Is There Anyone Else? Achievement

  • Is There Anyone Else?



    Complete The Crucible


    Crucible Pass required. Found on the back of the game manual.

    You will need to have redeemed your Crucible code to be able to play this. You must proceed in the game until you defeat the Guardian. Once you do, visit a tome. There you can start the quest. There will be waves of enemies you must fight. You must keep proceeding through the game to gain all waves in order to complete this quest. You might as well wait until you have completed the game and gotten to level 30 and have a lot of good gear for this (you can start a new game+). You may not complete all waves until you are at least level 25, meaning you have to do it on a new game anyways.

    Waves 1-25: This is the first set. You must defeat the Guardian.
    Waves 26-50: You must defeat the Wailing Host.
    Waves 51-75: You must defeat Samael.
    Waves 76-100: Level up to 25.


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