occult club will then be found with his gear in Anor Londo. Upgrade it, boom.
  • Damn weapon achievements, they're so tough
  • @3 You are correct. You can either level up the Occult Club form with Havel's gear, or go to the PWA, get the Dark Ember and do it that way.

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