- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 21/21 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/21 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 10008+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None, chapter select is available.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No, you can play on easy and still get all achievements.
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Dark is an extremely linear, low budget stealth game like Velvet Assassin or the Hitman series. The cell shaded graphics look nice, but the boring story and often annoying gameplay makes it a rather mediocre game. Most of the achievements will come naturally during the single playthrough that is needed to get the full gamerscore. Once you see the credits, Dark has absolutely no replay value. Below is a list of tips to help you make your vampiric stealth journey as short as absolutely necessary.

General Tips & Tricks:

  • Set the difficulty to Easy, even that difficulty will be challenging in some sections of the game.
  • There are 57 collectibles (PDAs) in the game, but you only need to find 7. 
  • Do not bother with the "Just a Ghost“ achievement in the beginning. Focus on learning the game mechanics and playing through the game to get all other achievements. Once you have finished the game, try to replay the first level again. Even though there is no New Game+, you will still know a lot better what skills work for you best to run through the level without any alarms triggered.
  • Do not miss the glitch in the beginning of the third chapter that you can use to learn and level up all your skills.
  • Regardless whether you use the glitch or not, maxing out your blood together with the skills Shadow Kill, Obscure and Subdue should be the first things to learn and develop fully.
  • With  you can skip cut scenes, use it to minimize the frustration when reloading checkpoints.
  • The game keeps the saves for all your checkpoints, they can be reloaded to get any remaining achievements you might have missed during your playthrough.

[x360a would like to thank olcsi2 for this Roadmap]

Dark Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • You received your first blood point – the first time is always something special …

    (Story achievement). During the tutorial you will be instructed to feed on an enemy and get the achievement in the process.

  • Completed the Tutorial

    (Story achievement). At the beginning of the game you will be sent to Thomas and during the dialog sequence you will have to pick the choice to start the tutorial. After completing all tasks the achievement unlocks.

  • You met Blooming in the museum catacombs.

    (Story achievement). At the end of chapter 1 you will be in the museum catacombs and meet Blooming. The achievement unlocks before the lengthy boss fight.

  • Reached the ruins of Sanctuary

    (Story achievement). Towards the end of chapter 4 you will reach what was left from the Sanctuary, the achievement unlocks when Erik enters the ruins.

  • Used Shadow Leap 50 times

    Your Shadow Leap is on  and can be used very early in the game. Simply leap 50 times to unlock the achievement.

  • Killed 50 unaware opponents

    Unaware opponents are the ones without a question (suspicious) or exclamation (alerted) mark above their head. You also get bonus xp for unaware kills and a message on the top right corner of the screen will confirm the kill as well. It is cumulative, even if you die and restart the last checkpoint the kills before will count towards the achievement.

  • Dominated 5 opponents and fed on them

    First you will need to learn the subdue skill on the skill tree. Once you have it press  when an enemy is close to you to subdue him, then run to him and press and hold A to feed on him. As this action refills your vitae you will probably use the skill very often during the game, but for the achievement you only need 5 kills.

    While this is the easiest way to subdue enemies, they also get dizzy if you do not finish feeding on them. Finally, if you level up your shadow kill, the enemies standing close to the one you shadow kill also get subdued and can then be fed on.

  • Completed 10 rooms without raising an alarm.

    Complete 10 sections without being noticed. This includes enemies discovering corpses and becoming hostile regardless whether they spot you or not. If you successfully complete an area without raising alarms at the checkpoint you will get bonus xp for it with a message on the top right corner of the screen.

    As it does not need to be 10 different levels, you can use an exploit and replay the last checkpoint of a relatively short and easy area again and again. The video guide below explains it all. Remember, you still need to complete a whole area without triggering alarms, you only exploit the fact that you get the bonus with the last checkpoint in that area.

    Another tip from Tyger7 is to use the section at the very end of chapter 3. You'll walk into a big room with the man playing the piano. Get to where you can just say "enough talk," and choose that option. You will notice the "no alarm" bonus come up, even if you had previously been caught by the group of enemies before the room. The correct loading name is your latest save of warhouse.

