Defeat Seath the Scaleless Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Defeat Seath the Scaleless



    Defeat Seath the Scaleless, inheritors of souls.


    How to unlock Defeat Seath the Scaleless

    This boss is technically battled twice. The first encounter is in the Duke's Archives and is impossible to beat. You're supposed to die (you will lose everything as per norm, so I recommend a Ring of Sacrifice if you have a lot of souls on hand. 

    The second time you encounter him is in the Crystal Caves. The fight is pretty easy since he is a large boss. The general rule of thumb with large bosses is to stay as close to them as possible and hug them to
    minimize the chances of being hit. You need to destroy the Primordial Crystal so you can do damage to him. Then hug is front and hit him. He can curse you by breathing crystals on the ground. Simply run as far away as possible to avoid being cursed. Repeat until defeated. 

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  • He's in the crystal cave past the dukes archive. Fights not that hard just destroy the crysatl rod at the end of the room. After that just try to hit his two little tails and avoide his very slow claw attack and his crytal breath. (Dont stand in the crytals or you might get cursed.) You can also chop of his large back tail and get the sword of the moonlight but its kinda hard to do because if you get behind him he'll swing all his tails at once and pwn your face unless your good at dodging.
  • Btw the first time you fight him the white fog will not be there, he's past the room with the walking clams. If you die during the fight the fog should be there the second time.
  • Possible SPOILERS: Your first encounter w/ Seath will be at the Duke's Archive. No point in fighting, just let him kill you. If you have souls or humanity that you wanna keep be sure to equip a Ring of Sacrifice before entering the fog gate. After you die you will be in the second part of the Duke's Archive where you can get access to the Crystal Cave. The area where you encounter Seath for the second and final time. Be sure to break the crystal before attacking Seath. Until you do, he's invincible.
  • Use Fire and Pyromancy. It makes this an incredibly easy fight.
  • i had trouble with him on my first play through second time onward easily one shot him
  • Never had a problem defeating Seath, Iron flesh and curse resistants. Getting to his tail was a challenge though.
  • try cutting his tail off
  • Very creative art, one of my favorites across all games.
  • The Cursebite Ring can come in handy here. You can get it in New Londo Ruins, in the Church where Ingward hangs out on the roof (on the main floor, outside a doorway that leads outside with a sheer drop down below, guarded by a ghost). It ups your Curse Resistance 400%. Sometimes you just can't get out of his damn crystals.

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