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    Defeat the Soul Arbiter

    This is a boss for the Arbiter's Maze which is a Side Quest given by the Chancellor. It is located in The Kingdom of the Dead. Once you actually get there, you have to follow directions from collectibles you find called Soul Arbiter's Scroll. There are also Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scrolls, but they just tell you how to go secret directions for extra chests. I personally did not follow the secret routes because you still have to follow the exit routes and it would make it extremely time consuming. Below are the directions you need to follow to get to the Soul Arbiter. 

    Floor 1: Declination

    Exit: N,W

    Floor 2: Apprehension

    Exit: E,S,N

    Floor 3: Opposition 

    Exit: W,E,N,N

    Floor 4: Separation 

    Exit: E,W,N,S

    Floor 5: Deception

    Exit: W,W,N,E

    Floor 6: Isolation

    Exit: S,E,E,N,N

    Floor 7: Revulsion 

    Exit: S,W,E,E,E

    Floor 8: Inversion 

    Exit: N,W,N,W,E

    Floor 9: Benediction

    Exit: E,N,E,N,S

    Floor 10: Ascension

    Exit: W,E,N,S,W


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