  • Killed 50 opponents

    Kill 50 enemies during your carrier. It is cumulative, even if you die and restart the last checkpoint the kills before will count towards the achievement.

  • Vampiric Powers used 50 times

    Your vampiric powers can be set by pressing  and choosing the respective power and then used by pressing . The powers you can only use if you have Vitae points on your Blood meter available. These points you get by feeding on enemies. Simply use one of these powers 50 times. It is cumulative, even if you die and restart the last checkpoint the use of powers before will count towards the achievement.

  • Distributed 10 Power points

    See "Caine."

  • Distributed 20 Power points

    See "Caine."

  • Found 7 PDAs

    The game is very friendly to the gamer when it comes to collectibles. From the 57 PDAs in the game you only need to collect seven. Below is a guide on all of them, but seven you will find probably without even looking for them.

  • Completed a level without raising an alarm

    This is probably the hardest achievement in the game. You need to complete a whole level without triggering a single alarm. This includes being noticed as well as enemies discovering corpses and becoming hostile regardless whether they spot you or not. You can always reload the last checkpoint if the Hostile meter appears on the screen. The easiest level is probably Chapter 1 where apart from the boss sequence all other sections can be done after a few tries

    Below is a video guide from NoKtoLive. He is playing on hard and using melee kills only, learning some skills (e.g. Shadow Kill or Obscure) makes it a lot easier.




  • Caine



    Learned all Vampiric Powers

    By finding collectibles, killing enemies, completing objectives you earn XP and with every 1000 XP you gain a Power point. When you press  you can distribute these points among your vampiric powers. In order to learn and upgrade all powers within one game you either have to kill a lot of enemies silently and find a lot of collectibles or you can choose the easy way and exploit a section in chapter 3 to get unlimited XP and a fully upgraded character.

    You will be in a huge area with a round bar in the middle. If you run straight to the back of this room, behind the stairs you will find a PDA collectible. Pick it up and then run to the two guards chatting nearby so that they notice you. Though you will find yourself back where you started, the 200 XP for the collectible will not be lost and you can head to the same PDA to pick it up again for yet another 200 XP. Like this you can gain a level every 2:30 minutes.

    You need altogether 64,000 XP to buy everything and fully upgrade your character. To minimize the grind, you can stop between 40,000 - 42,000 XP as after this section - even if you do not focus on stealth kills - there is enough XP in the game to take care of the rest.

    Remember, if the exploit will be fixed in the future, you can still delete all game updates from your hard drive, go offline, use the exploit and once you have upgraded your character you can download the game updates again.


Secret achievements

  • Visited the Geoforge Parks

    (Story achievement). Towards the middle of chapter 2 you will leave the Geoforge buildings and enter the parks. This is when the achievement unlocks.

  • Made it through the club area at the Atlantis

    (Story achievement) In chapter 3 when you go after Steiner you will start in a bar, need to place three bombs unnoticed and then once they explode escape from the area. The achievement unlcoks when you leave the area through the door.

  • Talked to Samantha at Headquarters

    (Story achievement). About halfway through chapter 6 you will meet Samantha at CryoGenic headquarters and get the achievement.

  • Pursued Samantha.

    (Story achievement). Towards the end of the final boss fight against the mutated Steiner Rose will unlock yet another terminal, but this time there will be a cut scene where Samantha tries to escape. Instead of going to the terminal choose to leave through the door that just opened in the arena and go after Samantha. If you did not like the ending you get for going after her instead of saving Rose, you can always reload the last checkpoint and finish the boss fight by using the last terminal for an alternative ending.

  • Rescued Rose.

    (Story achievement). Before the final boss fight you will rescue Rose and unlock the achievement. 

  • Rescued Tom.

    (Story achievement). Towards the end of chapter 6 you will reach a huge area where Tom is held captive. Rose will tell you that you need to hurry if you want to rescue him. Make sure you get there on time and save him or reload the checkpoint if you fail to do so.

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