Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla



    Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla, the Lifehunter.


    How to unlock Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla

    Priscilla is a completely optional boss that does require some steps to access. First, you must return to the Undead Asylum (go up the elevator to undead parish, but don't let it go all the way up and go onto the broken roof. Then roll onto te pillar and up the stairs to the crow's nest. A button prompt will appear that says ' to curl up like a ball'. Wait about 30 seconds to be taken back). Once you're there, go back to the cell where you started the game and pick up the Peculiar Doll. Then go to the painting in Anor Londo and interact with it. You'll be taken into the Painted World of Ariamis. 

    She won't be hostile when you enter the fog. Of you want to just leave the place, walk around her and jump off the edge to leave. However, for the achievement you must kill her. Before the fight actually starts, I recommend getting your hardest hitting weapon and doing a two handed strong attack on her tail for her tailcut weapon. She will aggro and turn invisible. Watch the ground for her footsteps and keep your shield up at all times. When you here her swing, look where her footsteps are and attack. After a few hits, she will become visible again. Rinse and repeat for the achievement. 

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  • In Anor Londo you will find a huge painting in a building. Examine it and you will be transported in to a new world. At the end you will find her. You must attack her otherwiseshe will not attack you. Defeat her to get achievement.
  • I think you also have to go back to the asylum and get a doll that was in the cell you were in when you started the game.
  • @2 Yes you have to get the doll from the Asylum to enter the picture
  • Use the bird's nest at the top of the tree at Firelink Shrine to get back to the Asylum. Get the Peculiar Doll. Return to the painting in Anor Londo. At the end you will find Priscilla, to defeat her watch the ground when she uses the snow storm. Damage her and she'll re-appear, break off her tail to get Priscilla's Dagger. Hope this help. :)
  • With a decent enough melee weapon, this fight is a breeze. Just done it now on my first attempt and she really was majorly easy. The trouble is getting to her. Those wheel skeletons were an absolute nightmare! I lost nearly 80,000 souls and 2 humanities to them...but the feeling of finally getting to Priscilla and having that achievement pop up along with those 40,000 souls made it all better ^__^
  • People who are having trouble with this boss, remember that you can find out where she is by looking for her foot-steps in the snow.
  • Pyro and fire helps, through it in the general direction you believe she is in.
  • Cut her tail to get Priscilla's Dagger
  • But be aware: it's a sin to kill Priscilla.
  • Just defeated her on second playthrough (missed The Painted World the first time) and she was the easiest boss - I died twice. Mind you, I do have a pretty decently leveled up Divine Battleaxe and after two solid whacks she reappeared and never disappeared again. Her long scythe is pretty slow and easy to dodge. keep an eye on her footprints in the snow, dodge and wait until she attacks (you'll see the snow puff up), make sure you're behind (in the trail of her prints) and go hard. Five or six double handed swings and she was gone.

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