Pay It Forward Achievement

  • Pay It Forward



    Gift An Item To A Friend


    Online Only - Needs Crucible Pass Code found on the back of your instruction manual.

    The earliest you can obtain this is your first visit to Tri-Stone. Make sure you redeem your code for the Crucible Pass found on the back of your manual in your game box. If you do not have this, you will have to buy it from the marketplace. Once you get to Tri-Stone, go to the snake emblem on your map that is called a "Tome". Interact with it. Press . Press right on your  and hit  Pick a friend who has played the game before. If you would like to write a message, press  and explain why you are sending it. Once you are done, pick your item to send and press  to send the gift. You cannot get this back unless they give it back, so if it's a random name send them a bad item.

    Note: You can use your own Xbox accounts to get this (a secondary gold or silver account).


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