Defeat Bed of Chaos Achievement in Dark Souls

  • Defeat Bed of Chaos



    Defeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos.


    How to unlock Defeat Bed of Chaos

    Get ready for the cheapest boss in the game! The Bed of Chaos is a multi stage boss battle that is composed of three stages. First, once you fall of the slide into her arena, sprint to the orange shield on her right side and attack the core of it. Now, save and quit. Yes, I said save and quit. Reload your game and you'll be placed right outside the fog. Then once you fall, hug the edge of the wall and jump the gap and go for the core of the shield of her left side. Now, save and quit once more. Reload your game. Once you fall this time, go for the center. The ground will collapse underneath you and you'll need to roll onto the trunk below. I recommend baiting her into doing her sweep attack on that area of the arena and then the second she finishes the attack animation, sprint and roll down. Now simply fall the path to the center of the boss and attack. The bug at the core will die in one hit. 

    NOTE: The stages don't reset if you die or save and quit.

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  • Where do you find the boss at?
  • The boss is located at the end of Lost Izalith.
  • Probably the easiest boss battle in the game. Bed of Chaos is located in Lost Izalith. To get here you need to kill the Ceaseless Discharge boss in the Demon Ruins.
  • The damage you do to this boss does not reset if you die during the battle. Go to each glowing orb on each side of the monster and slice a glowing root located on each side. Giant scythes will grow out of the monster's back and you need to avoid these attacks. THE FLOOR WILL BEGIN TO COLLAPSE. Be Careful. You'll need to land on a root revealed in the center of the floor once it has given way. The root that you land on takes you into the center of the monster. Find the glowing insect monster inside and kill it. Boom. You're done.
  • If anyone needs help with demon ruins message me cause I need to beat it 2 and I'm willing 2 help ppl GT: The Money Ninja
  • ther's a video by McRaptor on Youtube that'll tell you how to properly cheese it if you like. One of the few enemies where I'd recommend it

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